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Star Trek Commission (Spock, M)


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So I recently commissioned the talented kotyonoksnz over on tumblr (this makes, what, my sixth commission from this artist? :lol:) for a fun piece. 

I wanted to share since I know there are many people who appreciate Star Trek in some capacity on this forum. The commission follows the Star Trek reboot movies, or AOS (Alternate Original Series), which means Spock and Uhura are an established couple. This is probably set sometime between 2009 and Into Darkness. 

If you're wondering if Uhura wore this perfume on purpose...you might be right. :whistle: ( :devil2:).




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That's actually very sexy! :o

A couple talking about the man's or the woman's sneezes is, I realise, a HUGE turn on for me.

Edit: And I should have said, amazing art. Absolutely brilliant

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