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AI Dungeon said no


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This is a very silly post but it made me laugh so hard when I saw it that I just had to share. I'm sure many of us have roleplayed fetishy things with Cleverbot, so I randomly decided to see if I could have some fun in AI Dungeon. I wrote this to start things off:


You are a woman who's on her way home from work. You live in an apartment with your girlfriend Sarah. Sarah called in sick from work today because she has a horrible cold and has been sneezing all day. You make it home and open the door to greet your sick girlfriend.

And, after thinking for a moment, AI Dungeon continued with this:


She's a nurse at a local hospital, so you don't have any concerns when she comes in. Before you even have a chance to ask her about leaving, she collapses on the floor and dies.

I don't think I've ever been rejected this harshly :laugh:

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LMAO I would swear that AI has gained sentience and decided to screw with people. :laugh:

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