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I have seen and heard sneezing of all kinds before. Some "Atcha", "Atchi", "Atchoo". Stifles, big, small, wet or dry. We find most of them in different people, for my part I even find that they are quite common to most people. But maybe have you ever come face to face with someone with a truly unique sneeze that you've never seen or heard anywhere else ? This is what happened to me with a female friend of mine. The first time I saw and heard her sneeze, I even froze for a few seconds.

Cough, cough and ... .. Sneeze
I've known her for three years now. She systematically coughs twice, takes a long breath and sneezes half a cough and half a sneeze. I never heard him sneeze in any other way. Of course, I've heard other people mix coughing and sneezing during a seizure or when you're sick. But for her it is precisely calibrated with 2 coughs = 1 sneeze (rarely, followed by a second). I don't know if it's the way she coughs that tickles her or makes her sinuses vibrate causing a sneeze ? I have heard her cough before without sneezing, but usually when her cough gets stronger you can hear her cough twice, inhale and sneeze. Always in the same way: Cough, cough, his eyes crinkle and humify, my heart tightens on itself and she ... Sneeze. Still with a sound half cough and half sneeze. It's quite difficult to explain it. Phonetically, I won't even be able to write it to you because the sound is so complex and cannot be summed up in a few letters. :unsure:

So there you have it, I would like to know if you too have ever heard or seen really unique sneezes:razz:

Have any of you ever known people with a really unique sneeze like this ?
Have you ever heard the sound of a sneeze that you have never heard anywhere else and maybe even hard to imagine ?

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Joal 555

I used to know someone who frequently sneezed a few seconds after coughing, but it wasn't quite the same as yours, because she also sneezed sometimes without coughing beforehand.

As for unique sneezes, nobody immediately springs to mind, but I will dredge my memory banks and see if I can come up with anything.


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There's a girl that sends me videos of her sneezes. Long story on how this relationship of ours came about. But her sneezes are extremely unique or at least I think they are. She almost never sneezes less than 6 times in rapid succession and can go up to about 14 but her usual is about 12. The sneezes are so interesting and cute. It sort of sounds like she's whispering "kew-kew-kew-kew-kew-kew-kew-kew-kew-kew-kew-kew" I absolutely adore her sneezes and shes one of the sweetest people ever.

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@Joal 555
I also know a couple of people who will sneeze after coughing, but it's not quite the same as with my friend. Here the sneezing appeared as a continuation of the cough. This is a rather curious phenomenon because the throat is rather far from the sinuses. Does anyone know the scientific explanation ? Anyway, personally, I never had the need to sneeze after coughing or the need to cough after sneezing.

That said, it has happened to me to have to cough and an iminent sneeze surprises me at this time. Which produced a kind of strange mutant sneeze as well. :unsure:

For my part, I admit that I am less attracted to sneezing in rapid succession, I prefer when the sneeze comes from afar. Although I still find it cute in certain situations. It is true that sneezing in rapid succession is already much rarer, we do not see them on every street corner, but personally, I have already known several throughout my life. ^_^

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Hizzoner duh Mare

IIssssooooeeee. Heard one that sounded just like that once:watsup:

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