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A great story about a sneeze audition

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This isn't even remotely "great".  Unless you think that women being taken advantage of to provide fetish material under the guise of "an acting opportunity" is great.  Yeah, I'm being a wet blanket here but reputable companies casting for legitimate commercials don't go around posting on Craigslist.  There are well-known and well-employed avenues for employing talent that the industry uses and that ain't one of 'em.  Maybe somebody casting for a low budget independent film, but not for a commercial.   Not for a commercial that claims to pay that well.  It's just not done that way.  It's not.

Real casting for a commercial would not be this secretive.  You might not know the company name but you'd know the type of product it was for.  You'd see the script.  They'd tell you where it is going to air and what the buyout fees and options are.  You'd know how long they plan to use your likeness.  All of this would be up front before you ever sent anything in.

This is definitely someone harvesting fetish content and it's gross.

This person doesn't seem to be an actor so they might not be savvy to all the gross shit women get asked to do in the name of "an audition" but boy oh boy for someone who knows the ins and outs of how things are supposed to work and how people try to take advantage, there are red flags ALL OVER this shit.

I guess I can't convince any of y'all to change your mind about this stuff, but maybe someone will read this and understand and think twice.


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Sen Beret

This always makes me wonder about the legitimacy of those videos with the blank screen in the background and beautiful models sneezing emphatically. Anyone else remember Dr. Michael Samuels? Even if these women did end up getting paid that much, it's horrifying to think that their "audition" was used to fuel someone's sexual arousal without their consent. Like SleepingPhlox said, their method of drawing in talent looks suspicious, especially with a budget paying each participant thousands. I'm glad she was never able to make her video, but it's too bad that people still might be getting off to her story anyway.

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Ali Marie

Everybody here has already addressed most of what I was going to say but I also want to point out something.

If somebody is auditioning you for a role of any kind that requires you to sneeze, (Commercial, TV show, Film, VO.) 99% of the time, they are going to ask you to fake a sneeze, not try to force one out of you. That's not how auditions work in show biz. Acting is acting. I mean...Duh.

That's how you know this was some creep's ploy to get access to fetish material for their own amusement. And to be honest, it makes me feel sick to read. This poor unsuspecting individual is torturing themselves for what they think is a legitimate job opportunity & it's very harmful in many ways.

Reading the phrase Allergies are a plus made my stomach turn. 🤢 This is really shameful.

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