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Hi there, this is my second story so here goes nothing. This is just about two friends playing video games together w some sneezing and sniffles! Let me know if you guys like this :)


Sergio and Jason were playing Overwatch, the two taking turns with the controller periodically. During Jason’s turn with the controller, he felt an itching sensation within his nose. He tried to ignore it by sniffing, however this only infuriated his nose more. Sergio’s eyes were too glued to the screen to recognize what was going with his friend as the controller sat limp in Jason’s hands, his head tilted back as the twitching in his nose grew stronger.

“Yo you good? We’re close to winning this Jason.”,  Sergio said in a questioning tone, turning toward his friend, getting a perfect view of his flaring nostrils. Jason quickly threw the controller into Sergio’s hands, who was unsure of whether to continue playing or watch.

”Eh… EHSHEW… EHSHEWW,” Jason sneezed loudly, ducking underneath his shirt for each one. He rubbed his nose and sniffed as the urge was still there. 

“Bless you. You feel alright?”

”I’m good, now hand me the controller so I can win & no that round doesn’t count.”, Jason declared, grabbing the controller from Sergio, who punched his arm gently.

The two friends played the game for another hour or so, Jason either sniffling or sneezing every few minutes, as his friend watched with concern. Sergio knew how bad Jason gets once he’s sick, but if Jason said he was good…

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