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A Little Fic 1/2


Hello :byewave:! I've been working on my second snz fic for most of the time I've been active, so consider yourself lucky that I spared a little time off of it for this. I couldn't think of a good title, so I just wrote "A Little Fic". Hope it's a good enough title for you :nohappy:!

This is inspired by my all-time favourite writer, @monochrome! Thank you @monochrome!

For now, please enjoy my fiction story. Continue to read through this whole story, thank you :wubsmiley:!


Kira slipped on her coat as she and her friend Lydie walked down the steps out of the university gates. "It's great!" cried Kira. "To be free, free to spend time on your own, with family, with friends, with pets, without school!"


"Right," Lydie nodded. "Living without school is so great."


Kira sighed. "It's a total bummer, " she started, "for it to be the start of flu season when we get back. And our holiday is because the chairperson suggested! Oh, I just remembered! It's only two weeks of holiday." Kira groaned as her shoulders slumped again.


Two weeks later...


Kira skipped to school, eyes bright and shining, she completely forgot it flu season. The rain pattered down on her coat, not too light, not too harsh. Kira lifted her hood up, to let the rain splash onto her hair. She was much relaxed.


In the classroom, she sat beside Roxie, her least favourite classmate, because all the other seats were occupied. As she listened to the teacher blabber on about some boring subject that Kira couldn't bother knowing, Roxie kept coughing and sneezing. Ugh, Kira thought, disgusted. Why did I have to arrive so late?

Just then, the teacher told Alynia to swap seats with Roxie, because Alynia was chatting to Madyson, her friend. Roxie shook her head, saying she didn't want to stay next to Madyson, that Madyson talked too much, so Roxie sat next to the teacher. Her sneezing became irritating after a while, but the teacher ignored it, trying to hide the fact that he, indeed, was a germaphobe.

It was probably that one sneeze that made the teacher bear it no longer, and Kira could still hear it ringing in her ears. "HaAHh'Shi'UuuUu!!"

The sneeze was loud, wet, and messy, and the snot that sprayed out splatted onto the teachers trousers like a cobweb. "Out, " the teacher muttered. "YOU'LL REGRET THIS YOU LITTLE BITCH!!"

Roxie ran out of the room, and slammed the door behind her, crying and sobbing big, fat tears. Even Kira felt sorry for her, and Kira was never sympathetic, unless something was wrong with her.

The teacher pulled his handkerchief out of his pocket, and began wiping up the mess on his trousers. His face was white with rage, moustache twitching, and Kira thought she could hear him, screaming inside his head.

As he handed out the exam sheets to everyone in the class, Kira began to wonder about the strange expression on his face, along with the regular massaging of his nose. The teacher's caught the flu, Kira thought. Otherwise he wouldn't be doing such strange things at the strangest time to do so.

And the teacher proved her right, by sneezing over Madyson's paper. "HuUhH'TChHeEEww!!"

When he handed her the paper, however, he seemed oblivious at the fact that he just sneezed all over Madyson's exam sheet. "Bless you," Kira muttered.

But the teacher's state when she got her paper was worse. He sniffled and sneezed every few seconds or so, and this time, he totally drenched Kira's papers in snot, and he was still very seemingly unaware of it. "HiIh- here you - HhaAh - go. Please - HhUh - Sndf! - HuUh'TShIiUUuU!! - write your - Sf! - name."

He rubbed his nose and sneezed another two times, before settling back at his desk. "HhAaAhH'TChHiU'eEWw!! HhHiih'sShIUu!"

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