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What a fascinating specimen. So innocent and unassuming. And so very ticklish.


On the bed lies a person fast asleep. You only just met them last night, but what a night you had together. Now as a weak ray of sun peaks in through the shutters of their apartment’s only window, you watch them sleep. Their chest rises and falls serenely with each unhindered breath, and, because you know you will never see them again once you leave, you decide that you are not quite through with them just yet.


From one of the bed’s plump, soft pillows you extract a feather, the quill of which had poked its head out of the fabric in the night. You stroke the small fluffy stalk, before slowly and quietly leaning over your sleeping partner. 


The tiny fibers dance around the pair of nostrils gracefully, tiptoeing further and further into the nasal cavity with each flare and scrunch.


Their breathing takes on a more urgent note, deeper even in their sleep, yet they only succeed in sucking in more fluffy particles, much like a vacuum intent on picking up as much dirt and dust as possible.


Their nostrils twitch once, almost imperceptibly, then again with more purpose, and you’re quite suddenly reminded of a bunny. 


The feather plunges steadily into the left nostril, almost adopting a mind of its own. A tiny twitch of the fluffy tip is all it takes at this point.


A deep hitching gasp resounds through the room. And another! 


You quickly remove the feather and lie back down so as not to be discovered, but you still have a clear view as the scene unfolds.


On the final, desperately gasping breath, you see their eyes flicker open and their body careen forward into a sitting position.




In the single ray of sun that peeks through the shutters, you see a faint mist shoot into the air, the body’s desperate attempt to rid itself of the teasing feather.


You subtly close your eyes while they rub a finger under their nose, breath catching again. It seems that the tickle has not yet been alleviated. 


Perhaps they’re sensitive to feathers. That would be exceptionally lucky.


You pretend to blink awake as they hitch helplessly. They would never question why you would have woken up. No one could deny the power behind that sneeze, and they certainly aren’t being shy now with those drawn-out, hitching gasps of build-up. You sit up and lean purposefully in front of them just as they rear up for another release. You smile to yourself as you murmur to them in a sleepy, naive voice.


“Everything alright?”


But there’s nothing they can do at this point to stop the inevitable. Their eyes snap open just before they are forced shut by the unstoppable itch.


“hihh-ISSCHHew!! ESSSHHhiew!! 


You feel the spray on your chest, the marvelous product of a tickly nose


“Oh, excuse me!”


You straighten up from your lean and they turn completely to face you.


Their words come out in a whispered rush.


“Pardon my sneeze, I really didn’t see you there and by the time I did I couldn’t stop myself, oh my deepest apologies, truly that was– hahhh-ishSSHH!”


This one seems to have caught them by surprise, as they once again mist you with the spray.


A whispered apology accompanies this outburst as well. 


“Oh, I’m so sorry, I sneezed all over you! I...hehhh...hehhhhh...I’m gonna… ehhh-KIH-tsHUHH!!”


They let out another tremendous sneeze that filled the open air.


“Oh, I really can’t be...mahhh...making all this noise! If I wake up my neighbors again, I don’t know what will happen! But I can’t seem to...tuhhh...to get rid of this tihhh…tichhh...tickle...in my...hahhh…”


You slip a finger under the still-wriggling nose as if making sure it keeps its sneezes firmly inside. The single finger turns into a sort of light rubbing motion after a moment, but, contrary to their beliefs, your intentions are not to calm down the wriggling appendage. You subtly trace the flaring nostrils, secretly teasing their already sensitive nose. They go slack-jawed.


“Stttt...stop I think you’re….huhhhh….I think you’re making it...hehhh...making it...wuhhhh...wor- worsehhh…”


Their eyes seem to roll back as they let loose against your still-rubbing hand, once again unable to contain the tickle.


“IHHK-tsHEIWW!! hahhh...hAHH-ka-shUHHH!!”


They blink rapidly as they gently pull your hand away from their maddeningly throbbing appendage. You wipe your damp hand against the comforter as they sniff wetly.


“I’b suhhh...sorryy. You tihhh….tichhhh….”


They finally succeed in covering a sneeze, this time into the puffy, white comforter.




You see a wet spot develop where their nose presses against the comforter.


“Tickled me,” they finish with a sniffle, scrunching up their nose. “Pardon me, I’m not usually this way. Something's making me terribly sneezy this morning, but I haven’t the foggiest idea what it could be.”


“Do you feel one coming on right now? I could help you hold it back again.”


They shake their head, “No, I think the tickles might be backing down. Even if I did feel a sneeze coming on, I don’t think you should help me hold it back. Somehow, I think your rubbing may have brought the sneeze over the edge instead of keeping it in.”


You bring the comforter up and stroke it gently under their nose.


“I can’t help but wonder what might have been be the fiend,” you hum. “Mmm, perhaps something flew up into those trembling nostrils while you were sleeping. A little fly caught up there, maybe? I imagine something buzzing around like that could certainly be a bit uncomfortable. Little vibrations can make for big tickles…and those tiny, tickly wings against your nostrils…well, I don’t know. Might make you itchy and...and twitchy. Maybe even coax out a few mmmm…desperate…sneezes.”


As you had hoped, this description seems to get the nose twitching once again. It works the same way as when someone mentions lice: suddenly everyone’s head begins to itch.


Their face adopts a hazy expression as they scrunch up the itching appendage.


“Hehhh…yeah maybe there...ihhh...is something…”


You jump on the opportunity. 


“I could take a look for you. Got a flashlight?”


“Oh, that’s not...hehhhh...that’s not necessary.”


“It’s really no trouble. I promise.” 


You smile gently, and they apprehensively nod.


“Huhhh...okay. The flashlight is in the sehhh...second drawer of the side table. Just give me a second. I think...ehhh...hehhh.I think I’ve got another tickle that wants to get out...”


You grab the flashlight and patiently wait as they gasp and fan at their face, but the sneeze does not come. You raise an eyebrow when they eventually reopen their eyes, mouth still slightly agape.


“Oh, go on then, have a look. I thhhh...think the tickle might be going ahh...away. That or my sneeze might be a little...stuhhh...ahhh...a little stuck.”


You click on the light, a smirk finding its way onto your face as they lean their head back for you to get a clear view into their nostrils, and shine the light onto their face. 


They blink against the light for a moment as you lean in to get a better look, but after only a few seconds, they turn swiftly and lift the comforter up to their face.


“hehh-ISSSHHuh!! agg-CHIEWWehh!!”


Their whole body seems to quake as they rear up for another fit.


“hihh...hish-shhHOO!! ihh-KA-SHIEWW!! ehh-ttCHawW!! shEIIWWW!! chIEWWW!! tsh-AH-CHHH!!”


“Oh, thad did it,” they gasp. “The...the lighd. I forgodt id sends be indto itchy fits sobetibes. Cand’t be helped, but so very loud. I hope I havend’t wokedn adyone. Feels good to get the tickles out, though. Oh, but I’b sorry for ndot holding still. You’re so good for trying to help be.”


“Quite alright,” you murmur, again rubbing a finger under their nose. “I’ll get back to it, then? If you think you’re okay with the light again, of course.”


“Oh, but I thidk I’d bedder blow by dose first,” They snuffle. ”Dod’t thidk you’ll be able to see adythigg right dow. ‘T’s all stuffy.”


You nod, reassuringly, hopping up from the bed, “I’ll grab a tissue box.”


“Ohkay,” they sniff. ”They’re just udder the cabidet.”


You find them easily and, tissue box in tow, make your way back to the bed.


They grab a couple greedily and blow wetly into them, then massage their nose into a few more dry ones.


“Much better,” they sigh, scrunching their newly pink nose as they lower the tissues. “Think I might have blown out whatever was tickling me before, too.”


You frown slightly, leaning over and stroking the bridge of their nose in a way that seems like an innocent gesture, but really acts to tease their already sensitive, irritated appendage again.


“Do you want me to make sure? It couldn’t hurt just to look. And we wouldn’t want you to catch another case of the sneezes after I’ve left, would we?”


“Maybe you’re right,” their nostrils flare involuntarily in protest to your stroking. “Ok, sure. Please, go ahead and have a look.”


“As you wish.”


You pick up the flashlight again as they tilt their head back, eyes closed this time. You shine it into the trembling, pink nostrils and use a finger to lift one up slightly to peer deeper inside.


You try to keep the smirk out of your voice “Oh yes, I definitely see a little something. A piece of fluff, maybe? Tuft of a feather?”


“Must be from my pillows,” they mumble, nose still exposed. “Every once in a while one of the feathers will peek through the material and the tickle will catch me by surprise in my sleep. Feathers certainly make me sneeze, but I’ve never had this long of a reaction before. Is the fluff close enough for me to grab out?”


You bite your lip to keep from chuckling with glee. “Oh, no. It’s definitely far back there...but I think I might be able to get to it with a rolled up tissue, perhaps? Something long enough to reach in and swipe it out, you see.”


“Would you really be so sweet? Thank you!”


“Of course. Wouldn’t want to see you uncomfortable, my dear.”


You roll up a tissue into a long, tight point and hover it near the nostrils for a moment.


“This might be a bit...uncomfortable...for a moment, but just trust me.”


They nod.


So naive.


You insert the tightly rolled point of the tissue into the left nostril. It creeps through to the very back of the cavernous hole as their nostrils, already glistening, begin to tremble again.


“Oooohhhh….oh that’s….that’s a very strange sensation. I don’t know how luhhhh...long I’m going to be able to….to stay like this….I think I feel...think I might feel….”


“What do you feel, my dear?” 


You adjust the tissue inside of the sinuses, wiggling it back and forth. 


“I...hahhhh….I feel a sneeze coming on...hehhhh….”


“You’ve got to hold it in,” you reply calmly, moving ever further into the nasal cavity with the tissue, gently scraping against the side of the nostril so as to move the piece of fluff closer to the nose’s opening.


“Don’t think I cahh…can. Ihhh…huhhh! Tihh...tickling...tickling me…”


“You must hold it back for a moment longer—I’ve almost got the feather! Oh, but I can see why you had such a fit, darling. The fibers must have just danced across your nostrils, little wisps in the wind, like tickly little dandelion seeds.” 


“Pluhh...please stttt….stop talking about tihhh...tickly things! The...the neighbors! I’m gonna...g-gonna…”


You continue conversationally, pointedly ignoring their pleas as the tip of the tissue flits to and fro within their nose, “I‘d bet dandelion seeds would really wind you up as well, hmm? The powdery puffs infiltrating each nostril; as a matter of fact, I bet they would tease those flaring nostrils into a sneezing fit. Does your nose get horribly, untamable itchy often? I would think that a cavern as deep as this would invite a lot of pollen into its depths. Maybe even the mention of a flower makes your nostrils tremble. But, of course there are no flowers right here, right now. Only a feather. How it must have tickled you to cause such sneezes. Each stroke, so delicate against your trembling nostrils. They never stood a chance, did they? So itchy. So tickly.”




The breathing turns ragged and their chest heaves up and down in anticipation. You finally remove the tissue with a satisfied smirk, the tiny piece of fluff coming out with it.




They explode against your chest in a desperate attempt to muffle the sound, each sneeze more desperate than the last, and you feel the power behind each outburst firsthand.


Their hitching breaths are so loud and drawn out, that you feel that neighbors might be woken up from them alone.




You grab a tissue from the box and belatedly rub it under their dripping nose.


“Oh, excuse me, I’m so sorry! The tickle was just too strong, I couldn’t hold it in any longer! But you kept talking about such itchy, allergy-inducing things, it’s no wonder I couldn’t control my nose! It’s tickly by nature, but with all that itchy feather fluff and your stroking, I just couldn’t keep it under control. Oh, I’ve definitely woken someone. The tickle was just too strong, I couldn’t–”


You bend over and kiss them once on the tip of their pink nose. 


“Bless you, love.”


A job well done.

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Oooh!  I’m not usually a fan of inducing but this is delightful. ☺️ thank you

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Wow! Truly incredible!

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Wow, amazing writing.

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What everyone else said... wow, just wow

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Wow! This was amazing, the descriptions, the pacing, the dialogue, the characters. Just perfect.

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Love inducing, love the way you write, and love that both characters are gender neutral - 11/10 

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This is truly spectacular. I hope to see more from you in the future!

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Thanks for the awesome feedback, you guys are too sweet to me! No clue when I’m going to write more fics like this, but until then you might like this fic that I wrote back in 2017. Same vibe for sure + unspecified gender in this one as well. Enjoy!


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