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Right, You’re Completely Fine, Doctor.


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Chapter One: The Beginning

(Just background info! No sneezing. Sorry, this is my first, so, any comments or criticism is helpful. Just don’t be too harsh! :thumbsupsmiley:)

It had started almost 8 years ago. They were naïve college freshmen, sharing a dorm. A year of ‘firsts’, discovery, and exploration. The two had quickly gelled and they seemed to fit into each other’s lives like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

When Quinn was up late studying for all his pre-med classes, Darcy made dinner for him and brought him to his bed when he fell asleep over his notes. And if Darcy was out of ideas for his History and Creative Writing classes, Quinn would take him on a hike and help him find inspiration. 

Each took turns cooking and cleaning, along with caring for each other. Somehow they had made it this far. Both had finished school and Quinn was working at the local general hospital. They shared an apartment because they were both so used to living together by now. Every time one of their friends inquired about either of their love lives, another friend is quick to joke that the two have been dating for years.

Both always awkwardly laugh it off every time but, inside they wonder, why hadn’t they dated anyone since the beginning of college? Oh sure there were a few nights spent in other dorms and club nights turned wild, but, no meaningful or serious romance.

Quinn pegged it as always being busy with school or health issues while, Darcy wasn’t too sure himself. Maybe, Darcy reasoned, it’s because I feel like that position is already filled? Regardless, he ignores those odd thoughts and continues to look for a better job than his current librarian position. 

His roommate has reassured him that as a doctor he makes enough to cover both of them but, Darcy doesn’t want to burden him and he can’t just live off of Quinn forever. Eventually they’ll settle down and will have a responsibility for their own families. 

As these thoughts drift away, Darcy pulls on his slacks and a polo, then heads to their kitchenette. Pulling out a frying pan he makes breakfast. Quinn emerges just as he is setting the plates at the breakfast bar.

“‘Morning. When are you going to be home?” Darcy asks as Quinn sits.

“10:00pm,” Quinn grunts, he is not a morning person. The two eat and talk, until Quinn has to leave. They both set their plates in the sink. As Darcy is getting ready, he notices Quinn’s keys on the counter.

He approaches the entrance just as Quinn pulls on his coat.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Darcy asks, raising the keys and an eyebrow.

Quinn looks from his hand to face and gives a small smile.

“Thanks, Darce,” he grabs his keys and then pecks Darcy on the cheek. Darcy’s eyes widen and he stiffens while Quinn just says a casual ‘see you later’ and leaves, still tired. He’s probably groggy and wasn’t thinking, Darcy brushes it off.

Still, he wonders if, maybe, Quinn meant it.

Meanwhile, Quinn was freaking out. Complete and total gay panic.

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Chapter Two: The Fallout


The two had been dancing around each other for several weeks. Given how intertwined their lives had been for 8 years both of them were thrown off balance by this. Darcy was less impacted by this than he’d originally expected. Quinn’s had surprisingly all but fallen apart. 

Over the years, he had noticed that often his physical heath depended on his mental health. As he developed a constant state of anxiety over the-err kiss, he became tired more easily and often had a pounding headache. 

He trudged to the kitchen and surprisingly found Darcy making breakfast. For the past couple weeks he had been eating instant oatmeal because Darcy usually made breakfast for the two of them. His relief quickly returned to guilt and sadness as he was handed a plate and then left alone.

Once he was alone, he sat to eat. Halfway through, mid-bite he had a strange urge. As the pancake stuck to the roof of his mouth, his nose twitched. Of all the moments, why him? Why now? 

“Hak’chuk.” He spit the pancake into his napkin. This was truly one of his lowest moments as a human being. With a sigh, he cleaned his dishes, not hungry enough to finish the food. 

He put the dishes on the drying rack and debated calling out to Darcy. In the end he settled for a note:

“I’m going to be on-call tonight and will be home during your shift tomorrow. -Quinn”

With that he set out for work. It was going to be a long day. 

“Dr. Russel?” A nurse approached him.

“Ah, Heidi,” Quinn looked up from his papers. His nose was red and their were circles under his eyes.

“Go home, Doc,” she demanded. He rubbed his temples, they’d had the same argument since his night shift three days ago.


“I mean it. You’ve only gotten worse, at this rate you’re more of a hazard than a help.”

“That’s not-“ Cue a very persuasive Mom glare from her. Then she softened and stood next to him, setting her ebony hand on his shoulder.

“I mean it, love. Go home and have your doting boyfriend nurse you back to health.”

“Boyfriend?” he exclaimed leaping from her grasp.

“That guy who’s always bringing you lunch when you forget it? And is forever texting you while we are on lunch break?” She expands.

“Darcy is not my boyfriend,” he states, exasperated.

“Pity. He’s a sweet boy, he’ll find someone.”

I don’t want him to find someone, he has me. Woah, back up, soldier. You and Darcy are friends. He is not interested in you and your relationship is rather rocky right now.

“Well, whatever the case, I’m sending you home. All you have is paperwork today and that can be saved for later,” she persists.


Darcy is reading in his bed when he hears the door open and close. He peeks around the corner and watches Quinn slide his back along the door until he’s sitting with his knees curled to his chest. 

Suddenly, Quinn’s shoulders begin to shake in what could only be silent sobs. After vacillating for a minute, Darcy decided that caring for Quinn is more important than any residual tension from that morning. He takes a step and comforts him.

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Chapter Three: Resolution? I think not.

(Hey! I’m sorry it’s short but, I’m heading to partial hospitalization in 2 days and wanted to get something out before then. Hope you understand!

Also, Thank you @ReidSeeker!)

Quinn stiffens as he hears footsteps and furiously attempts to stifle the product of several sleepless weeks and a state of constant worry. Unfortunately, he has never been very good at the art of “chill”. Plus, Darcy has most likely already seen him crying.

This thought is confirmed when the other man squats in front of him and takes his balled fists into his own hands. Slowly, Quinn meets his eyes for the first time in a while. Darcy gives a soft, sympathetic smile. God, he looks radiant when he smiles. Strike 2, Quinn! Keep it together.


“H...hi?” Quinn croaks.

“You don’t look like you feel very good, love.” 

Those words that he’d heard from other Doctors and nurses all week sounded different in Darcy’s mouth. That was all it took for him to deflate. Not an explosion of tears or emotions, but a sinking, inevitable defeat.

“Well, I doh’d feeld bery good.”

Darcy stands up and pulls Quinn up next, guiding him to the couch. As Quinn settled himself, Darcy began to microwave a can of chicken noodle soup. His roommate had always preferred it to any homemade recipe he tried. Darcy supposed it was the nostalgia of every time it was the only thing they could make when the other was sick- what with their status of ‘broke college students’. By now they had settled into a routine.

He brought the soup to the coffee table and took Quinn’s temperature. No fever. As he turned to leave he couldn’t help but glance at Quinn’s tired form.

There was so much more he wanted to do for Quinn. He wanted to hold him, run his fingers through Quinn’s hair, pat his back... all things that he might’ve done had it not been for the strain in their friendship.

With a sigh he pushed aside his unreasonable urges and returned to his room- and book.

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Hi, all! I’ve hit some writers block and would appreciate any ideas for the story from here. Either way just wanted everyone to know that I’m back.

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I love this. One idea that popped into my head is Quinn confessing his love as his illness is at its worst (high fever and tiring sneezing fits)

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