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A Simple Mistake


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I know I have made a mess of things. Given what has happened in the Archers I wrote a poem about a disaster

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Our tale starts here
On Sunday of late
I'm going to tell you
A tale of lore

So Gavin and and Blake
Went to take up the floor
Ripping up tiles, bashing about,
Looking around, and not taking much care.

A mouth-full of fire
And endless confusion.
How could you fuck this up?
You'll be in trouble!

Under the rubble.
Physics have punished you.
Said Bang-Bang-a-Boom.

You're trapped in the room,
Under a hundredweight,
Nothing to do now
But pray and to think.

Dashing and daring,
Coragious and caring,
Terribly priveleged
With nothing to lose...

Freddie got up
And threw off his load.
He lifted up Lynda
And looked for the exit.

I know what you're thinking-
What was the next thing?
Out of the window,
No one dies yet.

Ambulance screaming,
Freddie can do this,
Get her outside and collapse on the ground.

We can't help you Oliver, we don't know why,
Nothing is helpful and we don't know why.
All you can try is to sleep but I can't help;
I don't know why it should blow up.
I don't know why the hotel suffered.
I know that it's you who suffered, but still,

I'm racking my brains, and I still don't know.


Two little devils were playing with chains,
It's a terrible sin if you're playing with gas mains.

Take up the floor, Blake,

You made one simple mistake


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what is archers??? why have you started two whole threads about them and not just put this poem in the other thread you made about it??? this is the second time you've made multiple threads about the same subject-- you know this isn't a blog, right? if you start a thread it's supposed to be starting a conversation with the community. not trying to be mean, just some constructive advice

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I don't dislike you, I see now we're like Batman and the Joker, and we're two sides of an equation.

We complete each other. Will you stay with me?

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hm. i do not very much like that. i was just giving some forum posting advice, i'm not... with you. and i disagree about your views on batman (as a character and as a story or franchise of stories), and i disagree also with your views on myself. you don't complete me, you aren't any part of me, and you never will be. again not trying to be mean, just lilke um. trying to reject this attachment as gently yet firmly as i can, given our surroundings at this time. that's a no from me dawg. 

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Yeah, that seemed much funnier last night.

By the way, the Heath Ledger version of Joker does believe Batman completes him - because it's like a meditation of insanity. Batman isn't a superhero in the boyscout sense like Superman is, he's driven to the point of not being normal.

Superman fights villains because he believes it's the right thing to do. Batman (in the more modern comics) fights them because of his own grief over the death of his parents.

The Joker works because he presents Batman with the idea that Batman himself might be insane. Have you ever thought you're just losing your grip on the world? Because I have, and it's pretty scary.

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Hi, just an in-thread reminder to stay on topic and to be civil. Additional off-topic conversation or ranting should take place outside of these boards or in the Snake Pit. Thank you for your attention.  

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