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Favourite whump TV/movies?


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Hello beautiful people 😊

So, I recently went down an Internet rabbit hole and came across the term whump which encompasses my tastes for television/book/movies and definitely has some roots in my fetish. So naturally, I must share with you all.

Whump is a term to describe when a tv/movie features a lot of hurt/comfort (but not life threatening or sadistic) consistently surrounding the protagonist(s). This can include physical or psychological injuries, sickness, and concern and comfort from other main characters about the whump protagonist. 

I came across whump by googling fan fiction for Prodigal Son and discovered this entire branch of fan fiction suited to my tastes 🤣

So anyway I wanted to compile a list of my favourite shows that feature a protagonist that somehow always manages to consistently get whumped. All my favourites shows are male protagonists but please feel free to diversify the list. I’m not a movie person so feel free to add movies as well!

what about you? Have you heard of the term whump? Does it make your fetish as happy as it makes mine 🤣

Best shows with adorable male MCs that are a little too self destructive…

1. Prodigal Son (this show is the king of whump. The main character Malcom basically gets hurt in some capacity in every episode. It’s addicting.

2. Supernatural (there isn’t whump in every episode but there’s so much for Sam and Dean that it’s one of favourites for sure).


3. BBC’s Merlin (this show is the best. Plenty of whump for main character Merlin but lots for Arthur too. Merlin even gets sick at least three times during the show)!


4. Outlander (Jamie is the most adorable accident prone mc ever).

There are a lot of great shows where certain episodes have a lot of whump for different characters (a few Criminal Mind episodes featuring Spencer Reid comes to mind) but I just included the shows where the mc gets consistently whumped. But if you have fav episodes of certain shows drop em here!



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Supernatural's definitely one of my favorites, as well. Not sure if I can think of any others off the top of my head.

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-Criminal Minds definitely has its fun with Reid

-Grimm has a few whumpy moments, but my favorite was like, the third episode or something when Nick Burkhardt (mc) gets a few broken ribs after an encounter with a troll-dude.

-the Flash and Arrow definitely take the cake for making it a theme

-I wanna say Teen Wolf had a few episodes, but I can’t name any off of the top of my head

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