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A rare triple (self-obs with mentions of spray + nose blowing)


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Today I got the rare triple sneeze so I just had to share. For background, I’m not a sneezy person and I go a few days without sneezing quite often.

(If you don’t like spray or nose blowing this might not be for you)

I was sitting in my room when I felt a light tickle in my nose. At first, I thought it would go away like it sometimes does. I just continued to sit there until the tickle built and became unbearable. My breathing became uneven and I instinctively put my right hand over my mouth and nose and sneezed twice stifled. Even though I stifled, I could tell these were forceful sneezes as they reverberated through my throat. Clearly, the two stifled sneezes did nothing to relieve the tickle as I still felt the itchy sensation in my left nostril. I tried to take in more air through my nose so I could sneeze but it didn’t work so I took a clothing tag to get the sneeze out. As I was about to induce, the sneezy feeling became more intense and I put down the clothing tag, deciding to let this sneeze out. After an uneven breath, I sneezed once against my right wrist (it sounded like AT-SHIEW!). It was forceful, but not loud, and the sneeze drenched my wrist with droplets. I also got some sneeze spray on my mouth that I had to wipe off. The tickle was gone at this point, however sneezing three times made me a little sniffly, so I gave a satisfying blow into an old cloth I had lying around.

The let-out sneeze felt so good and I got a triple sneeze after a long time so that was a plus. As for what caused the sneezes, I think it was from handling Thai chilis earlier and some dust but I’m not completely sure.

Anyway, I hope you get some enjoyment out of reading this. 

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Bless you and thanks for sharing! Doubles for me are rareee so I’m lucky to get a triple without inducing sadly - unless I’m sick, which is also rare lol. 

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