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A date with a giantess (gigantic sneezes and a little mess)


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Hey everyone,

I know I don't post a lot, but I spent a few hours working on this idea I had pop in my head! It's a fic where you're on a date in the forest with a giantess adventurer who has a problem with pollen! The main character is meant to be binary but ended up a bit more on the male side. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope to work on more stories in the future! I really want to get in the habit of writing so I can get better at it. Anyway, here's the story:


   "Sniffle…heh. Did we have to go to the forest for our date?" 


   Tess looms over you, wiping at her nose. Even with her giant size, her nostrils flare to large sizes. Spring has bloomed throughout the land, bringing life back to the fields and crops of the kingdom. With this changing of seasons, however, comes with misery for some. Pollen taints the air all around, tickling the noses of all those afflicted with hay fever. This, unfortunately, includes your most recent fling, Tess, the giantess adventurer. 


   You met Tess while on a quest. While hunting down a bounty, you entered a damp cave off in the mountains. Before you could escape, you were stopped by a massive, beautiful, and a rather buxom lady, taking the cave up as shelter away from the townsfolk. After large amounts of quivering, bargaining, and unintentional staring at her physique, the giantess forgave for trespassing in her cold and damp home. After some talking, some feelings blossomed, and you've been spending time with each other ever since! Today, you learned something about Tess you never knew before: she had really bad allergies.


   "H-heh… I haven't had my allergy potions, yet. Snrk. Guh… My nose is so stuffy." Tess's nostrils twitch with every sniffle. "Sorry, honey" you apologize, "I didn't know you were so sensitive to pollen! The weather scroll didn't say it would be this bad today!" "Oh, it's fine, little man! It's not the pollen that has me worried" she admits. "See, as you can imagine, my larger than average size means my lungs are much bigger than yours. So, my sneezes are bigger and WAY more messy than yours will ever be!" Tess pauses and fans her nose. "Huh… sniffle… Ohhh n-noo… He-eh…" Quickly putting her fingers under her reddened nose, she sits hitching for a moment, too distracted by her irritated nose to notice her you gawking at her. One thing Tess doesn't know about you is your affliction with sneezes. For the most part, spring is your favorite time of the year. Spending time in the town square, watching the cute girls sniffling and sneezing all over the place. It makes you feel blessed that pollen doesn't bother you, so you can watch it bother others. You wonder how Tess would feel if your fetish…


   "Huuuhh… HUUU-UHH… sniffles… My poor n-nose…" As if Tess's nose wasn't turning you on, the rest of her body was. Her tremendous breasts jiggle with every breath, threatening to burst freely out of her top. It's clear that her allergy potions aren't the only thing she's forgotten today. After a moment of silence, Tess breathes a sigh of relief. "Ahh, I thought I was going to sneeze! It's all fine now, babe" she coos. "That pesky tickles gone for now." She leans closer to your height, her cleavage on full display. Trying your hardest to ignore her chest, you decide to test the fire and ask her a question. "Tess, honey, why don't you want to sneeze? Your allergies are clearly bothering you! Why not give your poor nose the relief it craves?" Tess looks surprised by your question and tilts her head in bewilderment. "Aren't you scared by the thought of my sneezes? My size means I have bigger lungs, which means bigger sneezes. I've caused lots of property damage in the past. One time I went to town while finishing a quest when a pixie flew up my nose! Long story short, the bounty office was blown away and they were shoveling snot off the walkways for days!" Her face was almost that of pride until her expression soured. "I was forbidden from returning to town. They wouldn't even pay me for the job. Everyone's scared of me." Tess's eyes start tearing up, but you're not sure if that's because of the trees or the painful memory. "Hey, babe, it's okay! Your sneezes aren't dangerous! I'm sure the townsfolk just want to protect their home! They don't have any taste when it comes to sexy sneezes!" 


   Uh oh. Did you just say that out loud? 


   "What was that? Did you say 'sexy sneezes'?" 


   Yep. You just did.


   "Oh, uhhh… well, umm…you see…" Tess leans in even closer, her breasts squished against the grassy plain. "Cmon, little man. Spit it out." There's no escape, so you decide to tell her everything. "Well, um, I kinda...sorta… have a thing for girls and their sneezes" you admit. "Everything about them turns me on. The twitching nostrils, breathy build-up, helpless look on their faces, and the explosive release into their hankies. It… well… turns me on…" You stare at your shuffling feet on the grass, your face beet red as you wait for a response. You lift your head to see Tess about to speak. Instead of disgust or disturbance in her voice, you hear...giggling? "Tee hee hee! Is that it? My little man turned by a big sneeze?" Tess seems to be enjoying this. You can feel your face turning a deeper shade of maroon. "That's so cute!" She cries out. "I never thought my allergies could be sexy to someone! I'm… glad you're not scared of me." A sigh of relief leaves your mouth. 


   A familiar tickle blossoms inside Tess's nose. She reaches for the handkerchief in her skirt pocket before deciding otherwise. "You know, I've always wanted to put on a sexy show for someone. I've just never had any guy come close enough to me to try." Your ears perk up. "Sexy? Do you mean-?" "Yep, and I'd like to try something new!" Tess reaches a colossal arm over you as she grabs and unroots a large pine tree from the ground. "Oh, look! A big pine tree." Her nose is twitching just looking at it. "Look at how much p-pollen is covered on it! Hwahhh…" Her nostrils start flaring, as the pollen is already having an effect. 


   "Sniffles… and yet I wonder what they smell like. I'll hah...have to find… out…"


   Tess brings the tree closer to her nose and tickles the edge with the branches. The effect is immediate. "HAAAH! Oh, that hah… that tickles more than I thou- HAAH...HUUH my nose feels like it's… on fuh...FAHH fire!" Tess's gargantuan nose is stuck in allergic agony. The rims of her nostrils are lightly dusted with tree pollen. Her hitching breaths push her top to its limits. You can't believe what you're seeing. A beautiful giantess sneezing for you! It's an absolute dream come true! Looking up at Tess, you can see she's about to sneeze, and you feel giddy all over! 


   Wait, she's about to sneeze. A giantess is about to sneeze all over you. 


   You start to panic and run around to find anything to hold onto, least you get blown away by the sexy hurricane in front of you. You latch on to a large tree in the middle of the field, preparing yourself for what's about to happen. 




   The force of a dozen tornado winds blow you down, along with the tree you were hanging on to. Tess's massive sneeze ripples through the forest, shaking the t rees and blowing the pollen out of the trees. After the wind subsides, you look up at Tess, blowing her nose with her handkerchief with a wet gurgle. She looks down at you, seemingly out of breath. 


   "Hah...hah…  well, little man, what did you think?" 


   "What did I think? That was AMAZING! I've never seen a sneeze so massive!" Crawling out from under the tree, Tess looks down on you with excitement. "Really?" "YEAH! The way you hitch and sniffle, and when you finally released and blew down half the forest down! You were so hot!" Looking around at the forest, a thought pops into your head. "Hey, Tess, what happened to all the pollen from the trees?" "Well, looking at the direction of the wind, it's headed towards… the town…" Oops. "Well, we don't need them" you reassure Tess, "we can get work from the next town!" Tess picks you up in her hand and brings you closer to her face. "Together? Like, as a couple?" 


 "Of course! All the time we've spent! I wouldn't want to spend my life with anyone else! I'm… really glad I've met you…" Tess blushes a familiar shade of maroon and smiles. "Aw, I love you, little man! Cmere and give me a kiss…" Tess brings you closer and plants a kiss on the side of your head. The warm sensation cover half of your face. It feels nice. The feeling is cut short after you hear sniffling. "Tess, why are you crying? Aren't you happy?" Tess pulls away. "Of course I am, but...hah… you're covered in puh...puh...pollen… hwaaahh…" Tess's allergic nostrils start sniffing and quivering in front of you. "Well, " you say to yourself, "you can never have too much of a good thing." 

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I absolutely love stories with giant/giantess sneezes, especially ones like this where they intentionally induce their sneezes.  Would love to see a continuation of this!  Maybe with Tess allowing the reader to tease her nose and induce out more sneezes from her.  Either way, great job!

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