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Hi! I’ve been a long-time lurker on this forum and finally decided to write something! I’m pretty nervous so please be gentle but feel free to let me know your thoughts! Here’s the first part (hopefully) of the story about Olivia and Ben 🫶🏼


Part 1: Ben’s POV - 

I hurried through the airport, anxious to see my girlfriend after a long, long two weeks apart. I glanced at my watch which read that it was just past midnight and even though I was completely exhausted after a long day of meetings and traveling, I quickened my pace to reach the arrival gate. I looked through the small crowd full of excited faces and finally spotted her. She was wearing her favorite sweatpants and hoodie of mine, with her hair braided the way I like it. She spotted me and with a gleeful expression and ran towards me as I started my stride towards her. In a flash, she was in my arms. I took a long breath in at the crook of her neck, taking in her sweet, familiar scent. 

“I love you” I heard myself say. 

“I love you more B. I missed you so much” she said in response.

I took a moment to bask in her embrace before I realized that her voice sounded weaker than usual, which is when I noticed that she was also a lot warmer than she should be. I lifted my head to look at her face. Though the bottom half of her face was covered by her mask, I could tell that her skin was paler than usual and her eyes looked tired and watery with subtle bruising underneath them. I frowned, pulling down my mask for a moment to lean in to kiss her forehead and feel the heat radiating off of it. I replaced my lips with the back of my hand to make sure that what I was feeling was right. 

“Baby, you’re so warm, are you okay?”

She looked at me with a smidge of guilt in her eyes. “Mmm I might’ve come down with a liiiittle cold.” She said, clearing her throat. 

I frowned in frustration. “Babyyyyy, why didn’t you tell me?”

“Well you were just so stressed with your work trip and I knew you’d be home soon so I didn’t want to worry you B.”

“Livvv. You know you could tell me anything, you’re always my priority and I would have rather known you weren’t feeling well.” I frowned. “And I wouldn’t have asked you to pick me up from the airport so late if I’d known you were sick!”

”I knowww I’m sorry. I just knew I would be okay and you were already so stressed and I really really wanted to see you.” I started to protest when she interrupted. “But, just accept my apology okayy? And we can go home and cuddle in bed?” She looked up at me with pleading eyes before letting out a series of rattling coughs into the crook of her arm. I patted her on the back before pulling her to my side and kissing the top of her head. 

I let out a sigh before saying “Alright baby, let’s get you home.”

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Sorry it’s been super long since I posted the first part! Here’s the second part, a little short but I hope you like! 🫶🏼


Part 2: Ben’s POV - 

That night we didn’t get much sleep. She tossed and turned all night while still clinging onto me tightly. And even though it was so hot under the covers, she still shivered and complained about being cold. I rubbed her back and tried to coax her back to sleep every time she woke up in discomfort but I don’t think we really fell asleep until around four AM. 

I woke up around 11 and found that the bed was empty next to me. I wasn’t surprised, since Liv’s never been the type to sleep in and skip out on her routine, even when she’s sick. I rolled out of bed to find her in the kitchen, making me my favorite breakfast in one of her workout sets with a sweater over top, telling me that she still got up to work out this morning. Maybe she was feeling better?

“Mmm, morning baby.” I said, wrapping my arms around her waist and hugging her from behind. She stifled a sneeze into her wrist and let out a harsh cough. Her skin was still warmer than it should have been so she obviously wasn’t feeling much better. “Bless you sweet pea.” 

“Thank you” she said hoarsely before sniffling. 

“What are you making?” I asked, trying to hide the worry in my voice.

“I’m makin’ you breakfast!” She said with a smile, putting the hash browns on the full plate and pushing it towards me.

“And what are you gonna eat my girl?”

“Wellll I had some tea earlier and I’m not really feeling hungry right now.”

“Baby you have to eat something.” I said with a frown. “What if I make you some miso soup?” I said smiling, knowing she can never resist soup when she’s feeling under the weather. 

Her lips curled into a small smile before she nodded excitedly. I chuckled, before placing the back of my hand on her head and asking “Do you feel any better today?” 

“I’m better now that you’re here!” She said mischievously, obviously trying to dodge my question. I decided not to push her any further and kissed her on her temple. I opened to fridge to start making her soup and noted how empty it was. While waiting for the water to boil, I grabbed her some DayQuil and she took it without hesitation. 

After taking the pills, she stifled two sneezes into her wrist sniffled in frustration. I blessed her and went back to making her soup. 

When her soup was done, I refilled her glass of water and we sat down to eat together. I told her to finish the whole glass of water and she obliged. As she ate, she had to stop to blow her nose as the hot soup was working to loosen some of her congestion. I filled her in on what else happened on my work trip while she told me about her past few weeks. I found out that this morning the only workout she did was yoga which was relieving to hear as she does have a tendency to push herself a little too hard while she’s sick. After breakfast, we settled on the couch to watch our favorite show New Girl and she laid her head on my lap as I ran my hands through her hair. 

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I definitely hope there will be more this is an absolutely wonderful story keep up the amazing work 

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Hi there :) thanks for all the feedback so far! I just realized I skipped an ENTIRE PART that I wrote? For some reason I thought that I had included it in the first post :( So this will technically be part 2 and the previously posted part is part 3! Sorry about all the confusion!


Part 2: Ben’s POV - 

She shivered and sniffled all the way back to the car while I pulled her into my side and rubbed her arm to warm her up. By the time I put my luggage in the back and started the car, Liv was dozing off against the window. I started driving and she rested her head on the middle console so I could run my fingers through her hair as I drove. I sighed, knowing she must have been really exhausted since she usually hates sleeping in the car. 

I pulled into the garage and turned the car off, leaving only the sound of the wheezing in her breath to be heard. I put my suitcase and Olivia’s purse inside first along with her shoes which she had slipped off before falling asleep. I picked her up and carried her to bed before tucking her in. Her eyes fluttered open before letting out a little whine as I tried to pull away.

“Let me just take a shower really quick, okay?” I brushed a few of the hairs that were damp with sweat from her forehead before giving it a light kiss.

On my way out of the shower, I grabbed the thermometer out of the cupboard and couldn’t help but notice the amount of tissues that were in the trash can. I sighed, thinking about how much she hated being alone when she wasn’t feeling well and got on a pair of pajamas and headed back to Olivia’s bedside. I squeezed her flushed cheeks ever-so-slightly to get her lips to part and popped the thermometer in. She squinted at me and groaned before rubbing her chapped nose. I grabbed her other hand and rubbed circles in her palm while we waited.

“100.5” I announced with a sigh. “How long have you been sick baby?”

“I don’t know like… four days? But I’ve only had a fever since this morning.” She sniffed and stifled a sneeze before letting out a string of harsh coughs.

“Awww, my poor baby. Bless you.” I said, kissing her on the hand.

I got up and rummaged through the bathroom cupboard, searching for the NyQuil that we keep on hand. I went to get a glass of water in the kitchen and returned to our room where I found Olivia dozing off again already. I sat on the edge of the bed which caused her to open her eyes.

“Here, baby.” I said, holding out two pills and the glass of water towards her. She accepted the pills and took in a long sip of water before laying back down with a thump. She pulled me down towards her and I got under the covers. I wrapped my arms around her tightly and ran my hand up and down her back, waiting for her to fall asleep. 

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Hi there 😀 It’s been a whileeeee but I have another update! I started writing this when my boyfriend and I had COVID a long while ago and now that we have it again, I was reminded of this. I hope all who find this are having a lovely new year so far!


Part 4: Olivia’s POV

I woke up to an intense tickle in my nose. Without thinking, I sneezed openly. “ascheew” I winced, realizing that I just sneezed on Ben’s stomach. I sniffed.

“Oh B I’m so sorry that was so gross.” I said, looking up at him and rubbing my tender nose. I heard him chuckle.

“I don’t mind baby, bless you.” he said, reaching for my hand to kiss my wrist. 

I turned back towards the TV to see how much of the show I’d slept through. I felt completely awful. I was too hot and too cold and my entire body ached. My nose was endlessly itchy and running and my throat felt like sandpaper. I rubbed my dry eyes and tried to clear my sore throat before I broke out into a coughing fit. I covered my mouth in a hurry and tried to sit up as the coughs racked through my body. Ben pulled me up towards his side and wrapped one arm around my shoulders. He rubbed my back as I continued to cough. I was having trouble catching my breath when the coughing finally subsided. I rubbed my chest as it ached from the coughing fit and he looked at me with sympathy, with his eyebrows knit together with worry. 

“Are you okay?” he said, his voice full of concern. I nodded weakly in response. He got up without a word and headed towards our master bathroom. He came back with a little jar of Vaporub and took a seat next to me. I let him lift up my shirt and tenderly apply the it to my chest. Before closing up the container, he put a little bit on the bridge of my nose, causing my to stifle three sneezes into my wrist. He laughed before apologizing and kissing me on the head. 

We spent a few more hours laying on the couch and watching TV, Ben ran his hands through my hair and rubbed my back and forced several cups of water down my throat. 

Around 4PM I got a call from my friend Ally. She was super upset by something that happened between her and her boyfriend and asked me to come over. I knew that I probably shouldn’t but I also knew that she would drop anything to come over if I asked her to. My body was aching at the thought of leaving my warm spot on the couch with my favorite person. Regardless, I told her I was feeling under the weather and she didn’t care so I told her I would swing by in the next hour. When I told Ben he was really hesitant to let me go but I promised that it would be quick and that we weren’t going to do anything crazy. He reluctantly let me go after wrapping me in a hoodie and getting me to take DayQuil.

I left around 5PM and coughed and sneezed the entire way to my friend’s house.

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More please! Hopefully in the future, Ben will catch the cold too!

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