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Anyone Else Watch Dimension 20?


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Just wondering if anyone else on here watches the Dimension 20 series on YouTube or Dropout. It's a D&D show, it's like my favorite thing in the world right now, and nobody I know in real life watches it. Which means I'm absolutely dying to talk about it with other people so if anybody watches it and wants to obsess with me, let me know!

(Also, most of y'all probs haven't seen it and I highly recommend. All of the players are amazing. They're all comics who have worked for CollegeHumor and have backgrounds in improv which means they're great at roleplay. And the dungeon master is probably one of my favorite people on earth. Again, I seriously can't think of anything I'd recommend more.)

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I watch it! It's one of my favorite shows, actually, and definitely my biggest interest right now as well! I'd love to talk about it (though I can't PM yet, so maybe not)

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