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Self obs and nail tech obs


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Hey guys!! So I thought I woke up with a cold this morning, but I took an antihistamine and that completely cleared up what was going on - so I’m allergic to something in my house - and I don’t know what it is. Anyway on with the obs. 

I rang the salon before going and told them I was a little sniffly, cos of a random allergy in my house, did they want me to reschedule. They know I’m consistent with covid tests so they said they were more than happy for me to come in.

I walked there, and on my travels I heard somebody cutting their grass… in January?! I’ve seen it all now. I saw and rolled my eyes, because I knew that was going to set me off. And I was right. My nose starting streaming when the smell hit me, along with my eyes. 

I arrived at the salon, I was pretty sniffly at this point. I was there to get my nails done. I get them done every 2 weeks regularly with the same lady, we will call her A. A is blonde, she’s 23, 5ft 5, blue eyes.

We were chatting away, as we always do when I felt that tickle… I was doing everything in my power to hold it in, I managed to for about 3 minutes…. But then I just couldn’t anymore, and I said “I’m sorry, just a second” I turned my head and stifled 3 rapid sneezes into my arm, I’m so glad I managed to, as I was wearing a mask.

“Bless you, bless you, bless you, are you okay?” A smiled, even though she was wearing a mask I could see she was smiling. I said thank you and apologised, “don’t apologise, so many people have been coming in and apologising when they cough or sneeze, you don’t need to.” I said thank you again, I was mortified. 

Less than 2 minutes later, A turned her head away and stifled a perfect silent sneeze into her arm. She smiled and said “oh wow that must have been contagious” I laughed and said “Oh no, don’t say that.” And I enthusiastically said bless you, because I haven’t been able to in literally 5eva. She responded with an enthusiastic “thank you”

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How awesome, to bless and be blessed in the same situation. Thanks for sharing - hopefully the overzealous gardener takes it easy on the mowing 🤣

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Great obs, I hate being in a situation where I have to try and hold in a sneeze, more often than not I fail. 

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Ah leas, that's so cute and love how respectful you were, can't imagine covid tests and your sneezy nose are best friends ☺️

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On 1/26/2022 at 3:42 PM, Leas said:

I enthusiastically said bless you, because I haven’t been able to in literally 5eva. She responded with an enthusiastic “thank you”

Nice! Well done!



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5 hours ago, Joal 555 said:

Well done!

Thank you, it felt great after not having that opportunity come up since 2019. 

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