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Just a quick survey regarding handkerchiefs and people's usage of them/opinions

1. Do you own any handkerchiefs? How many?

2. Do you always use/carry them? Or are you a sniffer/tissue user as well?

3. When/why did you originally begin using them?

4. What type of hankies do you prefer? (Men's, ladies, bandanas, white, colourful, blah blah blah)

5. Do you know anyone else who uses handkerchiefs?

Bonus question: during which day of having a cold do you think having a handkerchief is most essential?

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1.  Yes, I do.  Around... I think 30 of them.

2.  I always have one in my pocket, whether it's my uniform or just a cargo pocket and two in my backpack.

3.  To be honest I only started about three years ago.  Handkerchiefs have always been a bit of a taboo item for me because until pretty recently I haven't been able to blow my nose publicly because I found it such a turn-on that it felt like someone around me might know I enjoyed it so much so I avoided it, excusing myself to the restroom whenever I felt a sneeze coming on... or making myself hold off on a good, productive blow until I could barely stand it then, again, excusing myself to the restroom for some of the most relieving blows I've ever had.  Finally, I decided to myself that I seriously doubted anyone would look twice at me blowing my nose, whether it was a paper towel, tissue, napkin, or a soft handkerchief... and handkerchiefs were so luxurious feeling they almost felt naughty.... lol and I didn't mind that so: I've been carrying them for about 10 months and enjoying every sneeze and blow and what do you know-nobody else gives a darn. Who knew?

4.  I like large handkerchiefs, the bigger the better... so I can really bury by nose in and let out a good, hard sneeze and still hand space for several blows and I can fold it over and enjoy it again.  This being the case, I've ordered from close to a dozen different shops over Amazon looking for ones that I like the best and that hold up after sneezed, blows, and washes... standouts thus far are the huge 14 by 14 inch cotton handkerchiefs from organic handkerchiefs co, I adore them.  My fetish longs for some big, soft, colorful/patterned/rainbow handkerchiefs for when I'm feeling extra bold... but I haven't quite found ones that fit the bill, they're all very thin and smol and like I said before I like bigger ones.  I have some from Myhanky that have a cute pink border around the edge and they're my oldest ones and are super soft but I wiiiiish they were bigger ❤️

5.  Not in real life, I'm afraid... I wish I did, so I could ask about his or her supplier ect, but at the same time I'd probably be far too shy to ask.  I daydream about meeting a pretty girl in the midst of a sniffle and sneeze fit... being able to offer a clean, soft handkerchief to her, the kind that touches your nose and says 'It's okay, I'm here now, sneeze it all out' And just knowing I may have converted someone to the handkerchief lifestyle, lol.

Aaaaand I'm going to move on before I lose my nerve and erase the above, lol.

Bonus!  The beginning middle, and final stages are, I believe, essential handkerchief times.  There's nothing that replaces a soft, ready handkerchief when you need to sneeze or sniffle or blow or get rid of a tickle, or wipe your forehead because you can't believe you're sharing so much...

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@sexyhankysneeze I like this survey. Well here are my answers:-

1.  I have 20 hankies in my truck which I'm away in all week for work. I also have 30 hankies at home aswell.

2. I always carry one with me at weekends in my Jean's pockets where ever I go. When I'm at work driving my truck, I have one behind me on my bed in easy reach. I also have tissues in my car, at home and in my truck too.

3.  I began to use them when I was around 16 at high school. I saw that couple of my friends used them and at the time our family except for my dad used paper napkins and loo roll which I though were rough on my nose so I took my dads hankies and used them.

4.  The majority of my hankies are supersize and are around 22" square. I do have acouple which are 16" and 1 which is 19" square. I also have 4 bandanas too. I love large hankies so that I can bury my nose in and give it a big satisfying blow

5.  My dad uses hankies and a couple of my friends who I work with uses hankies too. I wish I knew more people that use them.

Bonus:- the same as @Neogiomach really are essential to having a handkerchief during a cold

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Here are my answers to all questions...

1. 1100 (give or take a couple)

2. I always use them, that is I go through several a week, several a day if I have a cold. No tissues, no bog paper. Puhlease... No sniffing and no shower or sink blowing (rude).

3. I have always used them. Was fascinated by them at a very early age and took them from my dad's. I only started buying them in my twenties, but I was very shy at first, like Neogiomach, I thought that people could see that I liked them. Nowadays I am less shy and I buy them through the internet.

4. I like mens' handkerchiefs, bandanas not so much. From 16" square to larger, from white to colorful, but classic mostly, a little boring but stylish too. At least I see them as of a certain style. Sometimes I use them a lot, sometimes justice or twice. I love blowing into one when at the end of a cold sinuses release their contents and the blows are very productive. 

5. I know people who use them but was off with a group and all men used tissues. Not very appealing from where I stand... In school most guys used them, great times they were, though, again like Neogiomach, I never blew my nose in public but waited and waited and then had a horrifying blow out of earshot.

Bonus: mostly the last days, when large amounts might be blown out. Feels so good to get everything clear in a soft handkerchief.


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