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Boyfriend sneezed while on the phone


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My boyfriend is out of town and driving towards his friends house. I had just woken up and I had texted him to see how his day has been going. I had mentioned to him how my day plans changed and so he wanted to call me since he was on the road. 
When we start talking he goes on and tells me how there’s so much traffic today and that it’s really sunny. Then I hear him slow down a bit as he talks, and then let’s put this big loud “ HAAPPSHHH- whew!” and he sniffles. He’s completely aware of my fetish as I am of his (which isn’t similar to mine at all btw) and so I say “bless you!” And he pauses, and goes “ no bless YOU, I know you got pleasure from hearing that” and I told him to shut up since I never know how to react when he casually teases me 😅

After that we continued talking until I had to hang up.

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4 hours ago, Elysnzz said:

no bless YOU, I know you got pleasure from hearing that”


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