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Well at least I’m posting something, right? To anyone who knows what I’m talking about, sorry. I’m terrible, and that’s really all I can say about that.

So, this story is the product of a Secret Santa event I entered this year (didn’t put it in the title bc that would’ve been confusing seeing as the event wasn’t hosted here) for featherkittens, who really loves buildups.

Also it’s written in a completely gender-neutral manner. You can imagine any of the characters as male, female, nonbinary— whatever you’d like.

Thanks for reading!




”Hold It”



You reach for my hand, but I cross my arms.

“We can’t be seen together here.”

“Come on. Even if they see, is it really that big a deal?”

That’s easy for you to say, love. But yes. Absolutely, undoubtedly yes, that would be a big deal. The problem, which I don’t think you realize is a problem, is that your ex as of only a week ago is also here at this party, a detail you withheld when asking me to accompany you here. And I think it goes without saying that I would prefer not to give blatant confirmation that you left Sam for me.

Thankfully, you told me before we arrived, so we were able to stagger our entrances. The plan was for you to go have your fun while I kept my distance and waited for a text saying you were ready to leave. But now you’ve followed me into the hallway.

“Love, I would’ve gone home and picked you up later, but you wanted me to stay. And I’m happy to do that for you, but…”

“We have nothing to be ashamed of,” you say, hugging me from behind.

We one hundred percent do, but I just sigh and allow it, running my hand through your hair. At least we’re alone for now.

Our moment of peace is, of course, swiftly interrupted.

“I could’ve sworn I saw…”

“I think… Down the hall.”

Shit, shit, shit. That first voice was definitely Sam’s. I scan the area.

Option 1: We take off in the opposite direction of the approaching footsteps. But.. isn’t that a dead end? No good.

Option 2: Hide in the closet to our right and wait for them to leave. A little cliche but not too shabby.

Option 3: Stand our ground and accept our fate. Ugh.

Closet it is.

Luckily, you catch on quickly; you’ve already opened the door. It’s a tight squeeze, but we make it work. The door is solid but doesn’t shut the light out completely. It allows just a sliver, enough to see all the dust we kicked up floating in the air.

I curse and hurriedly pull my shirt up to cover my mouth and nose. That could stave it off for a bit, yes, but we both know it’s the end of the line if Sam and whoever the second person is don’t leave soon. You, as I expected, are much less concerned than you are amused, a fact you, of course, don’t bother hiding whatsoever. You grin and lean in close to my right ear.

“Awww, that’s so cute. You actually think you can hold back. Tell me, has that ever worked for you in the past?”

I don’t dare attempt to retort. A moment’s loss of concentration and it’s over. And you know that. However, despite myself, I’m turning to putty at the sound of your low, provocative tone and the sensation of your breath hitting my ear.

The ever-encroaching footsteps snatch our attention. The figures halt what sounds like a few feet before reaching the closet.

“If you keep going this way, you’ll end up outside. It could’ve been someone else you saw, especially since you didn’t get a great look.”


“I guess. I was so sure, though.”

“You said it’s your ex?”

Oh, God. Please, please do not launch into the story right now, Sam.

“Yeah… Basically what happened was…”

Of course. Why would I expect anything different?

It’s at this point I feel the first tickle. Far back in my left nostril. I twitch my nose, but that does nothing to scratch the itch.

“Wow, these clothes really haven’t been touched in forever. Look at all this dust.”

You’re back at it again, love. Could it be you actually want us to get caught? No, I bet you’re just indifferent and see this situation as something you can have fun with.

“Especially this.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see you playing with a pink feather boa. With every shake, I know even more small particles are being released into the air of this confined space.

Heh..!” I pinch my nostrils shut through my shirt as the first gasp of many to come escapes me. Under normal circumstances, just the thought of that thing getting near me might have generated a sneeze or two.

“I guarantee if you swept this under anyone’s nose, you’d make them sneeze, even the least sensitive. Oh, but you’re dreadfully allergic, aren’t you? When we put up all those dusty Christmas decorations last month, you were sneezing on and off for hours.” A soft chuckle. “Oh, yes. This would turn you into an absolute mess in no time.”

I risk a response. “L-let’s not f-Hah..! find out,” I immediately regret opening my mouth as the tickle spikes and I’m thrown into a long, hitching buildup. “Heh...hh…! Uhh.. nghhh.. HEH!

“At this rate, I doubt you’ll need the extra help. Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if you got dust on that shirt when we ran in here.”

Whether or not that’s actually true, I let go of my shirt collar and switch to forcefully pressing my hands to my face. With this change, my inhales start becoming more audible. “Why did… HAAh…! Why’d you sa.. ha-say that?! Aaah...hahh!

Oh, God. I don’t think I can last any longer. My eyes are running, the itch has spread to my entire face. No matter how much pressure I apply, the dust keeps creeping into my respiratory system. “HEHH...hh.. HAHHHH…!

Damn, I think I’m at the end of my rope. The only thing that can ease this awful tickling sensation is a sneeze. Of course, not just one. As you said, I’ll probably still be at it far after I’ve begun. How could I not, with this dust being so invasive?  Well, at least when we’re caught, Sam can get a good laugh at my expense. Yeah, that’s right. In that case, I might as well...

“Oh no, no, no. Come, now. You’re not that easy, are you? Hold it.”

I shiver at the command. I feel your gentle yet firm hand on my thigh. I want to obey, I really do. But, love, I fear I’ve let the action progress too far to be stopped. I trust you’ll lend me your shoulder as I— “HM’MMPH! Guh...

The stifle goes unnoticed by our pursuers. Our pursuers, who, miraculously, seem to be wrapping up their conversation.

“Sorry that happened, Sam.”

“Thanks. Me too.”

For God’s sake would you two please leave already?!

As climactic as it may have seemed, that single squelched sneeze had done almost nothing to alleviate the burning tingling deep in my sinuses. Nose still buried in your shoulder, I resume hitching immediately.

“You didn’t hold it, babe~ I’ll have to punish you later.”

I am utterly incapable of answering. “Hheh… HAhh..! Hh.. HAA!Once I let one escape, it’s infinitely harder to stop the next. And the next. I must look truly pathetic. Desperate, I meet your eyes and manage a “P—hh.. HEH!... Please?”

You sigh. “Fine. Let out another or two if you must. But keep them quiet.”

With your permission, I waste no time in pitching forward once, twice more, muffled against you. “H’HMMPH! Eh.. HH’MMMPH!” Not done. Not even close. “Hah..!

Your fingertips graze my cheek. “Uh, uh, uh. No more. I was generous enough.”

I groan and grind my nostrils against your shoulder. Anything to help chase away the itch, as futile as that may be at this point. Unless...

“Okay, see you later.”

“You, too.”

They’re leaving! I can hear their footsteps receding. If I can only hold on until it’s completely silent..!

“Homestretch,” you tease.

So close. I decide to stop breathing completely. I can do it.

“Five, four…” you count down.

Heh!...Hh...Mmhh.. AHh!

“Three, two…”

HA….! Ah’HHuH! Guh.. HuHHH!


They were gone.


As I’m struggling to anything other than sneeze, you’re by my side, helping me out of that cursed closet.

“That was very impressive, babe. I’m so proud.”

You close the distance for a kiss, but I can’t help but pull away to sneeze again the floor. “HET’CHOOO!

You giggle and rub my back. “Let’s get out of here.”

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wow that's amazing 🔥🔥🔥

im kind of speechless that really really owned 

you're such a good writer :0

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Wow this is incredible. I love that it sounds like You and I can imagine him sneezing and holding it. This drove me wild (: 

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Thank you everyone! Really appreciate the kind words!!

On 1/18/2020 at 2:52 PM, Snzlover said:

Wow this is incredible. I love that it sounds like You and I can imagine him sneezing and holding it. This drove me wild 🙂

Yeah I noticed that too, and it was an accident I promise! I actually finished watching the season shortly before writing this, and part-way through, I thought to myself, “Oh god what have I done?!”

But I got over it lol

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I've come back to this a couple times and to my knowledge youre one of the only people around who have this unique 1st person style of you being the "tormented" and someone else being the "tormentor". There may be more I haven't seen but until I see those you got a gem right here!

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Gosh. This is so good. All the itchiness, the hold backs, the final release of the sneezes. Amazing! 

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I've reread this one so many times. The desperation is what gets me. The way you write the build up and anticipation is just PERFECT

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