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A task for cold demon Sina


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Hello folks
I have a story in my head that I would like to write and I hope it will be of interest.
English is not my mother tongue, but I would like to try it. Here we go.



This story takes place in a world where little demons are responsible for spreading diseases. However, people do not know about it.
One of these demons responsible for common colds is Nie's demon Sina.
Sina is still in training and hasn't exactly taken her job of spreading the annual cold seriously. 
That's why she now has to justify herself to her mentor, the disease demon Illo.

"Sina" Illo said in a stern voice. “You didn't even manage to catch half the people in your area cold. Your comrades had to take on your task.”
"Sorry," Sina said sheepishly.
"There is no excuse for that. If you want to be a good cold demon, you have to do a little more. Do you understand me?"
"Yes, I did," Sina replied, somewhat bored. She didn't want to be here. She would much rather be doing something fun with her comrades right now.

"I have a task for you," Illo continued. "And if you don't fulfill them, then I'll transfer you. Namely in the department for gastro-intestinal diseases"
"What?" Sina was horrified. She found it boring to catch people cold. But the prospect of spying on people from a toilet pleased her even less.
"You got me right," said her mentor. "You will take your job seriously"
"And what is this task?" the student wanted to know.
"I'll give you three people to choose from," Illo began to explain. "You are free to choose. You have to catch this person cold. 
And this cold needs to be passed on to five more people.”
"To five other people?" Sina was horrified. "I'll never be able to do that. Besides, the cold wave is almost over. 
Most people in my area are already immune”
"This task can be mastered." said Illo "Or do you want to go straight to the department for gastrointestinal diseases?"
"No," the young demon replied sheepishly.
"Good, then I'll introduce you to the three people from which you can choose one. 
And choose wisely” Illo cleared his throat, then he pulled out three cards on which the people and some information about them were noted.

person 1
a young woman named Karen. Karen is about 19 years old and still goes to school.
She is a very polite young lady who always covers her sneeze.

person 2
A man, about forty years old. His name is Erik and he works in an office.
Erik likes to use a handkerchief to sneeze.

person 3
A lady in her thirties who works in a mall. Her name is Molly. Molly turns away from her conversation partners when she sneezes, 
but then usually sneezes uncovered to the ground.

All three have not yet come into contact with the common cold virus.
Which of these three people is best suited to spreading the common cold?
This is where my story ends. Write me if I should continue and if so, which of the three people I should take.
If there is interest, it will continue here in about a week.
Greetings, your Mimi
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This is a very interesting concept!  I vote for Erik or Molly!

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Hello folks

Here I am.
I see there is interest in my idea, so it will continue here soon.
The voting went as follows.

Erik or Molly two votes
Eric two votes
Molly five votes.

So Molly will be our victim in this story. I'm going to sit down and write the first part of it for you. I will put it online shortly.
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part 1

Tutoring  (two cold demons talk about their work)

Cold Demoness Sina sat on the floor of her quarters. In front of her lay the three cards on which the people were depicted. 
Karen, Eric and Molly. One of those three would become their victim.
Sina hadn't been very interested in catching colds until now. That's why she had failed mercilessly in this wave of colds. 
But just the thought of waiting in people's toilets in the future to be able to trigger slimy diarrhea or vomiting sent a shiver down her spine.
 Then rather cough and runny nose.

Only now did Sina realize that someone was standing behind her and watching her. She turned and looked into her colleague's face. 
Cold demon Sandra.
In contrast to Sina, Sandra had masterfully completed the current wave of colds.
"Problems?" Sandra asked and sat down next to Sina.
"Not really" was the only answer. "I only have to choose one victim to infect five other victims"
"You did poorly in this wave of colds?" asked Sandra.
"Yes" Sina admitted "I just don't enjoy making people sneeze"
"No fun?" Sandra was horrified. "Sina, a sneeze is such a wonderful thing"
"What's supposed to be wonderful about that?" Sina asked. "To see how people make themselves look ridiculous?"
"Have you ever seen a person sneeze?" Sandra wanted to know now?"
"Well... Not really," Sina admitted.
"Then you've missed something huge," Sandra replied. "And the most fun thing is to experience contagion live."
"What do you mean?" Sina wanted to know now.

"The best thing is to shrink down to the size of a virus." Sandra began to rave.Then distribute the appropriate amount of virus in the nose. 
Watch the viruses do their job and let people sneeze at the right moment.
When the nose then twitches so funny because it starts to tingle and tickle. 
When your nostrils widen and you can see outside, see your next victim.
When the nasal mucus comes that is supposed to rinse us out and finally the moment when the tickling exceeds the point of irritation 
and a sneeze can no longer be stopped.
Fly through the air and with a bit of luck even land in the nose or mouth of the next victim. It's all beautiful"

"Not for me" answered Sina "There must be other ways"
"Of course there is," said her colleague. "How have you been doing so far?"
"So far?" Sina considered. "I preferred to distribute my viruses in larger crowds and let them do the work," she admitted.

"No wonder it didn't work," Sandra said, horrified. "You have to make sure that the right amount of virus gets into your victim's nose or mouth. 
Then you have to let them work a little. If enough virus has accumulated in your victim, you also have to help with coughing or sneezing.”

"You mean I should choose a suitable moment so that the virus can also be transmitted to the next one?" Sina slowly began to understand. 
"But do I really have to go in the nose?"
"No, you don't have to," Sandra answered. "That's what you got your horns for after all"
"My horns?" A little confused, Sina groped for her two horns, which were placed where the ears of humans are.

"Yes" answered Sandra. "You probably weren't paying attention in class. 
You can use your horns to check if your victim is infectious enough to infect others. 
And you can command your virus to leave the body. Your victim will expel the virus by coughing or sneezing at that moment."
"Sounds like work" Sina sighed. "How would you proceed if you were in my place?" she asked her colleague.

"You may use the usual dose of viruses?" she asked.
"I think so," Sina answered and looked at Sandra intently.So” this one began “You now choose a victim. You watch this victim for a while.
You have to wait for a moment when the immune system is weakened. Then you release the appropriate amount of viruses"
"And what is the right amount of viruses?" asked Sina. Sandra had now aroused her interest.
"It's best to make yourself invisible and imitate a sneeze. Straight to your victim. 
This works best when they are among other people and cannot see where the sneeze is coming from. 
Split your dose of virus between two sneezes. Don't both sneeze directly onto your victim though, leave an hour or two between them. 
So you can be sure that the viruses have arrived safely and can work"

"I see," the young demon replied. "And what's next?"Give your victims half a day for the virus to multiply. You have to act at the right time. 
It must not yet notice that it is getting sick, but it must be contagious. Again, your horns help you to check this. 
Then, when your victim is ready to infect others, you must stay with them throughout the day. Don't worry if it coughs or sneezes on its own. 
However, you should start controlling the sneeze to make sure the virus is passed on to the next victim in the right amount."

"I understand" Sina answered and got up. "I'll take your advice and watch my Chosen Victim right away. I'll get it this time"
"Who did you choose?" Sandra asked curiously.
"This woman here" Sina showed Sandra the card. "Molly. About thirty years old and works in a mall. A good place to pin others”

So, the first part is done. But don't worry, this won't be a story that is constantly written from the point of view of the demons. 
Once the viruses are in Molly, it will also be written from Molly's point of view.
I've had a lot of fun so far, I hope you have too. I want to write the second part this weekend. 
And soon there will be sneezing, sniffling and blowing your nose.
Your Mimi
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part 2
The game begins

Cold demon Sina sat in her quarters and read in a notebook.
She had watched Molly for a while and made some notes. Tonight she wanted to strike.
The young demoness heard footsteps behind her. She didn't have to turn around to know that her colleague Sandra had come. 
The two cold demons had only recently talked about this test.

"And?" Sandra asked curiously. "Did you find out anything useful?"
"Yes" answered Sina.

" Molly is 33 years old. She is a slim woman of average height with shoulder length dark brown hair.
 Their nose resembles a button nose with tiny nostrils. She lives with her boyfriend. The two are not married and they have no children. 
Molly has had to work quite a bit lately. So she's a little tired. However, she does not want to rest. 
She and her boyfriend are invited to a party at a club tonight. I want to strike there"

"That's a good idea," Sandra agreed. "If she's overtired and still partying and drinking alcohol, you have a very good chance."
"I'll do as you advised me," Sina explained excitedly. “In this club I will spread the viruses on them. 
I'll turn invisible and sneeze at her twice. Once at the beginning of the party and once towards the end. 
The virus can then multiply in your nose overnight. Tomorrow Molly will go to work as usual. 
And I will accompany them and try to spread the viruses there."
"Sounds good" Sandra nodded "Then get to work"
"I will" Sina answered and grinned like a demon "Maybe the whole thing is still fun after all.

It was a Tuesday evening

Molly stood in front of the mirror in her apartment and examined herself. 
She and her boyfriend were invited to a party at a club tonight. So she had dressed up. 
The nights were still a bit cool, but the cold season was drawing to a close. 
So she decided to wear a dress. She checked herself in the mirror again and nodded happily.
Then she sighed. If only she didn't have to work tomorrow. It would probably be a short night. 
Nevertheless, she really wanted to go to this party.

"Are you ready?" the door opened and her boyfriend Nick walked in. 
"Wow" he said when he saw Molly. "Honey, you look gorgeous but isn't that dress a little too thin?"
"It's alright" Molly replied "It's not that cold anymore"
"Whatever you say" Nick replied "Can we go?"
"Oh yeah" said the young woman "Let's go"

The party was fun. Many friends of the two were also there. There was eating, drinking and laughing. 
Molly and Nick were sitting at the table with two friends. They talked until the young woman realized that she had nothing left to drink.
"I'm going back to the bar" said Molly "Anyone else want anything?"
"Not at the moment," her friend replied. "But feel free to get something. And then we dance a round"
"It's fine," the young woman got up and walked over to the bar. There were a few people standing there. Molly just blended in with them.

"What would you like?" asked a young man behind the counter.
"I'd like to have another cocktail" Molly replied "This one" she said pointing to a sign by the bar"
"Coming right away," the young man replied and started to mix the cocktail.
Molly stood between some people and waited.


Molly could hear a sneeze. For a moment she also thought she felt a draft. She turned and looked for the person who appeared to have sneezed. 
But she couldn't see anything unusual.
Two women were standing next to her, talking. Neither of them looked like they had just sneezed. 
A man was sitting next to her, drinking his drink. A couple not far from her kissed passionately.
"Here please" The young man from the bar handed her the cocktail she had ordered.
"Thank you," Molly said, taking it. Once again she let her gaze wander over the people around her. Nothing unusual. 
Shrugging, the young woman went back to her seat. After all, she had promised her friend a dance.

The evening was drawing to a close. Nick and Molly had had their fun. They ate well, drank a lot and were soaked with sweat from all the dancing.
"We should go home soon," Molly said to her friend. "It's past midnight and I have to go to work tomorrow"
"It's fine" Nick said understandingly "I'm just going to say goodbye"
"I'll get our jackets from the cloakroom," the young woman suggested.
"All right," her friend agreed, "we'll meet at the exit then."

Molly went to the cloakroom to get her jackets. Some other guests had the idea of going home now. 
A small queue had formed in front of the cloakroom. Molly got in line and waited.

"Hep Choo"

There it was again. That weird sneeze. And again that breeze she felt on her cheeks. 
Again the young woman looked around, but she saw nothing suspicious. Nobody who looked like they just sneezed. Was it just her imagination?

"Young woman" she now heard a female voice at the cloakroom "Would you like to pick up your jackets?"
"Uh yeah, thank you," Molly replied, tending to the jackets. Then she rushed to the exit. Nick was already there waiting for her.

So that's it for today.
Molly has now come into contact with the virus.
I really enjoyed this part. I hope you enjoy reading it. In the next part, Molly will start coughing and sneezing.
Please let me know how you like it so far.
Best wishes
your Mimi
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Hello folks
One last part, then it won't continue for a week. I hope you enjoy this fiction so far.
Sina succeeded and Molly now carries the virus.
So let's move on
part 3
First try

"Sandra? Where are you?" Sina was very excited when she called for her comrade.
"I'm here Sina" answered Sandra "What is it?"
"It worked," the young demoness blurted out, "I checked Molly's nose with my horns earlier. The virus is starting to work."
"Very good" Sandra nodded satisfied. "What color did your horns show?"
"Blue" Sina replied "So she's clearly infected"
"And what are you planning to do now?" Sandra wanted to know.
"I'll accompany Molly today. I pick a few convenient moments and command the viruses to leave their bodies. Just like you explained it to me.”
"Very good" praised Sandra "But you should consider a few things."Keep checking Molly's nose with your horns. Only when your horns turn purple do you give the order for the virus to leave your body. 
Only then are enough viruses present for the cold to progress.
If you let her sneeze or cough, pay attention to her surroundings. Molly will not sneeze or cough directly at anyone. 
We know she turns away to sneeze. Therefore, you should also pay attention to the environment.
For example, let them sneeze or cough on objects that are touched frequently. 
Or if she is surrounded by many people, where the virus can spread easily. So watch the area. And don't panic if she sneezes or coughs on her own. 
Then simply wait until there are enough viruses again and then take control. 
The more intense it tickles, the more intensely she will sneeze or cough.
Stay with her throughout the day because she will realize later in the day that she is getting sick and will probably go home. 
So you have to take your chance before her immune system can react properly."

"Understood" Sandra nodded "Then ... on to Molly."

It was early morning when Molly was woken up by her alarm clock. 
She had gotten to bed late from the party and was still feeling a little light-headed. She also shivered slightly. 
She snuggled close to her boyfriend for warmth.

"Good morning honey" he greeted his girlfriend. "Are you still tired?"
"Something," Molly replied, "But it's no good. I have to get up, otherwise I'll be late for work"
"Yeah, me too" Nick sighed "Would you like me to give you a ride in the car? You can then take the train home."
"Good idea," the young woman replied, "I really don't feel like riding a bike today. And you need the car"
"That's it" Nick kissed Molly on the forehead "Let's get up" he said

Still tired, Molly entered the mall where she worked. Her job was in a clothing store. Her two colleagues were already there.
One of her colleagues was Adam. Adam is a tall, slim man of 28 years. He has blond hair and a large nose with average nostrils.
The second colleague is Bella. Bella is 30 years old, a bit small and chubby. 
Like her body, her nose is also a bit chubby with oversized nostrils. She has long, dark hair which is usually pinned up.
Around noon, another young colleague will come to help out during the lunch break. 
Her name is Doris, she is 20 years old and a very pretty young lady with short reddish hair and an average height. She has a rather small nose.

"There you are" Molly was greeted by Adam "About time"
"How was the party last night?" Bella wanted to know.
"Long," admitted Molly. "But that's beside the point. Let's get started so we can unlock the store"
"Where she's right" said Adam "Let's hurry"


It turned out to be a busy morning for Molly. She was really very tired. While Adam took care of the register, she and Bella cleaned up the place.
 New goods had arrived and the clothes had to be unpacked and put away.
Molly and Bella stood opposite each other and unpacked the boxes in which the goods were packed. 
They took the clothes out of the boxes and hung them on a hanger.
There was a little dust and Molly didn't think about it any further when her nose started to tingle a little.
Their cellphones were on a table right next to them, along with a bottle of water and two drinking glasses

"So" Bella now wanted to know "Tell me about yesterday"
"It was great" Molly replied "It was definitely worth it, even if I'm a bit tired today because of it. 
The food was great, there were delicious drinks and good music. Besides that …."
"...besides?" asked Bella when Molly didn't continue. 
She looked up into Molly's face and immediately understood why her colleague had interrupted the sentence.

In mid-sentence, Molly had felt that tickle again. No wonder, she thought at first. After all, unpacking the boxes is very dusty. 
But then it got more intense. Quickly the tickling took over and Molly presented Bella with a beautiful sneezing face.
Bella just smiled.

"Uhh... Eh Uhh..." Molly kept gasping for air, but that intense tickle in her nostrils persisted. 
It wouldn't go away, and it wouldn't come out either.

"Are you sneezing?" Bella asked amusedly, as if it wasn't obvious enough. "Inhaled too much dust?"
"Yeah...uhh..." her colleague replied. "Does...me...Ehh.... Ehh...sorry...I...uhhh...

Molly quickly turned away from Bella and sneezed heavily towards the small table.
She breathed a sigh of relief. Finally the sneeze was out and the tickling was gone.

"Bless You" Bella laughed "So where have we been?"


So that's it for today. Unfortunately, my weekend is over, so it won't continue here for about a week. I hope you like it so far.
Best wishes
your Mimi
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Hello, I'm back again.
Earlier than planned and I brought you part 4 of my story.
I hope you have fun with it..

part 4
an itchy and runny nose

She felt a bit of moisture on her index finger, took her hand away from her face and wiped it on her pants.
Bella picked up her phone from the table (which Molly had recently sneezed on). While they were working, she got a message from her lover.
"Lars is serving at the pizzeria again this afternoon," she told her colleague happily. "Shall we have lunch there?"
"So you can flirt with him again?" Molly asked
"Why not?" Bella offered "Come on, let's have lunch there later"
"All right," Molly replied, "But first I have to relieve Adam at the register. I can only take a break when Doris has come."
"I know," Bella replied, rubbing her nose as well
"Is your nose itchy too?" Molly asked her colleague.
"Something," she replied, "comes from the dust that was by the boxes. Go ahead and untie Adam, I'll clear away the empty boxes."
"All right," Molly replied and made her way to Adam.

This one was already waiting.
"There you are," he said, "Are you ready?"
"Yes" Molly replied "I'll relieve you now.
She went to Adam at the register. There was a shelf next to the cash desk. 
There was a roll of change, a ready-made package, and a sweater made of soft wool.
"I'll fill up with change in a minute" Adam said to Molly "After that I'll go on break"
"It's good," said the addressed and wrinkled her nose. Again she had started to tickle. 
And again she pressed her fist against it to relieve the itch.

"This package here," Adam continued, "It's already paid for, the customer will pick it up soon. His name is Gorden"
"It's fine," Molly replied, suppressing a sniffle.
"The sweater was put back. It hasn't been paid yet, but the customer should be here soon. Her name was Smith"
"Understood," Molly said, but only listened with one ear to Adam. Her nose was her attention. 
The tickling grew steadily, now crept into her sinuses and slowly the urge to sneeze set in. 
Molly sniffed again, but that only made the feeling of sneezing worse.
"Are you even listening?" Adam asked, noticing that Molly's gaze was distant. Somehow her face looked strange. And then …

"Ehh... EHHH-CHIIWW... snrf..."
The sneeze exploded from Molly's nose. Just in time she had managed to turn her head away from Adam.
She turned on her side and sneezed heavily on the ground. Exactly in the direction in which the shelf with the things was.

"I see," Adam replied, rolling his eyes a bit annoyed. "Just say you have to sneeze. Then I'll wait with my explanations until you're done.
"Snrf... sorry" Molly stammered "Snrf... again... snrf..." she deluded him this time. Adam rolled his eyes again, waiting for Molly to finish.

She sniffed again before her face twisted into a grimace and...
"EHHH-CHIIWW" she exploded again in the same direction.
The second sneeze was much heavier and wetter than the first, and Molly felt droplets fly from her nostrils.

"Ready?" asked Adam
"snrf... yes" Molly sniffed
"Okay, I'll take a break now," Adam said and was about to leave. But then he got something else.
"The change" he said "Wait, I'll just fill it up" and with that he reached into the shelf to take the roll of change.
Then he went on his break. He hadn't eaten anything today and was hungry.

Molly coughed. Since customers were near the checkout, she used her hands as a barrier.
"Bella" she called "can you bring me my water bottle?" It's still on the table we were working on earlier."
"I will" replied Bella.

Molly once again covered her mouth with her hands to cover a cough. 
As she did so, she felt a small trickle of mucus drip from her nose onto her hands. She sniffed again and wiped her hand on her pants.
Now an older man came into the shop and headed straight for Molly.
"Hello" he greeted her "My name is Gorden and I would like to pick up the package.
"Of course" Molly replied "I know," with that she bent down and took the package from the shelf.
"Here you are," she said.
"Thank you very much" with a friendly smile Mr Gorden took the package and left.

Molly coughed again. Her throat felt a little rough. But then Molly came with the water bottle.
"Here please" she said"
"Thank you," Molly replied, taking a long sip. But… something was strange.
"Bella" said Molly. "The water tastes like lemon. It's your bottle"
"Oh, sorry," replied the addressee. "I'll bring you yours soon"
"Not so bad" said Molly "It can happen"

While Bella got Molly's bottle, a young woman came to the cash register.
"Hello" she greeted "I'm Emilia Smith. I had a sweater put back.
"Of course" Molly replied, pulling the sweater from the shelf "This one?"
"Yes exactly" Emilia answered and took the sweater. She gently felt the fabric with her hands.
"So soft" she gushed and pressed the soft wool against her cheeks. "I want to buy it.
"I'd love to" Molly took the tag on the sweater and scanned it into the register.
"That'll be $22," she said.
"Here please" the young lady paid.
"And her change" Molly said as she gave Emilia change from the register "Thank you for your purchase"
"Now I'm really tired" Molly Bella complained of her suffering "I hope Doris will come soon so we can take a break. Is Adam ready yet?”
"Yes he is," Bella replied. "He's counseling a young man over there," she said, 
pointing to the corner of the store where Adam was showing a young man a variety of shirts.
Molly sighed. Again she felt her nose start to run.
"Shall we go to the pizzeria here in the mall then?" Bella asked her colleague.Srnf… but yes. So that you can flirt with your Lars,” she replied.
"Jealous?" came the question.
"What for?" wondered Molly "I have my Nick"
"That's right," Bella said.

Suddenly Molly's nose started to tickle very intensely. She barely had time to prepare, turning away from Bella in a panic and….


Sneezed heavily. Again she felt droplets read her nose. Then she sniffled heavily. If this keeps up, she'd be needing a handkerchief soon.

"Oh man" she heard Doris' voice now. "Thanks Molly"
Molly turned around and looked straight into Doris' disgusted face. Out of sheer panic she hadn't even noticed that Doris was standing behind her. 
And now she had sneezed directly over Doris.

"Oh Doris" she said with even more panic in her voice "I didn't see you. I am so sorry"
"It's okay" said Doris "Let's just forget it. Surely you want to take a break, don't you?"

So, here ends part 4. I hope this was to your liking. 
Molly is getting a real cold now, and in the next part, she'll be having lunch at the pizzeria with it.
Please give me feedback on how you like it so far.
Best wishes
your Mimi
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part 5
a snotty lunch break

Cold demon Sina sat on Molly's nose and was happy. She had finally managed to catch a human cold. Molly's cold worked beautifully. 
Whenever Sina's horns glowed purple, she would make Molly sneeze or cough. In the meantime, Sina actually really enjoyed sneezing.
She thought about what her colleague Sandra had told her. Experience this virus couple with contagion live.
Shrink down to virus size, then put it in a human nose and spread the virus.
And about being sneezed at. With a bit of luck you might end up in a different nose.
But Sina didn't feel ready for it yet. First of all, she would carry on as before. She wanted to talk to Sandra about everything else later.


Meanwhile, Molly and Bella had arrived at the pizzeria. Of course, Bella's friend Lars, who worked here, had seen the two immediately.
"This way," he said, "Sit down here." Lars sat the two of them at a table near the counter so that he could be with 
Bella whenever he had a free minute.
"Thank you" was all she said and sat down at the table. Molly sat down too.
"I'll bring you the menus soon" said Lars "What do you want to drink?"
"A Coke please" replied Bella
"I'll have an apple juice," said Molly
"Coming right away" and Lars disappeared behind the counter.

"Do you already know what you want to eat today?" Bella asked her colleague.
"As usual," she replied and felt a tickle in her nostrils again. But so far it didn't feel strong enough to sneeze. 
The tickling just teased her again and ran her nose again.
Molly sniffed and pressed her fist against it. Again she could feel some snot dripping from her nostrils. 
With the other hand she groped for her bag... a handkerchief... that would be good...
Unfortunately she didn't find any. Instead, she felt more and more snot in her sinuses.
That wasn't good at all. If she sneezed now, it would get pretty wet.
Luckily the tickling subsided.

"Here please, your drinks" Lars said and put them on the table "And the menu"
"Thank you very much my love" Molly took the card and gave Lars a loving smile.
Molly wiped her damp hand on her trousers and took the card as well.
Then a tickling started again. But this time not in her nose, but in her throat. She quickly picked up the card to avoid coughing on Bella.

"Everything okay?" she wanted to know.
"Yes...yes..." Molly replied, placing the menu on the table and taking a long gulp of apple juice.
"My throat is just a little dry," she said, feeling the wetness seeping out of her nostrils again.
Then, out of the blue, the tickle in her nose returned. Molly looked up. 
She knew she was about to sneeze and she also knew it was going to get wet. 
Bella sat across from her and Lars was still standing next to her.
Luckily no one was sitting at the table next to them. She quickly turned her head to the side and...

"EHH-CHIWWW ... snrf ... snrf EH ... EHH-CHIWW-pft ..."

sneeze hard.
The accumulated snot dissolved, droplets flew from her nose and landed on the next table. 
Luckily there was no one sitting there... no one yet...
Molly, on the other hand, struggled with her nose. She just wouldn't stop itching...or walking.

"Bless You" said Bella "That was intense"
"snrf... one... one more... snrf..." Molly stammered, already making a face.
"Here" Lars quickly pressed a paper napkin into Molly's hand. "Blow your nose," he said.

The rescue! thought Molly. She quickly lifted the serving to her nose and ….

"EHH-CHUU" sneezed another wet sneeze. Finally she could blow her nose. 
She took a deep breath and blew the snot out of her nose. The serving was quickly soaked. 

Molly slipped them into her pocket and wiped her hands on her pants.
"Bless you" said Lars now and pressed another paper napkin into her hand.
"Just in case," he said.
"Thank you," Molly whispered.
"Gladly," he said, "And now ... what do you want to eat?"


Bella and Molly were waiting for the pizza they had ordered. The menus were still on the table.
Molly's nose was dripping again. Luckily she had another serving. She wiped her nose and put it on the table next to her. 
On the menu, which had already caught her cough and her unwashed hands today.

"Are you really alright?" asked Bella again. "You sneezed a lot today."
"I'm fine," Molly said, "It's just that my nose doesn't like something today. 
The best thing we can do is go buy tissues before we go back to work.”
"Yes" Bella agreed to her colleague "I guess today is better"
"So ladies" now Lars came running "Your pizza"
"Thanks," said Molly
"Your pizza is simply the best," praised Bella
"Thank you very much dear" Lars flirted, but was quickly interrupted. Two young men came into the store.
"Is the table free?" one of the two asked, pointing to the table next to Molly and Bella.
"Sure" answered Lars and took the menus that were still on the table of the two women.
"Please sit down" he said to your customers and gave them the menus "What would you like to eat?"


Molly and Bella had finished eating. Bella had been flirting with her Lars for a while, but Molly urged her to leave. 
Finally she wanted to buy tissues and her break was almost over. Doris and Adam must have been waiting.
So they made their way back to the clothing store, stopping by a small kiosk that also sold paper handkerchiefs.
The two women walked right in there and to the shelves where the tissues were.
"Hmm...snrf...let's see." Molly sniffled. Her nose was teasing her again. But her throat felt uncomfortably dry again. 
"Cheap ones do," she said.
"I'll see," Bella replied, also examining the packets of tissues.
Suddenly, without any warning, Molly felt the urge to sneeze. She quickly turned away from Bella and...

"EHH-PUHH" sneeze hard once towards the ground. The contents of her nose landed on the goods that were on the bottom shelf.
"EHH-PUHH... snrf... CHOO srnf... srnf..." two more sneezes. 
This time her sneezed out nose mixed with the air of the little shop. Molly was fighting her runny nose again. 
And now she started to cough too.
"Bless you," Bella said, pulling a pack of tissues off the shelf. "Sounds like you caught a cold at the party yesterday after all"
"I'm starting to fear that too," whispered Molly. Her voice sounded a bit stuffy.
"Get out there" Bella said "I'll pay for you and I'll be right there with you"


So, here ends today's part. I had fun writing it again and I hope you enjoyed it too. 
I would also be very happy if you would leave me a comment.
Until the next part
your Mimi
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Part 6 – Evaluation

"Ehh-chixx... Hiixx... srnf..."
Molly was sitting in a corner of the store fighting with her nose. This ran continuously and she had to sneeze all the time.
She took a handkerchief from the packet and used it to dab at the snot that was seeping out of her nostrils from the suppressed sneezing.
And her nose tickled again, driving her to despair. There was no longer any doubt that she had caught a cold at the party.
The tickling grew stronger, she quickly looked around. Were there customers nearby? no she was alone
She took a deep breath and decided to sneeze freely.

"Eh... Eh-chiWWW... Ehh-chiWWW... srnf... CHIWWpft"
Droplets flew from her nose and mixed with the air

She took another handkerchief and blew her nose. A lot of snot came out of her nostrils, the handkerchief was quickly soaked. 
She put it in her pocket... with the three wet tissues she already had there and took a new one out of the pack.

Adam heard Molly's heavy sneeze and went to her.
"Molly" he said "go home"
"What ... srnf ... but ..." she wanted to protest, but Adam interrupted her.
"You're clearly ill," he said, "Go home and rest. I've already spoken to Bella, she will drive you home."
" srnf ... Adam ... srnf you can do it without me?" she asked.
"But yes," he replied, "Doris is still there too, you wouldn't be of any help to us in this condition."

He was right about that. Molly admitted defeat. She packed up her things and let Bella drive her home.

Satisfied, the cold demon Sina returned to her mentor Illo to collect her results.
"Sina" said this "I'm glad to see that you have taken your task seriously"
"Thank you," the demon replied. "What is the result of today?"Thanks to your work, around ten people have come into contact with the virus.
Her work colleagues and the people from the pizzeria got the most of it. However, only four people have been infected so far."

"What?" Sina was horrified "Only four people got infected?"
"Yes" replied Illo.In the clothing store, her colleagues Adam, Bella and Doris came into contact with the virus.
Also clientele Mr. Gorden and Emilia Smith.
Adam washed his hands before he ate anything. The amount of virus he got was not enough for an infection.
Bella already had this cold at the beginning of the cold epidemic. She is currently immune.
That was also the case with Mr. Gorden.
Not so with Doris and Emilia.
Doris was accidentally sneezed right on and caught a good deal of virus. Her body didn't know the virus yet, she got infected.
Emilia put the sweater Molly sneezed on right in her face. She got infected too.
Lars and two young men came into contact with the virus in the pizzeria.
Lars has an excellent immune system and has not been infected.
One of the two men sitting at the table Molly sneezed on got infected. His name is Kai.

Molly sneezed heavily in the little kiosk on her way back to work. Two people came into contact with the virus, the seller and a customer.
Unfortunately, the seller already had this cold and is immune.
The customer, a man by the name of Henry, got infected"

"And what's next?" Sina wanted to know. She was already desperate.
"Did I fail?"
"The virus is still active," said Illo. "You can wait to see if anyone else is infected or you'll take action again"
"I can become active again?" asked the young demoness.
"Yes," her mentor replied, "Here are your options."

Possibility Number 1:
you spend another day with Molly. She won't be going to work tomorrow, but maybe you're lucky and can still infect someone.

Possibility 2:
two of those infected will reach the contagious phase tomorrow morning. You can spend a day with them and try to infect others.
These people are:
Emilia Smith, 25 years old. She works in an office
Kai, 19 years old and currently doing an apprenticeship. So he still goes to school.

Think carefully about how you want to proceed so that a fifth person also gets infected through you.


That's it for now.
Would you like another round? If so, how should Sina decide?
I am excited.
Your Mimi.
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I would think the college student. Tons of people to infect, especially a roommate, and college guys are often pretty careless with their health and oblivious to how it will affect *cough* infect *cough* others.

"I didn't drink water the entire time." - John Mulaney

Loooove your story btw 🥰


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Ooooh I'd prefer either 1 or 3, with Molly infecting her boyfriend if its 1, since I'd love to see some more male colds in this! (Especially if it involved some caretaking or denial banter with their girlfriend haha)

But I really like the style of this story and hope you keep going even after Sina hits her 5 infected target 

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Wonderful story, looking forward to the sequel. I'd love to see another day with Molly. Perhaps one of her colleagues will visit her and a couple of random uncovered sneezes will do their job. Or Emilia, the office fits perfectly into the plot. 

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