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I finally watched this recently - and it was great, obviously I don't mean fun, but well acted.

It aint no movie, but just about every TV show is very televisual today - so I admire it as such, and it does seem like a striking movie.

(Also, if you haven't seen American Animals-


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haven't got around to watching it yet, although everyone I have talked to who has seen it has raved about it. Kind of sounds like a series to be experienced rather than enjoyed!

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I found Chernobyl a very well made and moving TV series, quite harrowing in places.

I would definitely recommend it, unless you find that kind of subject matter too upsetting, which is understandable.




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indeed it's very hard to watch knowing it's based on actual events that took place, but it's important to learn and remember what happened, so that the mistakes are not repeated. it's also a reminder never to trust any government! governments by nature are corrupt and will always protect it's own interest rather then that of the people it is supposed to protect and  the leaders will always seek to complete their own objectives at the expense of the people it is supposed to be working for.

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Chernobyl was fabulous! I've watched it twice now. Definitely great to watch, and the cinematography was amazing. One of my friends is a cinema arts major and they were pretty much losing it over how good it was!

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Hi from Ukrainain, it's ChOrnobyl, chorniy means black in Ukrainian, that's why. Transliteration comes from official country's language :)

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