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The Death of Me (The Magnus Archives-Jon/Martin)


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Wrote this fic on Tumblr for someone who was looking for some Sick!Martin and some Kinky!Jon said they'd give me their firstborn or something... Anyway here's another fanfiction! YAY!

Martin’s cold was going to be the death of Jon. He was sure of it.

His boyfriend was sneezy on a typical day, usually having a small fit or tow here and there. This cold, however, seemed to ramp things up, having him launch into long spraying fits if he even breathed the wrong way.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the warm pooling in his abdomen, with each fit seeming more desperate than the next. It almost made him feel guilty for enjoying it.

Thankfully other than a bit of congestion and the near-constant sneezing, Martin didn’t seem to be suffering too badly. It was obvious by the end of the day, though that he was petering out, almost falling asleep on the car ride back to their apartment.

He helped Martin up the stairs, feeling the feverish heat against his side as he pulled out his keys. Jon could feel Martin’s breath swell as he geared up for another fit, as he fumbled with the lock, “hh’huh’hh’ESHHu! Hih’GXSHHu! Hah’NXSHHuu!” Martin sniffled thickly through blocked sinuses, groaning swiping at his leaky nose with a wrist having run out of tissue a long time ago.

Jon shivered a little before finally managing to unlock the door, getting Martin settled on the couch, pressing a hesitant kiss to his too warm forehead, “I’m gonna go grab the thermometer.” He mumbled, pushing the tissue box on the coffee table a little closer before disappearing into the bathroom.

Bracing himself on the sink, Jon let out a breath of air he hadn’t realized he’d been holding in. Turning on the water, he splashed his face with it, trying to psych himself up, “You can do this, Jon, it’s just some sneezing.” He mumbled, grabbing the thermometer, and the cold medicine going back out before Martin wondered where he was.

Martin was sitting on the couch with his nose buried in a tissue blowing it with an unproductive gurgle, before tossing the tissue in the direction of the wastebasket.

Jon knelt in front of the other man sticking the thermometer in his mouth, watching the numbers climb until it let out a beep. He frowned when he saw Martin had a low-grade fever that hadn’t been there before, dosing him up with some medicine.

He ran his fingers through his lover’s hair, and Martin closed his eyes, leaning into the touch, “You sound miserable love.” He mumbled. “Do you want me to run you a bath see if we can loosen up some of that gunk in your head?” Jon asked.

Martin nodded blearily in response.

He got up, turning on the hot water running it until the bath was full, putting in some peppermint oil in. Hopefully, it would help loosen up some of the congestion.

Jon helped Martin into the bath, leaving him with a fresh towel and a set of comfy pajamas to change into before ducking out.

Walking to the kitchen, he started on some tea and some oatmeal, hoping he could get a little something into Martin before they both turned in for the night.

He could hear the other man’s huffing hitchy breaths as he sneezed, “Hh’Huh’HUGXSSHu! Hah’h’ESHHu! ‘ASHHu!!” Following the fit was some more nose blowing sounding a little more productive this time as the congestion loosened up.

Jon could feel his face heat up as he strained his ears to listen, taking a deep breath, trying to cool down enough so that he could finish cooking.

Eventually, he heard the water drain, and the bathroom door opened, as steam poured out. Martin walked out dressing in his pj’s with a towel around his neck, flopping down on the couch.

Jon brought out the oatmeal and tea, pressing the mug into Martins’s hand as the man mumbled a quick, “Thank you, love.” He took a long sip relaxing into the warmth. Jon helped him with oatmeal, spoon-feeding him until he’d eaten about half of it before deciding he was full.

“Time for bed?” Jon asked, and Martin nodded with a wide yawn, letting his boyfriend help him to bed, getting him tucked under the covers.

Jon went started getting ready for bed, stalling a bit as he was still a bit anxious about letting something slip and having Martin find out.

“Jon…”Martin croaked out, sounding exhausted, “please c-come to- hh’huh’ESHHIEu! Ngk…bed.”

Jon shivered, as Martin’s voice sounded so pleading, “Coming dear.” He called back, crawling into bed with the other man.

Martin pulled Jon to his chest, burying his cold nose into Jon’s neck, humming pleased.

Jon almost squealed at the sensation but managed to hold his tongue, laying still until he heard soft snores coming from Martin relaxing with a sigh.

He huffed a quiet laugh, “You’re going to be the death of me, Martin Blackwood.” Jon grumbled, letting his eyes slip closed, falling into a dreamless sleep.

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Very nice. I think Martin is starting to be a favorite of mine from the episodes I've went through, but I don't know. Jon could also pass. Especially this side of him :D

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3 hours ago, Pyrus_Fangmon said:

Very nice. I think Martin is starting to be a favorite of mine from the episodes I've went through, but I don't know. Jon could also pass. Especially this side of him :D

Yay! I'm glad that you enjoyed my little fic, I agree, Martin's so sweet. Unfortunately Jon kind of a paranoid ass but I like to think that if he and Martin were dating he'd try to make the other man comfortable when he was sick and do his best to take care of him in any way he could. Anyway, thank you for the lovely comment!


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