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So I've seen the term 'brain rot' floating around on Tumblr, and so. Yeah. I had this little au scenario idea in my head of these geeks at Family Video and decided to write it out for fun. It's not really connected to my recent fics, and it's a bit more light-hearted. :)

Here goes.




“I have a feeling this is a bad idea,” Steve thought aloud, stepping around old cardboard boxes.


“I’m telling you, it’s somewhere in here.” Robin’s eyes scanned over the many VHS tapes, occasionally touching them with her fingers. She almost tripped over a box and ended up kicking it, causing some dust to rise into the air.


Steve coughed, fanning the air around him. “Watch it.”


“Sorry.” Robin regained her balance, stepping around the boxes left haphazardly on the floor around the shelves.


“Are we even allowed back here?”


“Technically our jobs imply that we should be providing good service, and good service always includes the best recommendations, one of which I know I saw once back here.” Robin justified, stumbling through the storage room, which looked like it hadn’t been touched in a long time. “Hey, I think I see it!”




“There,” she pointed to a stack of tapes on top of a cabinet by the wall. The stack was piled high, and Steve was already dreading what she was about to attempt.


“You’re kidding.” Steve looked up. The one she was looking for was trapped at the bottom of the pile. “Sure you can get that down?”


“Positive. Just boost me up.”


“No, you’re gonna knock that shit down. Just let me get the step stool.”


“Step stools are for the weak. Just trust me.”


Steve gave in, and readied himself. “Alright. Just be careful,” he said, looking at her pointedly.


“Of course,” she pressed down on his shoulder, and he lifted her up. “I got this.” She reached for the tape, attempting to grab it and slide it out from under the stack.


“‘Cuz I already know you suck at Jenga,” Steve grunted.


“Shut up,” she huffed. Steve’s knees were beginning to wobble. “And stay still-“ she brought up her other hand to try and steady herself. She reached again for the tape, but her other hand slipped, resulting in her accidentally smacking over the tower of tapes. “Whoa!”




The tapes crashed to the ground, and Steve lowered Robin back down before she could fall. A thick plume of dust fluttered down along with them. Robin stumbled back and braced herself on a nearby heavy stack of boxes.


“Sorry. Sorry. Are you okay?”


“Huh’ESCHHiuh!!” Steve sneezed almost immediately, coughing and spluttering, waving away the cloud of dust that had erupted. “hrrR’ISSCHHIOO!!” He let loose another powerful sneeze into the crook of his arm, wincing as it scraped through his nasal passages and if anything, triggered a stronger urge to sneeze. His nostrils flared, eyelids blinking rapidly, and he gasped again involuntarily. “HURRRESSCHHIOO-!!” He nearly tripped and fell on his face as the desperate sneeze tore through him, leaving him with a streaming nose and bleary eyes.


“Whoa, bless you,” Robin breathed, when she finally managed to snap out of her brief shock. “A-Are you-“


Steve coughed a few more times, stumbling away from the scattered mess of tapes. “Huh’rRRESSCHhiu!!” He ducked into the crook of his arm again, doubling over with the force of the sneeze. “Holy shit,” he gasped, when he could finally get a breath. He looked up, eyes still watering, his nose still filled with the feathery sensation. “AAESSHHhiu!!” His eyes squeezed shut as his head snapped down again, with a grating, desperate sneeze.


“Bless you,” Robin repeated, approaching to check on him. “Are you okay? Are you allergic to dust? I didn’t know you were allergic to dust. If I knew I wouldn’t have asked you to come with me to-“


“I’m fine. *snrf!* Yeah, I- *snrf* Hih! Hah’ESCHH!! *snrff* I might be, but there’s just a lot of it in here, so…” Steve’s nostrils had gained a reddish hue, twitching with sniffles. He pinched and fingered at his nose, clearing his throat softly.


“Shit. Sorry,” Robin gathered up the scattered tapes, creating another stack on top of some boxes in some attempt to reorganize.


“I told you so," he muttered.


“I said I’m sorry,” Robin brushed herself off and tried to help brush the dust off Steve. Then she stooped and grabbed the tape she’d had her eyes on. “We should get out of here. Keith is gonna kill us."


“hrr’ISSCHHhioo!! *snrf!* Shit.” Steve sniffled wetly, his eyes glassy and a bit pink. “I’m good with that.” He said breathily, rubbing roughly at his nose.




“huh’rRSCHHioo!! … *snrf* … *snrf, sdrff!* *ahem* … *sdf* Hih! Hih! Heh’EESCHHh!! *sdrff* ughh… *sdrf, snrk*” Steve sighed heavily and brought the rag to his nose. He gave a wet, productive blow. He emerged still sniffling softly, knuckling hard at his pink nostrils. “Huhh… *sngk!* Hih… heehh…” The itch teased him, tickling him, making his eyes water. His eyelids would narrow, his mouth gaping - but the sneeze would dangle there, just out of his reach. “*snrf* ugh… *snrf*”


The store bell jingled. “Afternoon.” Eddie staggered in, same denim and leather, same shaggy haircut.


Steve was too exhausted to stand, merely waving and offering a tired “Hey Eds.”


“Hey.” He could sense something was off. Usually Steve was up and puttering around, working on some obscure sorting system for the tapes. But he sat droopily in his chair, looking tired and distracted. “Everything alright, Harrington?”


Steve nodded, wishing he had more energy to appreciate the concern. “Yeah. *snrf*” he rubbed his nose hard with his middle and index fingers. His eyes had a watery shine.


“You sure? What’s going on?” Eddie rested his arms on top of the counter, tilting his head.


“Dothig’s wrog, I- *snrf!**ahem*" Steve leaned forward in his seat, raking his fingers through his dark hair. "We were searchig aroud id the back earlier. *snrf* ‘s beed ages since adyode’s dusted in there,” Steve’s nostrils flared as he spoke, his eyelids fluttering as the vibrations of speaking caused his nose to tingle. He rubbed his nose with the rag, looking itchy and miserable. “Ugh, sorry. *snf* We ended up kdocking over a budch of tapes, ahhd…  *snrf!* kicked up a lot of dust. Hih! huh’ERRSCHh!! *snrf* ‘Scuse be.” he breathed, a bit winded after trying to muffle the last sneeze.


“Bless you,” Eddie offered, feeling a tinge of sympathy as Steve wiped his watery eyes. “Didn’t know you were so allergic.”


“Believe be, I didn’t kdow either. *sdrf!* Ugh. *snrf* I’b sorry, I’b disgustig.” He stood, somewhat wobbly, and put on his best impression of an esteemed salesman. “We have a probotiod right dow… *snrff!*” Steve’s nose gave a violent twitch, but he rubbed it hard, sniffling wetly. “Redt ode, get ode free... *snrf* Sorry, I have to blow by dose.” Steve’s eyelids were fluttering already, as he reached quickly for the rag in his pocket. He turned away from Eddie and buried the lower half of his face into it. “HRRSSCHhh!!” He let out a pained exhale, his head feeling heavy from trying to restrain the sneeze. “hh’RRSCHHioo!!” He finally blew his nose, not as hard as he’d like to, but enough that he wasn’t dripping all over the place.


“Bless you, Harrington.”


“Thagk you.” Steve rubbed his itchy nose with the rag, willing the sneezy feeling to go away. “*snrf* Feel free to look aroud.” He said stuffily. When he lowered the rag, Eddie could see his red, itchy nostrils, flaring and twitching with soft sniffles.


“Where’s Buckley?” Eddie questioned, wandering around the shelves.


“Had to go for sobe band thi’g.” Steve’s eyes narrowed as he rubbed his nose briefly. “I’b good, I only have a couple bore hours.”


Eddie’s head quickly turned back to look at him after he said that. Standing behind a shelf of tapes, Steve didn’t notice the quick movement. He’d been here countless times. It never really got old, but at the moment, his mind was on other things.


“Actually - I’ll be right back.” Eddie walked around the shelf and smiled at Steve, who just stared at him, confused.




“Just stay put, Harrington.” Steve watched as he pointed a finger gun at him, then sped out the double doors.




Eddie came back about fifteen minutes later, hauling a plastic bag from the general store. “Long time no see,” Eddie dumped the bag on the counter.


“What’s this?” Steve slowly rose from his seat, rubbing one eye.


Eddie began removing items from the bag. He waved his hand like he was casting a spell. “A magical substance, known across the land to treat ailments,” the small box rattled as he placed it on the counter. “Benadryl.” He also removed a bottle of water and set it down beside the box.


“Munson,” Steve chuckled.


“No need to thank me,” Eddie bowed a little, making him grin. Steve reached for the box of tablets, attempting to open it before his nose twinged dangerously.


“hep’ISSCHHiuhh!!” He turned and sneezed freely, too quick to try and cover. He gasped once more and lifted the crook of his arm. “Huh’ESSCHHIUHhh!! *sdrf, snrk*” Steve blinked, tears caught in his eyelashes. He sniffled wetly, setting down the box and turning dizzily to lean on the counter, his back to Eddie. “Jesus Christ,” he panted, but his breath still hitched, and his eyes were narrowing again.




“HURRTSCHHhh!!” Steve quickly lifted the hem of his shirt and sneezed into his chest. Eddie winced a little, hearing how wet it sounded. Steve sniffled wetly, his nose dripping from the sudden harsh fit, and pulled out the rag to wipe his nose.


“God bless you.” Eddie patted him on the back gently. “Good thing I brought these.” He pulled out a third item from the bag - a box of tissues.


Steve was already blowing his nose into the rag, grinding his knuckles against the flushed skin, working at the allergic itch. When he turned back to Eddie, he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the tissues. “Aw, Eds. *sngk!*”


“We wouldn't want the best movie librarian in the world to keel over, now do we?” He grinned up at Steve, resting his arms on the counter. “Give me that,” he motioned to the Benadryl pack, which Steve had unceremoniously failed to open. He took it from Steve and ripped it open as Steve pulled a few tissues from the box.


“Did you say,” Steve’s voice was half-muffled, raising a folded tissue to his face. “Bovie librariad?” What followed was a nose blow, less productive but blissfully less irritating than the rag.


“Tape dealer?” Eddie suggested with a playful grin.


“Tape dealer.” Steve sniffed, lowering the tissue. “That makes me sound… shady.” He took the bottle of water and cracked it open.


“Oh yeah, and what am I?” Eddie leaned his cheek on his hand. He extended the other with an open palm, offering one of the small pills.


Steve raised an eyebrow, grinning at him. He took the water and cracked it open.“You, Eddie Munson-” he took the pill from Eddie’s hand and popped it into his mouth, downing it with the water. He raised a wrist to wipe his mouth. “-are a pain in my ass.”


Eddie’s arms snaked back across the counter as he slowly straightened up. “Aw, Steve, you’re making me emotional.”


“A life-saving pain in my ass,” He twisted the cap back onto the water bottle and set it down. He wrinkled his nose and pressed the back of his hand against it.


“Anytime, seriously.” Eddie replied.


Steve dropped his hand, and flashed him a grateful look. He turned to scan his disorganized space behind the counter. “Damn, this place is a mess.”


Eddie scoffed. “What with Buckley abandoning you and all.”


“Like she could keep the place orgadized. *snrf!*”


Eddie wandered around a little, his eyes drifting over the movie titles and images on the front of the cases. “Any new recommendations?”


Steve rose from bending down to sort a few things. He put his hands on his hips, then raised a curled knuckle to rub his nose. He found the tape that had caused all the trouble, sitting nicely at the edge of one of the displays. Smirking a little, he picked it up, turning it over in his hands. He held it up for Eddie to see.


“I hear this one’s good.”

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…Dear God. 😳🫠🥵

I am also on tumblr experiencing brain rot right now, especially over these characters. You write Steve so well, and you absolutely nailed the interactions between him & Robin and him & Eddie. Sooo sweet of Eddie to help him out 🥺 I’m gonna go read this a couple more times lol bye 🙈

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This is EPIC.  Eddie’s a sweetheart and steve is just adorable always. Thank you for torturing him….I’m going to rereading this a lot!!  You are an amazing writer and you capture the characters so well and with adorable vulnerability.

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Hey y'all! I'm glad you like it so far. I'm back with part 2 :)



A few days later...


“Huh’ISCHHhiu!! *snrf!*”


“Bless you.”


“Thagk you. Adyway, *hsnrff* what they did was after recastig hib,” Steve rubbed his red nose, producing a wet squelchy sound. “-they changed the costube, too. *snnrf* Ugh, hold od.” He wiped his teary eyes with his shirt, then lifted the crook of his arm. “Hih! Hih! Hyieh’sSCHIEWW!! *snrff* Ugh…”


After moving the next box of tapes, Steve stepped away quickly and pulled a folded tissue from his pocket. He quickly unfolded it, and brought it to his face just in time for a wet, desperate- “HRRESCHHhh!!” Steve exhaled heavily, rubbing his itchy nose with the tissue.


“Bless you.”


“Thagk you. *snnff* I dod’t kdow if the other guy was any good. *snrf!* but given the- hih! hep’ISSCHHhh!! *snrff!* gived the rep of Michael J Fox, that guy dever stood a chadce. *snrf*"


“Well he acted like it was a tragedy, clearly that’s not what they envisioned.”


Steve sniffled wetly and pulled out a used tissue from his pocket, and gently wiped his nose. His nostrils were glowing bright red, tickling and itching up to his swollen sinuses. “Huhh…” he felt another sneeze lingering, and looked up, nostrils flaring. Though it deeply itched, the sneeze didn’t seem to want to come out. “*snrf* Ah, shit.”


“You okay? You need to stop?” Robin looked at him, concerned.


“b’fide. *snrf* The sdeeze wouldn’t cobe out.”


“Ah. I hate those.”


“Hih-!” The itch returned, with such a strong tickle that he barely had time to gasp sharply. HRRESSCHHIEWW!! *sdrff* By god. 'Scuse be.”


“Bless you!” Robin half-shouted, as if contesting the sneeze.


“Thagk you. *sdf*” Steve wiped his streaming eyes, which were getting redder. “Yeah, baybe I should, just- hih! just for a- a bit- huh! hyY’ESSCHHIEWW!! *snnrff*”


Steve walked out of the storage room, still attempting to dry his teary eyes. They felt itchy and sore, constantly welling up with the constant itch in his nose, which worsened as they kept moving things around in the old storage room. His nose was running profusely, the rims of his nostrils rubbed red and flared wide.


“Hih! Hih! *sdrf* ughh…” he sniffled wetly and rubbed hard at his flushed nose. “Heh! Hih!” Another big sneeze was building. He sniffled wetly and walked over to the chair behind the counter. Good thing nobody was in the store. He sat down, sniffling more wetly than ever. “Hih… hih!" He raised a folded tissue to his nose. “Hihh…. *snnrff* hih… HUURRESSCHHIOO!! Ugh… *sdrf*” Steve sneezed violently into the tissue, his body lurching forward and his head snapping down. He exhaled, exhausted, and blew his nose. The tissue was quickly spent, so he reached for two more under the counter.


“Gesundheit. You really oughta vacuum in here more often.” Steve glanced up, blinking his sore, watery eyes. Eddie had appeared at the counter, both hands in the pockets of his ripped jeans.


Steve sniffled wetly and sighed. He looked down, feeling self-conscious, but at this point a little resigned to it. “I kdow. *sdf* Keith fidally decided... *ahem* that the storage roob deeded cleadig.” Steve stretched his arms up, then rested them behind his head.


“Bit of an asshole to ask you.”


“Yeah, well, he- hih’ISCHHiuh!! -he isd’t exactly by biggest fad. *sdrf!* ‘scuse be.” Steve rubbed his red nose, his eyes shining with allergic tears.


“Bless you.”


“Thagk you.” Steve raised the wad of tissues to wipe his runny nose, then to dab at his teary eyes. “Sorry, I dod’t thigk- *ahem* I’b dever really buch use id this state.” Steve started to say, blinking his pink, irritated eyes. He attempted to finish his thought, but was quickly interrupted by the annoying itch in his nose, which seemed to grow with urgency the more he spoke. “I’b- ESSCHhiu!! -just, hih-! HURRESSCHHhiu!! *sdrf* Oh by god. Pardod be. Sorry. *sdrf*” Steve rubbed his nose hard with a folded tissue.


“Bless you. Don’t strain yourself there, Stevie.”


Steve wrinkled his nose. “Yeah, so. Fud tibes.” He blinked his itchy eyes, then glanced up at Eddie. “What’ve you beed up to?”


Eddie swayed, pacing around slowly. “Just finished up with work. Got bored. Headed over here.”


Robin emerged from the back, looking for Steve. “Hey, have you seen where the- oh, hey Eddie.”


“Sup, Buckley?” Eddie waved.


“Have I seed what?” Steve croaked, leaning his head back to look at Robin.


“The label maker.”


“S’od the desk where I left it.”


“Could you show me? I looked and it wasn’t there.”


“Okay, just give be a sec…” Steve’s chin tilted upward, his eyes narrowing. His red nostrils flared wide.


“Bless you,” Robin said idly, glancing around for the label maker.


Steve’s head stayed tilted back, his eyes narrowing. He groaned in frustration. “*sdrff!* Mad, I think you jinxed it…”


“Sorry, uh… Damn you?”


Suddenly, he snapped forward. “Hep’ISSCHHhiuh!! That did it. *snrf*”


“Not to undo the devils work,” Eddie said, fiddling with one of his rings. “But bless you.”


“Thagk you.” He got up from the stool, rubbing his sore nostrils. “Be right back.” Eddie nodded. “Don’t touch the candy.”


Steve followed Robin back to the storage room. Like she said, the label maker wasn’t where he though it was. He sniffled and glanced around. “You’re right, I must’ve left it sobewhere else. *snrf!*”


“Told you. Hey,” Robin tossed a glance over at Steve. “You know your game, is like, kind of insane?”


Steve was rubbing his nose, looking inside boxes in case he left it inside. “Huh?” He looked back at Robin.


“It just blows my mind. I mean, obviously I feel bad that Keith made us do this, and I might just kick you out, but… did you see how Eddie was looking at you?”


Steve coughed, having accidentally stubbed his foot against one of the boxes. “What?” He croaked, fanning the air.


Robin leaned down with both of her hands on the edge of the desk, smiling at Steve.


He paused. “You’re dot sayig-“


She threw her arms into a shrug. “I’m just saying-“


Steve sat down on the desk and cleared his throat. He felt his face grow hot. “If adything, he feels bad for be. *sdrf!*”


“Well, yeah, I mean sure, but. The look on his face when I called you back here into this dusty hellscape?” Steve stared back at Robin, wide-eyed. “Murderous intention.” Her smile was beginning to look like the Cheshire Cat.


“‘Hellscape’ is right,” Steve breathed.


“Hey Buckley!” Eddie yelled. Steve jumped. Robin’s expression barely changed, although it (finally) disconnected from Steve’s, as she called out in reply.


“Yes, Munson?”


“Think I found what you’re looking for,” Eddie stepped into view under the doorframe, and in his hand, he held the label maker.


“There it is.” Robin skipped over and took it from him. “My bad.” She said, turning her back to Eddie to flash Steve a suggestive smirk.


He went to do a small scoff or a snort in reply, but instantly regretted the action. What ended up emerging was a weak cough - which somehow triggered an intense tickling sensation in the back of his sore sinuses. Steve’s frame swelled with a sharp gasp, his eyelids quickly fluttering shut. He turned away from them and instinctively yanked the hem of his shirt over the lower half of his face. “Hih’RRRISCHHhiuhh!! HRRISCHHhioo!! hih! HAAESSCHHiuh-!!” Ow. That last one actually hurt a little, catching in his throat. He blinked his teary eyes, daring to open them for a second, but no- “HIEESCHHh!!” -he wasn’t done. “HUURRISCHHIOO!!”


“Jesus, dude.”


“Bless you.”


Steve sniffled wetly several times, cringing thoroughly at the dampness of his chest. “Ohh, by god. *sdrf!* Whoa. *snrf!* I’b sorry, 'scuse be. *snrff!*” His eyes were watering badly, and he attempted to dry them different spots on his wrists.


He felt a hand on his shoulder, and blinked up to see Eddie at his side. “Let’s get you out of here. Come on,” he wrapped an arm around his shoulders and helped Steve to his feet. “Upsy-daisy.”


Steve chuckled wheezily, and sniffled thickly a few times as he stood up from the desk. “*sdrf!* I’b fide, Eds. *sngk!*”He swiped again at his streaming eyes. “Holy shit. *snf!*” He gave another itchy-sounding cough, and blinked his red, teary eyes. “Yeah. I’b probably dode for dow.”


“You are most certainly done.” Eddie said firmly, guiding him out of the room.


As he and Steve shuffled out of the dusty storage room, Steve caught a glimpse of Robin by the door. She was grinning smugly, her eyes twinkling. Steve rolled his itchy eyes and turned his head back around.


“Just godda hit the bathroom, I’ll be back.” Steve muttered stuffily, and shuffled away.


“Okay, Terminator.”


Without turning around, Steve lowered his voice register. “I’ll be back.”


Eddie went deeper. “I’ll be back.”


Steve emerged a few minutes later, looking slightly more composed. He stumbled over to the chair behind the counter and plopped down on it. Taking in a long breath, he leaned his head back and rested it on the inner edge of the counter. Eddie stepped towards him, leaning over the other side of the counter, inches above Steve’s face. Their eyes connected for a moment. A smile began to tug at the corners of Eddie’s lips, as Steve stared curiously, unmoving.


“Hi,” the weirdo said, finally.


“Hi,” Steve rasped back.


A few seconds passed. “You look ravishing.” Eddie said, out of the blue.


Steve grinned, aware of just how blotchy and miserable he looked. “I kdow,” he said coolly. Then his expression changed as his eyelids fluttered as his nose suddenly twitched, and he quickly sat back upright. He pulled two tissues from the nearby box, then folded them and brought them to his face in time to catch a weak latecomer. “huH’ESSCHHioo!!”


“Bless you.”


“Thagk you.” he mumbled automatically, his voice muffled behind the tissues.


Steve blew his nose softly, refraining from giving it the strong, thorough blow he desired. His nose got so itchy sometimes when it was stuffed up. He lowered the tissues, revealing flushed, sore-looking nostrils. He sniffled wetly, and rubbed his nose hard with a curled knuckle.


“I’m good to start closing up.” Robin said, breaking the proverbial silence. “We’re supposed to in like twenty minutes, anyway.”


Steve sniffled thickly. “Sou’ds good to be.” He wrinkled his nose back and forth.


Eddie stood quietly by Steve, watching as he slowly caught his breath. Despite anything he said now, it was obvious he was miserable - his nose was so clogged he couldn’t breathe through it, and his eyes were so pink and watery and swollen that it looked like he’d been crying. Steve coughed softly and sniffled, raising a wrist to swipe at moisture from his right eye. Eddie stayed with Steve as Robin locked the storage room, and took care of final closing duties.


“You gonna be okay?” Eddie asked him softly.


Steve sniffled wetly again, as if it were his response. After a couple of seconds, his shoulders rose and fell with a sigh. Steve looked down and swiped again at his teary eyes with the back of his hand. “I thigk so. *sdrf!*”


“You think so? Or…” Steve gave a soft grunt in response, and sniffled thickly. Eddie’s lips pulled into a tight line. He drummed his ringed fingers along the side of the counter. A brief moment passed, then he spoke again, his voice sounding nonchalant but his words holding contrast. “If you’re… fine with other people driving your beautiful BMW, I could drive you home.”


Steve was very aware of how wet his sniffles were getting. He was aware of the calm silence that hung in the air, in the washed-out fluorescent lit store. He was also aware of Eddie’s eyes on the back of his head, and the way they wouldn’t move until he answered. Steve sniffled wetly again. Then he let out a soft puff of air, like a laugh or a scoff, but more pathetic.


“By eyes are really starting to hurt. *sdf!*” He rasped, not really knowing why. He wiped at them gently with the back of his hand.


“It’s your call. I’ll do it. I got nothing else on my schedule for today, Stevie.” Eddie kept talking in the same casual, hushed tone. It was genuine. It was kind. Steve kept on staring at the floor.


He wanted to do his pathetic laugh-scoff thing again, but he knew that Eddie meant it, or it at least felt that way. It wasn’t like him to say something and not mean it. And it wasn’t like he was offering something huge - it was a car ride. Why couldn’t he just say yes? Also, he was confused at how much of this he was worried about, meanwhile his car in question- although, it was better that he not be driving it and potentially spin off the road and die, or worse, total the damn thing, trying to prove some stupid point. That what? That he was fine on his own?


“Holy Moses, I hate keeping track of all those coupons.” Robin huffed, throwing her hands on her hips. “First it’s all this new shit coming in and then us being forced to clean out perfectly good stuff, and then lucky us, we get to do promotions.”


Steve slid his hand into his pocket and retrieved something metal, then nudged Eddie with his closed fist. He felt Eddie take it from between his fingers.


Robin went around the counter space, tucking things into their proper locations. “I swear if he decides to call in again tomorrow…” She finally went to go dim the lights. “Alright,” she panted. “Home time?” Robin stared at the two of them.


The chair squeaked across the floor as Steve heaved himself up. He cleared his throat and spoke in a husky voice. “Eddie’s drivi’g.” He snuffled thickly and patted Robin on the shoulder as he passed her on his way to the door.


“Huh?” Any remaining smugness had been erased from Robin’s face, as she looked between the two of them.


Eddie spun the keys around his index finger and grabbed them in his palm with a jingly crash. He shrugged, grinning faintly. “You heard the man.”


Robin opened her mouth to say something, but before she could, Eddie spun around and sauntered away to follow Steve. He caught up with him and threw an arm around his shoulders, eliciting a surprised cough and a laugh. Robin grabbed her jacket and headed out after them, stopping to lock the doors. Outside, the sky was coral pink, and the sun was inching slowly down towards the horizon. When she turned back to the parking lot, she saw the two fooling around, staging a sobriety test across one of the yellow parking spot lines. Imitating Eddie, Steve began to walk across the line, putting one foot carefully in front of the other. At a certain point, he stumbled dramatically, and pretended to fall off a high wire. He then proceeded to half-heartedly fake his death as if he’d fallen into lava, as Eddie made a spectacle of narrating in monster-ish tones.


Robin laughed softly, watching the two of them. Eddie clapped Steve on the back, jokingly banishing him to the passenger’s seat. Steve, poorly feigning disappointment at the dishonour, complied.


Robin grinned to herself. Something about the things that people say you should care about… all being bullshit.

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Your sneeze spellings are so good, and I’m a sucker for these kind of scenarios where sneezing is a major plot point, but not the *only* plot point. And. I’m an allergy hoe. So. Chef’s kiss 🤌

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Poor Steve, just sneezing up a storm!!! It'd be a shame if he got sick and made things worst. 🤣

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Thanks everyone for the lovely comments~ :wub:


@pollenfeathers No worries, I appreciate it! I don't think this site has a way to save favourite posts, but that would be pretty neat.

Members can follow each other - but you may have to be validated first? I'm not sure either, sorry 😅💕

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