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Kiersten's Sneezy Adventures-The Massage


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Hi, I got an idea to create a character and write a series of her sneezy adventures out in the world. I have a couple of ideas already, so here goes my first sneeze fiction!


Background: Kiersten is in her early 30s, single, slim, around 5'4" and has long, wavy dark brown hair with bangs that frequently hang in her face. She has green/gray eyes, full lips, and a cute, smallish nose. Kiersten is what they call a "natural beauty." She doesn't wear a lot of make-up, because of her allergies- with all the sneezing she'd just end up with mascara all over her face.



The Massage.


It was a glorious autumn day. There was a crispness to the air, a little hint of a chill that marked the end of summer and the promise of wintry days to come. The maples and oaks were in their full fall regalia, with shades of orange, yellow, and red much more prominent than any remembrance of the green of summer.

As Kiersten got out of the car and crossed the small parking lot, she noticed the field of yellow wildflowers to the side of the building. Just seeing the goldenrod made her nose itch, but she dared not rub it, and risk setting off her fall allergies before she went inside for the massage her friends had gifted her for her birthday last month. She'd been eagerly anticipating this day and needed a massage so badly. She couldn't remember the last time she'd splurged for one.

She entered the spa building and was entranced by the calm, soothing atmosphere. A fountain gurgled gently, soft music was playing in the background, and a young female receptionist awaited her at the desk. There was a faint scent of ylang ylang coming from an essential oil diffuser, and lovely art on the walls. It seemed like the perfect prelude to an hour of relaxation.

"Good afternoon, you must be Kiersten, my name is Lila. We're so happy to welcome you to The Day Spa. Since it's your first time here, we have some intake forms for you to fill out."

The pretty receptionist handed her a clipboard and a pen, and directed her to a comfy looking sofa off to the side of the lobby. As Kiersten sat down and started filling out the forms, she heard Lila take a few hitchy breaths and then hhhh-chhnx, she stifled a small sneeze, probably into her shoulder or elbow, it sounded like.

Kiersten glanced up without wanting to make eye contact with Lila, but offered a polite "bless you." Sneezing embarrassed her. She really didn't know why. Like, everyone sneezes, you know? But ever since she could remember, Kiersten was fascinated by people sneezing- the way they looked before, during, and even after a sneeze, and the variety of sounds that different people made when sneezing always piqued her interest. She figured she was some kind of freak, and didn't want anyone to know that she secretly loved hearing and seeing people sneeze.

"Thank you," Lila answered her blessing. "It's been quite the sneezy day for me, with the ragweed and leaf mold hitting my allergies hard."

Kiersten nodded uncomfortably. How could people just talk about their sneezing and allergies so freely? She quickly lowered her head and got back to her paperwork, but kept her ears pricked for the promise of additional sneezes to come.

But no such luck. Too bad, Lila had a cute stifle. Kiersten would have loved hearing another.

Kiersten gave Lila her clipboard and was directed to a room down the hallway. "Luke is going to be your massage therapist today. Are you OK with a male working on you? He's really one of our best therapists."

"Oh sure, no problem."

"Ok then. There's a changing room inside, you can get undressed and then hop up on the table under the sheet. He'll want you to start facing up."

Kiersten stepped inside as Lila gently closed the door. The room was dimly lit, with a salt lamp glowing in the corner, a large orchid in front of a paper-shaded window, and more soft music playing. There was a faint scent of lavender, possibly from another oil diffuser? Yikes, Kiersten would have to ask about turning that off. She was allergic to lavender.

As she got inside the crisp sheets of the massage table and laid down on her back, she focused on slowing her breath and let the stress of the past few weeks begin to drain away. She needed this, she deserved this, her friends knew it, and she was going to enjoy the next hour completely.


She heard soft footsteps approach the door to the massage room, and a gentle knock.

"Are you ready?" a melodic man's voice inquired.

"Yes, come in please."

The door opened quietly and she felt him enter the space, only to pause at the threshold, take a deep breath and sneeze quietly, huh-chiu! down against his elbow.

"Excuse me," Luke said in an Australian accent. "I'm so sorry! It's my allergies, they've been acting up today. I promise I'm not ill, is this OK with you?"

Kiersten nearly melted into a puddle on the table. The sound of his voice, the sound of his sneeze, and when she looked at him, damn was he gorgeous. He was 5' 10 or 11", muscular, and handsome. He had sandy brown hair, deep blue eyes and a broad smile with gleaming white teeth. This was the guy that was going to do her massage? This might be the luckiest day of her life.

"Of course, no problem at all. It's nice to meet you."

Luke crossed the room to wash his hands at a small sink in the corner. He offered her his name, asked if she was confortable, was the room warm enough, did she want a blanket or need anything at all? Kiersten could barely speak, but nodded and shook her head appropriately while she silently replayed the sound of his gorgeous sneeze over and over in her mind.  She didn't want to forget it. (But, she needn't have worried about that.) What she DID forget was to ask about the lavender oil, so it continued to diffuse through the small room. 

Luke asked her a few more questions about her body- Did she have any particular spots she wanted to focus on for her treatment today, had she had massage before, what level of intensity did she want? Finding her voice, she dutifully answered his questions and then he got down to it, starting with her head and neck. He sat behind her with his hands cradling her head, his fingers lightly making circles around her skull, which caused her hair to make a crackling sound that vibrated through her whole head. It felt so good, she felt so completely held by him, there was just something so comforting about his touch, she knew she would be able to completely let go and relax.

He suddenly stopped moving his hands. Kiersten heard his breath come in slow, deep waves, then he opened his mouth with a sharp inhale, and nnxxch! nnxxch! He turned his head and stifled a double into his shoulder while his hands remained behind her head. Kiersten could feel the vibration as the sneezes shuddered his whole body.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" Luke said.

"Bless you, and really, don't worry about it," Kiersten said with a small smile.

Luke sniffed once and got right back to work massaging her neck, deftly finding the tense and tight places and applying just the right amount of pressure.

"I guess my allergy meds are wearing off. You're my last client of the day," he said, sheepishly.

Kiersten was again rendered speechless. Was he going to sneeze even more over the next hour? The thought of it sent a thrill through her body. How was she going to relax now, with that kind of anticipation?

Just.Take. Deep. Breaths, Kierst. You can handle this, she thought to herself. And for a while she did. She just let go into his supportive touch.


When he finished with her neck, he moved to her face. This was a lighter touch, and a few times he had to gently brush her unruly bangs out of her eyes.

"Your hair seems to have a mind of its own, Love," Luke observed.

"Ha, yes, it's always that way. I'm trying to grow the bangs out so I don't have to deal with them, but it's so hard being in this in between stage." Was she rambling? Going on and on about her hair? Can it, Kiersten. Just shut your mouth and enjoy your massage.

But the next time his fingers brushed against the bridge of her nose, it set off a tickle that was only made worse by the lavender, and she knew she was going to sneeze. No. This can't happen, I can't sneeze while his hands are on my face! She tried to hold it back, but the tingle became unbearable and she knew she only had seconds before...

"Um, Luke, I, ah,.... I, ehhh,... I have to.. sn... snee... Ahhhhh..."

Luke removed his hands just in the nick of time.


"Bless you, Love."

Kiersten was mortified. With her arms still under the sheet, she had been unable to cover her sneeze. And she could feel more were forthcoming. Dang! Why had she forgotten to mention about the lavender diffuser?

She quickly freed her arms without uncovering any of the rest of her, and apologized.

"I am so, so sorry. I'm going to sneeze again, I think. Would you mind turning the lavender diffuser off?"

"Of course, is it bothering you?"

"Yes, I'm allergic to lavender. I forgot to ask you when you came in."

Luke handed Kiersten a tissue and promptly removed the entire diffuser from the room. While he was out in the hall, Kiersten blew her nose, which settled her need to sneeze, at least temporarily. She really hoped she wasn't in for a full histamine reaction, or she'd be a sneezy mess for the rest of this. At least now her arms were free and she clutched the tissue in her hand in case she needed it.


"Shall we continue then? Do you need anything? A sip of water?" Luke asked politely when he came back in.

"I think I'm good," Kiersten said.

He proceeded to massage her arms and shoulders, which put her at ease again.

When Luke walked down to the end of the table by her feet to work on her legs, she could really see him again. He was so handsome! She felt tingly all over. Was that because of her allergy, his charm, or the effect his allergies had on her? Seeing a handsome man sneeze was really exciting. And here she had him all to herself.

But no, that tingle was definitely the after effects of the lavender. Another sneeze was coming.

"Oh, ehhh, EHH-CHOO!" This sneeze was bigger than her last, but she was able to catch it in the tissue.

"There it is!"

"What?" Kristen was puzzled.

"Before, you said you were going to sneeze again. There it is. Bless you."

"Um, thanks."

Why did this have to be happening?? Kiersten was so embarrassed to be sneezing in front of this hunk, let alone have him be talking about it. She wished she could just vanish into thin air, right off the table.

"Will you be OK, now that the diffuser is out of the room?" he asked, concerned.

"Let's hope so," Kiersten muttered under her breath, "Yes, all good now. Just had to let that one out." OMG, did I really just say that??? What has gotten into me?? Pull it together, Girl.

But then it was Luke's turn to sneeze. He was less able to successfully stifle this time, as he let out an inxxchuuh, aimed down at the floor.

"Wow, listen to us," he said. "We're a hot mess in here."

Kiersten giggled and nodded. He had no idea what a hot mess she was inside right now.


For the next few minutes, while he worked on her legs, Kiersten was once again able to relax and let go of some tension. This guy really knew what he was doing.

"OK, Love, time to flip onto your belly, so I can work on your back."

This was always the awkward part of getting a massage. Turning over under the sheet, so that nothing felt exposed. I mean, he was seeing all of her anyway, but it always seemed odd to her that the massage therapist would hold the sheet while the massage recipient turned over. There had to be a better way to do it. Thankfully, Luke said,

"I'm just gonna step over here and wash my hands again. Go ahead and turn over and then I'll adjust the head cradle." Kiersten was grateful.

When they finally got the head cradle positioned just right, Kiersten let her head rest against it. Uh oh, this was not good. The pressure of the cushiony head support against her sinuses was going to make her nose start running. Luckily, she still had the tissue wadded up in her fist, and she was able to reach around and dab at her nose with it. But that wasn't going to work for very long.

She sniffled. Very quietly. She really didn't want Luke to notice. But her allergic reaction was continuing to build, and her nose was going to be dripping like a leaky faucet pretty soon, especially with the pressure against her forehead and cheeks. Luke started working on her back. It felt amazing, but it was hard to concentrate on relaxing when she couldn't breathe through her nose. Kiersten opened her mouth to breathe, hoping that would make her have to sniffle less, but that made her throat dry and itchy. Another sneeze was coming, and she had no way to stop it.

Aaaah-ESCHOO, etch-OO! Her body shook with the powerful double, under Luke's powerful hands.

"Whoa, Bless You!" Luke responded. "Are you sure you're ok?" he asked again.

"No, wait, there's m-m-more com- coming, exchoo, chiu, eeeshOOO!"

Kiersten pushed up from the headrest and propped herself on her forearms. "Mbay I habe adother tissue?"

But Luke had already anticpated her request and had 2 held out to her. She accepted them gratefully, and blew her nose 3 times, softly. Honestly, it felt good to let those sneezes out after all that pressure.


Luke suddenly sneezed again. This time, it was big and loud and wet. AAH-CHOOO-OO! It was totally uncovered and Kiersten felt a bit of the cool spray against her bare back. He hadn't quite turned away in time. Then he turned fully around to face away from her and doubled over with three more massive sneezes. EHH CHOOO, AIIEE-SHEW, HRRRESCHHHUUHH!

"God bless you!" Kiersten was shocked that words could even come out of her mouth.

"Thank you, and the same to you."

"I think we should call this a day and each get some allergy meds in us," Kiersten offered.

"Youre probably right, Luke agreed. "Your hour isn't up yet, so I'd like to offer you a coupon to come back again for a free massage. It's actually the least I can do after sneezing all over you."

"I'd like that very much. But next time, I'll come in the morning so you won't be at the end of your rope, and you'll keep the lavender out of here."


Kiersten could hardly wait.



Let me know if you're interested in reading more of Kiersten's Sneezy Adventures! I hear she likes yoga, hiking, and thrift store shopping. 

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Oh yeah, I'm definitely down to reading more about Kiersten's adventures.

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Here's the next episode, I hope you enjoy it. 😄


Kiersten's Sneezy Adventures- The Thrift Store (F/F)

Ahh, a lazy Saturday morning with nothing to do. Kiersten was reading a book, drinking coffee, and relaxing on the couch. She had the whole day to do nothing, or do whatever she wanted. Paradise!

Kiersten's phone rang. It was her best friend, Jenn, calling to ask her to meet her at the thrift store in an hour. Jenn needed a dress for an office party next week, and she and Kiersten loved a good bargain.

"Cool, I could use some jeans and a couple of other things," Kiersten told her, "See you soon, my bargain shopping buddy."

There was a huge thrift store that Kiersten and Jenn loved shopping at. In fact, Kiersten had introduced Jenn to the store years ago, for a rather nefarious reason... Besides having a huge selection and great deals, the store was rather dusty or moldy or something, and it always made Kiersten sneeze when she shopped there. Actually, lots of shoppers could frequently be heard sneezing in there, and Kiersten loved hearing and seeing people sneeze. Her best friend Jenn had an amazing sneeze. As far as female sneezes go, Kiersten thought it was absolutely perfect. Just thinking about the possibility of seeing Jenn sneeze today was enough to get Kiersten up off the couch, in the shower, and out the door!

Kiersten and Jenn arrived at about the same time. Kiersten was walking up to the front door when Jenn called out to her from the parking lot,

"Hey Kiersten, wait up!"

Kiersten turned and saw Jenn walking from her car. Jenn was tall, 5' 8" with brown eyes and silky light brown hair that hung down to the middle of her back. She wore jeans, a pink sweater, and white sneakers. Her makeup was perfect and her shiny pink lip gloss exactly matched the color of her top- how did Jenn always look so put together? Kiersten did her best, but she never felt as pretty as Jenn always looked.

They hugged at the store entrance and walked in together. They headed right to the dress section.

"So, office party, huh?" Kiersten asked.

"Yeah, it will be dreadful. Kelly, in HR, loves throwing parties, so we have one almost every quarter. Everyone is expected to go, but I'm so over having to buy a new dress every few months that I'll only wear once- thus the trip to the thrift store."

"I hear ya. Let's see what they've got today. I'll help you look. Size Medium?"

They started looking through the dresses, shifting the hangers to the side after briefly viewing each dress on the long rack. Kiersten could feel the dust start to kick up and tickle her nostrils. It was autumn, so her allergies were already on high alert- Ragweed, goldenrod, and leaf mold were her main fall triggers, and her nose was already primed for any minor irritant to set her off.

Normally, Kiersten hated sneezing in front of other people, but she didn't have that block with Jenn, who had been her best friend since high school. So when the tingle started, she didn't try to stave it off.

"hit-chhhew." Just a small sneeze to start off with.

"Bless you," Jenn offered. "Is it extra dusty in here today? I feel like I have to sneeze too. It hit me as soon as we walked in- that musty smell, ya' know?"

"Mmm, yeah, I'm feeling it." Kiersten replied. "Hey, what about this one?"

Kiersten held up a candy apple red dress. She knew the dress wasn't Jenn's style, but she hated talking about sneezing and wanted to change the subject quickly. She could never risk Jenn (or anyone) finding out that she actually liked sneezing, that it kinda turned her on. It would be too embarrassing for her.

"No, that color is awful, um... Hold on... I'm gonna... Oh, ehh, ...Gonna sn...."

Jenn was standing in a classic pre-sneeze stance, mouth slightly open, eyes half-closed, holding up one finger as if to say "wait for it," and inhaling rapidly and repeatedly, almost without exhaling. Kiersten stood, transfixed, watching Jenn in anticipation, turning on her mental tape recorder so she would be able to remember the sneeze later.

"I'm gonna Snuh...uhhh... ehCHHOO!" Jenn bent forward at the waist and sneezed, uncovered, toward the floor. It was the "choo" portion of Jenn's sneezes that Kiersten adored. She typically had a small hitch, and then a medium "choo-" voiced, feminine, not too high pitched, not too "screamy" and with a subtle quality of surprise- to Kiersten it sounded like she was singing a beautiful song.

"Bless you."

"Thanks, that was intense!"

Kiersten thought it was pure perfection.


They continued looking at dresses. Jenn held on to 3 or 4 of them, and headed across the store toward the dressing rooms to try them on. As she walked over there, Kiersten saw her rub her nose with the back of her hand, and then Jenn paused for a second, and let out another body-doubling sneeze before she continued walking out of Kiersten's view. Even though she was halfway across the store by then, the sound was audible (and lovely). A couple random people blessed her beautiful sneeze.


Kiersten headed over to the jeans section. She hated spending $50 or more on new jeans when she could get perfectly comfortable ones here that were already broken in. Again, as she looked through the racks, her nose itched. But now there were other shoppers nearby, and she didn't dare sneeze in front of them. So she crinkled her nose, sniffed, and tried her best to hold it in. This wasn't going to work. Kiersten scrunched up her nose again, and placed a finger against her right nostril, which was starting to burn. This made her have to sniffle, but it held the sneeze off for a few more seconds.

There was an older woman, maybe in her 60s, browsing on the opposite side of the rack, who noticed Kiersten's silent struggle.

"It sure is dusty in here, isn't it? Bless you in advance," the woman said.

Kiersten looked up, like a deer in the headlights. Someone had seen her? This was not good. What was she going to do now? Continue to suppress the impending sneeze? Act like nothing was wrong? Or just let the damn thing out, now that she was already found out. She felt she needed to respond to the woman, although she really wanted to just vanish or turn around and walk away, but that would have been rude, so instead she smiled and said,

"It is, and thank you." But talking was a mistake. The tickle got more intense, Kiersten's eyes narrowed down to itchy slits as her mouth parted and nostrils flared. There was no more holding it back,

"Chhht, chhhhnxx, hngggh-aahh," a quick triple stifled into her right shoulder, the last one more vocal than the first two.

"Well, bless you again!" the woman said, enthusiastically.

"Thanks," Kiersten replied, quietly embarrassed as she fumbled through her purse, looking for a tissue. The itch was still there. Distracted by the tissue search, her next sneezes came with little warning, and she was unable to stifle them, as her hands were busy.

"AhEHshoo, etch-CHIEW!" These were louder and stronger. Kiersten could feel her fit was continuing to build, she needed to get out of here soon.

"Excuse mbe," she said, stuffily, before the woman could say anything else. "I gotta go find mby friend."

She left the jeans racks and headed back toward the dressing rooms, blowing her nose into the tissue she'd pulled from the travel pack she finally found in her bag. She blew her nose into the tissue and then shoved it in her pocket. Her nose was still tickling badly.


The dressing rooms were just little rooms with doors along one side of the store. Kiersten wondered which one Jenn was in, as she stood waiting for her to come out. But a few seconds later she didn't have to wonder anymore. From the second room on the end came a loud,

"Achoo! Het-choo! Huh-huh-etch-CHOO! Ugh!"

Kiersten walked closer to the room Jenn was in. She couldn't believe how turned on she was. She wished she could just stay there listening for an hour while Jenn sneezed and sneezed. But she knew she had to get her allergic friend out of there.

"Hey, Jenn, I'm out here. You OK?" she called out.

"Achoo....achoo, oh my god, I can't stop sneezing! EehhhhhhhCHOOO!" Kiersten melted a little bit more inside.

"I'm feeling the same way, let's get out of here. You about done?" Kiersten asked, her voice stuffy.

"Yeah, I just gotta get my.. echoo..chhhoo.. shoes back on."


A minute later, Jenn emerged from the dressing room, eyes red and watery, the tip of her nose pink and drippy.

"You have any, snrff, tissues? Snfff."

Kiersten dove back into her bag to get one for Jenn, and as she emerged with it in her hand, Kiersten sneezed again, right into the tissue! "Chhieww, hetcchieww!" Then she laughed. "Sorry, I'll get you another one."

"Thandks, let's get out ub here. This black dress will do just fide."

They walked over to the cashier at the front of the store. On the way, Jenn sneezed five more times, all perfectly beautiful sneezes, spaced about 20 seconds apart each. Kiersten put her hand on her friend's back during the last three, both to comfort her and help keep her walking in the right direction, as Jenn's eyes were half shut with the effort of each build-up. Having that body contact while Jenn was sneezing was incredibly thrilling, feeling Jenn's body convulsing with each sneeze was almost more than Kiersten could handle. She'd never heard Jenn sneeze this much before, and she hoped that it was just the irritants from the store.

Jenn paid for her purchase while repeatedly blowing her nose and then the two of them stepped outside, taking big gulps of the fresh autumn air. As the crisp air hit her nostrils, it set off another round of sneezing for Kiersten. Since there was no one else around, she really let them out, strong and loud.

"AhEHshoo, EHHHHshoo, AAA-CHOOOO!"

"Bless you! You OK?"

"Yeah, you?"

"Yeah, now that we're out of there."

"Totally. It's never been that bad in there before. You OK to drive?" Kiersten asked with concern.

"I think so. If not, I'll pull over if I have to sneeze some more. Hey, you didn't get the jeans you wanted?"

"No, but that's OK."

We'll just have to go back another time, she thought with an inner smile.

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What a delightful chapter for two lovely ladies with dust troubles, and a cunning comment from an older shopper regarding the dust too. I wish she had also needed to sneeze. Can't wait for the next part

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