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would like to know others thoughts...


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I mentioned I have a friend Chena who is mixed Oglala Lakota and Northern Cheyenne, and she has this idea for something she wants to do. I obviously can't tell her what to do but I wonder if it's smart of her, she wants to take the flags of both the Northern Cheyenne and Oglala Lakota nations and have them made into tattoo's around her upper arms like arm bands, I'm not completely against it but I wonder if it's smart for her to do such a thing or if people might misunderstand her intentions.  she means it to show her pride and love of her people and I can respect that, I'm not so sure the Northern Cheyenne flag will be as big a problem as the Oglala Lakota might be. I was wondering what you all think of it. she's asked my opinion but I haven't answered her yet the following are the flags she wants as "arm band tattoo's"  (#1 Northern Cheyenne flag) Image result for northern cheyenne flag #2 Oglala Lakota flag image.jpeg.2c927adc1e8bdfa0d77822611591e779.jpegthe Oglala Lakota flag is the one I find might be problematic. the red coloring in particular she wants it on the left arm with the Northern Cheyenne on the right arm... thing is if the white markings are not showing on the Oglala Lakota flag but the red is someone might mistake it for something bad which I will not put up here...  but I think you can understand what I'm getting at... am I wrong? am I over thinking it or over reacting in thinking it's not a good idea maybe?

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What someone else does with their body isn't really your call, man.  Whether you think it's smart or not is irrelevant. 

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8 minutes ago, SleepingPhlox said:

What someone else does with their body isn't really your call, man.  Whether you think it's smart or not is irrelevant. 


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I know she asked for my opinion as I said I also said I can't make her do anything one way or the other. I was only wondering if I was over thinking and overly worried about it. in the end I didn't tell her of my concerns yet... I was thinking instead of making arm bands out of the new tattoo's  she should have them made more to look like actual flags. ( which they are ) at least the Lakota one it actually says Oglala Lakota on it. in any event I know she's gonna do what she's gonna do.


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