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fwb's cold


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Hi! My mans -who is not my mans- caught a cold about a month ago and now thanks to college sending us all back home, I finally have time to preserve the memory. I’ll call him T. 


On Friday, we decided to cook some salmon steaks before our planned skating social with our sports club team. I asked him where the salt was and he didn’t answer so I assumed he didn’t hear over the crackling of the cooking asparagus. While I was reaching around him to grab the seasoning, he shifted his weight to one leg, put the spoon down, lifted his elbow up to his face and sneezed once, waited a bit and then sneezed again. It was so polite and contained and that made it so Hot. 

On the way to the skating social, he was particularly quiet so I asked him if anything was wrong. He responded he was feeling a headache coming on. 

Do you want to go back home?”

No, it’s okay. I’m fine.” He responded.

After skating, we decided to finish some work at my house. Except for the scratching of our pens, we were silent out of respect for my sleeping roommate in the other room. Suddenly he starts panting like a dog. 

H’ih hi’ih hi’ih rrrrsh” he muffles in his arm and does an identical one after a slight pause. I bless him and he smiles at me as he says thanks. 

The next day I came into his workplace to study while waiting for the end of his shift. Instantly, I could tell he was sick. He was sniffling constantly and his voice was so stuffy. He had to manage the radio calls as vehicles were coming in. He sneezed once when he was behind the counter, an exhausted but politely contained sneeze.

I think I’m getting sick.” 

Through the rest of his work day, he sneezed two more times. He was walking back from the water station when he stopped, sneezed once, and the second one bent him at the waist and he fucking groaned afterwards. His coworkers blessed him. After a while, it was just me and him waiting for his shift to end. As we studied, it was non-stop sniffling and he decided to play music because I think he was feeling self-conscious about it. 

The next day, he came over after class, and obviously he was still very sick and that got me feeling a certain way. He was curious about why I wanted to do Things because he does not know about the kink. He kept sniffling and we had to pause. 

Do you want a tissue”

Uhh no i’ll just sniffffffffff

No, go deal with your nose.” 

He blew his nose and we continued. 

Before we fell asleep, we were spooning and his nose was in my hair when suddenly his breath caught audibly. 

He leaned away and sneezed twice into his bare elbow, unmuffled “het-eshew heT-ESHew I’m allergic to you.”

Shut up.”

The next day, after my orchestra rehearsal, I wanted to swing by the beach to just relax a bit. I had planned to go alone because I knew it was chilly, but he called right before I went and said he wanted to come too. He was even more congested than yesterday and his nose was tinted red. We drove down by the beach and we got out of the car, just to hear him start panting again. 

He sneezed, “HEH-EHSCHEW- pause- HEH-ESCHEW hi’ih hih’hi’ih ESHCEW!” I was a reasonable distance away from him so he aimed them all towards the ground. They were noticeably stronger than his regular ones and they bent him at the waist.

You good?” I asked.

My soul just left my body.” 


that's it for his cold. these are just the most memorable events, perhaps I’ll write down more later. thank you for reading! 

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Visenya's breeches that was hot. Oh, man, it's so beautiful to watch the progress of a cold up close like that :wub: Thanks a lot for sharing!

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11 hours ago, March Hare said:

Visenya's breeches that was hot. Oh, man, it's so beautiful to watch the progress of a cold up close like that :wub: Thanks a lot for sharing!


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