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cute youtuber Slimecicle (male)


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Sorry to dredge this up, but I have another one! 
And if anyone else has any I'd love to see them, Charlie (slimecicle) is so adorable, and such a ray of sunshine

I tried to cue it up, but since this is my first time it might not work! So from about (1:16:18) to see the nose rub before!

He tries to power through it a little, but then blinks hard and gives in to it


Also here is the stream the first clip comes from, cute nose rub after that isn't included in the video incase anyone likes that!

Again, hopefully cued, but if not, (52:20), and there's a comment with the timestamp someone posted, (look for "gamer") 

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I decided to scan his channel 




C:\Users\vanya\Desktop\Нова папка (2)\Нова папка (22)\2znfyllQtvQ.html (1 збігів)
    Рядок 1052: <tr><td>01:00:00</td><td><div align="right">7.36</div></td><td>kill elevated his i gotta sneeze oh</td></tr>
  C:\Users\vanya\Desktop\Нова папка (2)\Нова папка (22)\7Wy5Ri71Ov0.html (4 збігів)
    Рядок 1458: <tr><td>01:34:56</td><td><div align="right">4.08</div></td><td>sneeze the flying boys if you can that's</td></tr>
    Рядок 1489: <tr><td>01:37:20</td><td><div align="right">6.64</div></td><td>i was sneezing him i was sneezing</td></tr>
    Рядок 1489: <tr><td>01:37:20</td><td><div align="right">6.64</div></td><td>i was sneezing him i was sneezing</td></tr>
    Рядок 1853: <tr><td>02:03:24</td><td><div align="right">5.68</div></td><td>i'll get c's duration not sure sneeze</td></tr>
  C:\Users\vanya\Desktop\Нова папка (2)\Нова папка (22)\aU87uEQJgcA.html (1 збігів)
    Рядок 1172: <tr><td>01:18:51</td><td><div align="right">12.74</div></td><td>ooh for guru guru sneezes poor girl oh</td></tr>
  C:\Users\vanya\Desktop\Нова папка (2)\Нова папка (22)\d6gTazev30s.html (1 збігів)
    Рядок 1847: <tr><td>01:20:15</td><td><div align="right">4.32</div></td><td>sneeze is being accurate i think</td></tr>
  C:\Users\vanya\Desktop\Нова папка (2)\Нова папка (22)\iktovh_OgHY.html (1 збігів)
    Рядок 211: <tr><td>00:11:43</td><td><div align="right">4.29</div></td><td>cheer I'm gonna [ __ ] sneeze [ __ ] thank</td></tr>
  C:\Users\vanya\Desktop\Нова папка (2)\Нова папка (22)\IR2ot0yraUs.html (1 збігів)
    Рядок 2082: <tr><td>01:25:44</td><td><div align="right">3.84</div></td><td>sneeze walking away from a body and i'm</td></tr>
  C:\Users\vanya\Desktop\Нова папка (2)\Нова папка (22)\m3G1Ep73SIo.html (1 збігів)
    Рядок 985: <tr><td>00:55:49</td><td><div align="right">10.23</div></td><td>a quiz says um a group of seniors sneeze</td></tr>
  C:\Users\vanya\Desktop\Нова папка (2)\Нова папка (22)\MO-m-g9_XMQ.html (3 збігів)
    Рядок 365: <tr><td>00:22:11</td><td><div align="right">5.22</div></td><td>the world sneezes just at the same time</td></tr>
    Рядок 368: <tr><td>00:22:27</td><td><div align="right">6.07</div></td><td>if everybody sneezed at the same time</td></tr>
    Рядок 373: <tr><td>00:22:40</td><td><div align="right">3.35</div></td><td>everywhere on three we got a sneeze</td></tr>
  C:\Users\vanya\Desktop\Нова папка (2)\Нова папка (22)\QMkYZk-4HHc.html (1 збігів)
    Рядок 98: <tr><td>00:07:44</td><td><div align="right">5.16</div></td><td>sneeze I appreciate it these chickens</td></tr>
  C:\Users\vanya\Desktop\Нова папка (2)\Нова папка (22)\QYCct75VqNo.html (5 збігів)
    Рядок 120: <tr><td>00:04:56</td><td><div align="right">5.67</div></td><td>lazy I'm gonna name mine sneeze but it's</td></tr>
    Рядок 123: <tr><td>00:05:07</td><td><div align="right">10.5</div></td><td>to sneeze I'm definitely gonna name my</td></tr>
    Рядок 331: <tr><td>00:15:08</td><td><div align="right">4.95</div></td><td>maybe I maybe I can add sneezing if I'm</td></tr>
    Рядок 831: <tr><td>00:38:41</td><td><div align="right">3.96</div></td><td>after coughing and sneezing it's down</td></tr>
    Рядок 832: <tr><td>00:38:42</td><td><div align="right">4.41</div></td><td>there eventually coughing and sneezing</td></tr>
  C:\Users\vanya\Desktop\Нова папка (2)\Нова папка (22)\QZzjEAt3oBQ.html (1 збігів)
    Рядок 312: <tr><td>00:28:59</td><td><div align="right">14.7</div></td><td>them sneeze in your general direction</td></tr>
  C:\Users\vanya\Desktop\Нова папка (2)\Нова папка (22)\V8oon-eubn8.html (1 збігів)
    Рядок 1240: <tr><td>01:32:31</td><td><div align="right">3.6</div></td><td>call me julius sneezer</td></tr>
  C:\Users\vanya\Desktop\Нова папка (2)\Нова папка (22)\VvOg0vKRE2Y.html (1 збігів)
    Рядок 1085: <tr><td>01:16:22</td><td><div align="right">11.4</div></td><td>you were here [ __ ] was nothing to sneeze</td></tr>
  C:\Users\vanya\Desktop\Нова папка (2)\Нова папка (22)\W1ndX6x8MP0.html (1 збігів)
    Рядок 1230: <tr><td>00:46:10</td><td><div align="right">1.92</div></td><td>sneeze</td></tr>
  C:\Users\vanya\Desktop\Нова папка (2)\Нова папка (22)\yqm9xPvLOB0.html (14 збігів)
    Рядок 1751: <tr><td>01:50:07</td><td><div align="right">3.84</div></td><td>sneeze i'm already having too much fun</td></tr>
    Рядок 1783: <tr><td>01:51:51</td><td><div align="right">3.28</div></td><td>you want to sneeze on someone</td></tr>
    Рядок 1789: <tr><td>01:52:20</td><td><div align="right">4.16</div></td><td>anyone sneezing around here</td></tr>
    Рядок 1790: <tr><td>01:52:28</td><td><div align="right">4.32</div></td><td>got any sneezers in the chat</td></tr>
    Рядок 1973: <tr><td>02:05:14</td><td><div align="right">7.44</div></td><td>you've been sneezed i shoot</td></tr>
    Рядок 2004: <tr><td>02:07:38</td><td><div align="right">3.28</div></td><td>oh i could have sneezed him</td></tr>
    Рядок 2005: <tr><td>02:07:45</td><td><div align="right">2.88</div></td><td>i'm gonna sneeze him</td></tr>
    Рядок 2064: <tr><td>02:13:22</td><td><div align="right">3.36</div></td><td>i'm going to sneeze you let me sneeze</td></tr>
    Рядок 2064: <tr><td>02:13:22</td><td><div align="right">3.36</div></td><td>i'm going to sneeze you let me sneeze</td></tr>
    Рядок 2066: <tr><td>02:13:26</td><td><div align="right">2.72</div></td><td>let me sneeze you</td></tr>
    Рядок 2452: <tr><td>02:39:11</td><td><div align="right">3.44</div></td><td>i'm gonna sneeze on this guy</td></tr>
    Рядок 2456: <tr><td>02:39:39</td><td><div align="right">3.76</div></td><td>i'm gonna sneeze on you next you're</td></tr>
    Рядок 2457: <tr><td>02:39:41</td><td><div align="right">4.56</div></td><td>being sneezed on pal bam</td></tr>
    Рядок 2458: <tr><td>02:39:43</td><td><div align="right">2.48</div></td><td>sneezed</td></tr>
  C:\Users\vanya\Desktop\Нова папка (2)\Нова папка (22)\0sd7b6azUaI.html (1 збігів)
    Рядок 2816: <tr><td>02:12:48</td><td><div align="right">5.39</div></td><td>oh i have to sneeze</td></tr>
  C:\Users\vanya\Desktop\Нова папка (2)\Нова папка (22)\0x4CMcarjuo.html (1 збігів)
    Рядок 991: <tr><td>01:17:28</td><td><div align="right">9.69</div></td><td>have to sneeze why are you doing this to</td></tr>


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One more find and a few honourable mentions~ 

Should be cued, but again, if not, timestamps included! 

(6:43) Few nose twitches, then an adorable stifle~ 


Honourable mentions: 

(11:41) a few sniffs, and a gonna sneeze (sadly no such sneeze comes) 


(1:17:23) few sniffles, nose rub, "I have to sneeze" (sadly again, no sneeze comes) tiny nose rub/blow for those who like that


(59:59) "I gotta sneeze" again, this time followed by "its not coming, I'm good", and another cute sniffle 



Overall he's just a very sniffly/nose rubbing person I've noticed, and also has confirmed that he is allergic to cats, but to what extent isn't clear. 
(just for people like me who like to know those kinds of facts haha~) 

Will update with more if I find any, as these were just ones where the captions picked up on them! 


(also these are probably what you found too, however I don't know how to translate the code you put, so just adding this for simplicity ^-^) 

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@WaterfallOfSpace just copy the video id before the .html in my code, enter that to YouTube search or after v= and go to the time stamp. 

Edited by ukrsneeze
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New one from a new video!

Warning, because of editing there's a cracking noise, like bones, and he goes on to talk about how it hurt, I still found you can hear it fine, just a warning for anyone who doesn't like that sort of thing!


(30:34) I'm gonna sneeze, sneeze, followed by talking about how it hurt 

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On 3/15/2022 at 1:16 AM, WaterfallOfSpace said:


New personal favourite of mine~

Uhm holy shiiiiiiit that one was good!

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Another one! Getting lucky lately!

The last one is still my favourite, but this one is adorable too



The little "choo" sound at the end destroys me~

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And even more! He's been sick lately, so we have been getting quite a few


(1:26:53) <- cued up and another at (3:09:17)

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Bumping this with a new one!

20:18, one unstifled and then another stifled one a bit after.

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14 hours ago, MeForever said:

Bumping this with a new one!

20:18, one unstifled and then another stifled one a bit after.

okay new favourite, this is adorable~

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