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Showing Gratitude [Spy × Family, Yor]


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Hello this is just a quick fluffy little fic I wrote because this fandom deserves fics. :rollhmm: This show makes me happy and I love Loid and Yor.  :wub: There are no spoilers. Let me know what you think!


Yor Briar had spent ages staring at the display of flowers to purchase. The store had a large selection, which made it all the more difficult to choose. Yor remembered the roses her brother had brought, but Loid didn’t seem especially enamored by them after Yuri left. She smelled each bouquet one at a time, trying to choose one with the best smell, since it would be sitting in their apartment for a while. A careless shopper had bumped into Yor as she sniffed a bouquet of daisies, causing her to disturb the shelves of flowers and send a cloud of pollen into the air. It made her eyes water and her nose began to drip. 

As she regained her balance, Yor’s gaze turned towards a bouquet of lilies. Upon looking more closely, she realized how beautiful the lilies were. This is an arrangement that could express how much she cares about Loid. Yor picked them up and made her way to the checkout, careful not to damage any of the stems. 

As she waited in line, she could feel her nostrils itch. She rustled through her purse with one hand, still careful to hold the bouquet upright. 

Yor sneezed forcefully into a handkerchief. If she kept this up, she’d never be able to finish her errands in time. She sneezed again, trying her best to muffle a quick “heh’kshhEWW!” into the small cloth. Her cheeks turned red as she felt the gaze of other shoppers on her. She didn’t turn to look at them from her spot in line, but she could tell. 

She exchanged greetings with the cashier and waited for them to ring her up. Camilla had emphasized the importance of flowers in a relationship and how thoughtful and kind Dominic was for bringing her flowers after work. Yor realized she’s never bought a gift like that for Loid before. She wanted him to know how much she appreciated what he did for her and Anya. 

The cashier complimented the flowers Yor had chosen. She beamed. “Thank you! I hope my husband likes them too.” 

The walk home was refreshing, the cool breeze comforting her stuffy sinuses. She held the flowers close to her body and stayed on alert for anyone walking too closely to her. The lilies smelled amazing, though it was getting harder to tell as she became more and more congested. Yor sniffled carefully with every move she made. She didn’t want to trigger a sneezing fit, so she adjusted her breathing to be both inconspicuous and wary of shifting anything in her nose that might irritate it further. She dabbed at her nose with the handkerchief, which was reaching its limit in how helpful it could be with each minute that passed. 

It wasn’t long before Yor reached her apartment building. She climbed the stairs swiftly and silently. Loid had previously commented that he never knew she was coming home until she reached their front door, whereas Anya was occasionally loud enough to be heard the moment she entered the building. She tucked the handkerchief into a pocket and reached for her keys. As she unlocked the door, another sneeze snuck up on her, forcing a small, itchy “hehNGt! h’SHh!” in quick succession. 

“Welcome home, Yor!” Loid called cheerily from the kitchen. He kept his gaze on the stove, managing multiple dishes cooking simultaneously. 

“Hi Mama!” Anya kept her eyes glued to the television, completely enthralled by the latest episode of Spy Wars. 

Yor could smell the curry he was cooking. From what she could tell, dinner was nearly ready. “Hello!” 

Loid immediately noticed a huskiness in her voice, as if something was caught in the back of her throat. He quickly adjusted the dishes on the stove, so he could leave them unattended while he devoted more attention towards his wife. 

She stood in the entryway and approached the kitchen, holding the bouquet out towards Loid. “I brought you some flowers!” Yor felt her cheeks turn red as she timidly offered her gift. 

Anya’s ears perked up. Mama was nervous: What if he doesn’t like the flowers? Is this a bad time? He seems busy. 

It didn’t take a telepath to sense her anxiety. Loid walked over and took the bouquet from her, admiring their beauty. “Oh, Yor, thank you so much! These lilies are beautiful. I have the perfect vase for them in the cabinet.” 

Anya chimed in after quickly glancing away from the television to peek at the bouquet. “Pretty flowers! Mama is so nice!!” 

Yor’s eyes began to well. Loid maintained an easy-going facade, taking a step forward to comfort her, but internally started to panic. Did he say something to upset her? 

“Eh-excuse me,” Yor just managed to utter before turning her head to the side. “HEH’kshh! EhKSHUU!” She scrubbed at her nose with the back of her fist and sniffled aggressively, then rubbed at her eyes with both of her hands. 

She must have been allergic to the flowers. This explains the tears in her eyes and her flushed face. Loid offered her a box of tissues from the side table by the front door, which she gratefully accepted. 

“I’m sorry!” Yor stammered. “I don’t know why, I can’t stop sneezing.” 

Loid furrowed his eyebrows. Did she not know she was allergic to the flowers she had purchased? “These lilies smell amazing!” He offered the bouquet towards her, inviting her to sniff them.  

Yor leaned in, then frowned. “Sorry,” she offered another apology. “My nose is so stuffy, I can’t really smell them anymore! They smelled really nice at the store, though.” 

This meant her symptoms were not in effect while she was shopping for the flowers. It seemed like the lilies didn’t cause any further damage. Not that she seemed especially in danger from her allergies, only uncomfortable. Loid would never intentionally harm his wife. “No worries! Let me put these flowers in a vase. Can you stir the curry for me?” He knew she liked to help, and he didn’t mind the extra hands. 

Yor nodded, quickly shedding her coat and purse to hang them on the rack by the door. Loid watched as pollen fell from her clothing onto the floor. He smelled other species of flowers on her clothes, from daisies to chrysanthemums to sunflowers. 

“Actually Yor, I know why you’ve been sneezing!” Loid announced, quite proud of himself. 

“You do?” She looked at him bewildered. Loid was so smart. He must be an amazing psychiatrist. 

“I think you’re allergic to some of the other flowers you saw at the store. I can smell them. Why don’t you take a shower? I promise it will make you feel better. I can take care of everything here.” 

“I can stir the curry while you put the flowers away! Then I’ll shower.” Yor conceded. 

Loid knew better than to argue with her. “Alright, just don’t sneeze in the food.” 

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I haven't watched this show but I've seen SO MANY memes and stuff about it on the internet that I actually know what it's about. :laugh:  Anyway, this is really cute.  Yor is lovely, and butt-kicking women taken over by sneezes is always a good thing.

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Hi I love this (and u 💞). You did a great job with their dynamic & i loved the spellings. 

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I just started to read the manga today and I didn't expect to find a Sickfic about this here. I'll probably read this when I'm more into the characters, but it's nice that someone's writing stories. Great job! :D

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