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Poor thing (male giant)


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Equipped with a large book bag, food, a large gourd of water, A few cooking items, a sleeping bag, four or five large blankets, a pillow, about a dozen different sized jars; some with herbs: some without, a book about herbs and plants, two changes of clothes, kindling, a small fire starting spell, as well a small dagger for protection: Ember was pretty prepared for spending a few days in the forest. She was even confident that she was prepared for an encounter with the rumored bloodthirsty giant that lived in these woods.

   While she was gathering some needed herbs, it started to snow. It started to snow hard, sending Ember scrambling to a nearby cave for shelter. 

  "This is just great, this wasn't supposed to happen. This was supposed to be a quick three day trip, but nooo, the weather had to go shit on me. Who knows how long it will snow?" Ember gripped to herself as she walked deeper into the cave. It was dark, and she could barely see, but she kept walking as she wanted a dry play to set up camp. After a few more steps she ran into something soft, but solid.

 Ember gave a panicked squeak as the 'wall' she ran into started to move. It went from being horizontal, to vertical. As her vision adjusted to the dark, she saw it was no wall, but the rumored bloodthirsty giant. Panic took hold of her tenfold. 

  Large grey eyes blinked down at her in a groggy manor. The both of them stared at each other for a solid minute before the beast's lip curled up into a snarl, revealing small tusks. Ember was sure this was her last few moments on earth.

  The giant gave a heavy blink before a few vocalizations came from the back of his throat, which led to the two loudest sounds Ember had ever heard

  "Guuuuhhhh…huuhh… hiiiih…? hiihhH'TDEEIW! Sssnfff…HIH'DSHEIW!"

  The booming noises came with a lot of wind, Sending poor Ember tumbling. She could have sworn she was being attacked, but that thought quickly panned out as she sat up to look at the giant. He wasn't attacking her, not lunging at her or anything. Instead he sat where he was, eyes closed, and rubbing his nose against his shirt sleeve. It then clicked for Ember about what truly happened.

  She gave a nervous chuckle as she stood up. "Bless you big one…" she mumbled, taking a few hesitant steps closer as she looked him up and down. The giant hadn't actually attacked yet. He actually seemed unwell. His nose looked red and chapped, he was shivering slightly, and over all looked out of it.

  The big guy gave Ember another sleepy glance before shuffling himself into a corner of his cave and curling up, not giving the human another thought.

  "Well alright then… I'll , um, leave after the snow clears up. Okie?"  Ember said to the big guy as she retreated back a few feet to set up a fire. She did not get a response besides a small flick from his pointed ears. He was staring at her, just sleepily staring. 

  "You're actually quite passive, aren't you?" She asked as she got the fire going. "Or is this just because you aren't feeling well?" She then questioned, to which she got a sniffle for an answer. 

   "Not much of a talker? Alright…" she twittered as she played with her hands. The silence from the giant was making her uncomfortable. She hoped the snow would clear up soon, but when she turned to look out of the cave, the snow seemed to spite her and started coming down harder.

  She pulled a face at the weather before sighing, pulling out a flask with some soup in it, before also pulling out a small pot to heat up said soup. She was pulled out of her train of thought as the giant shuffled in his spot with an urgent sniffle, making Ember glance in his direction.

  With the new light from the fire Ember could clearly see the big guy's lip curl into a snarl, his nose scrunch, and those long pointed ears flopping down before the first despite breath hitched out of him.

 Ember had enough common sense to get out of the way, quickly gathering her stuff, and food. She got out of the way in the nick of time.

  "Huuuuuhhhhh… uuuhhh HUH'TDEEIW!... snnnfff…? Hiiiiihhhh… eeehhh…? HIIIHH'SHDEEW!! 'DSHIIIW!"

  Three large sneezes, making Ember flinch each time. She may have gotten out of the way, but her fire wasn't as lucky. It had been blown out like a candle's flame.

 Shaking her head to briefly clear her thoughts, Ember looked up at the giant. "I just made that fire." She half heartily scolded, before giving a soft chuckle. "But you can't help it, huh? Bless you…"

 She then moved to the opposite corner to set up camp a second time. She watched the giant from the side. She watched him go to rub at his nose before he gave a whimper. Ember couldn't help but feel pity. Who knew how long the poor guy had been sick? He had clearly rubbed his nose raw at that point.

  She quickly got her fire going again before doing anything else. Once that was done she got several jars of herbs out of her bag. After quite a few minutes of mixing and grinding herbs into a bowl, she had herself a balm.           Taking the bowl she walked over to the big guy she showed the bowl. Gesturing to her own face as she spoke she said. "I made you some medicine. It's going to make you feel better. Can I help you put it on?" She wasn't sure she'd get an answer, so she was truly shocked when the giant gave a very small nod to her.

  Taking a few steps towards his face, Ember suddenly grew nervous and flustered. This guy is truly massive. She was sure she could fit into this man's nostril. She wondered how she didn't flip out when first seeing this absolute titan. Ember shook her head to clear her thoughts before taking a few more steps to stand in front of the giant's nose.

  Up close, Ember could see the septum and nostrils were rubbed beyond raw, and that his nose seemed to be an irritated blue. It was odd, as his feverish blush seemed blue as well. She gave a 'tsk' of sympathy before dipping a hand in the balm. Once she had a decent blob of the stuff in her palm she started to smear it against the underside of the big guy's nose. She got an instant reaction. She saw, well more felt, the behimathe's nose twitch. Her eyes went wide and she didn't waste more than a second hightailing it to the side as the bigger took a single large gasp before exploding.

 "HUUHhhhhhh!  HUH'DSHEW! Eh'DTSSH! Huuuhhh huuuuHH! 'DSHH! huh…HUH'TDDSHIIIEW!"

  Ember found herself trembling as the giant had a sneezing fit, and she could have sworn her ears were ringing. She knew that if she didn't catch that small nonverbal cue, that she would have been launched across the cave. She gave a nervous giggle, opening her mouth to bless the taller, but instead sagged her shoulders in defeat as she watched him rub at his nose… Taking off the balm that she just applied. He gave a lazy sniffle as he blankly stared at her.

  Ember used one hand to pinch the bridge of her nose, sighing heavily to ground herself before looking up at the big one again, her facial expression soon softening again.

  "Not a thought behind those eyes huh? Bless you… you just look scary right? Just a thoughtless sweetie in reality?" She questioned, not expecting an answer. At this point she was questioning whether the giant was just quiet, or if he just couldn't talk.

  None of her questions were answered, which she figured would happen. Instead the giant gave her a slow sleepy blink. Ember sighed and reached out to pat his nose. "Not a thought behind those eyes." She repeated, mostly to herself at this point. 

  Ember couldn't help but smile as he leaned into her gentle affections. She hummed and looked down into the bowl of balm, smile turning into a gentle frown. She still needed to apply the medicine. It would help the big guy breathe better…but he had already proven he was mindless enough to rub it off. She hummed and looked up into his nose, the thought that she could fit in there returning.

  Ember gave a shutter and returned to staring into the bowl as she thought. How far did she want to go to help this stranger? The rumored bloodthirsty giant… that didn't seem very bloodthirsty at the moment. If she helped him, would he become an ally? A giant friend could be helpful to the small woman. With a big breath she decided she would help. Even if he wouldn't become an ally, it was the right thing to do.

  "Hold still." She breathed and shuffled over to his right nostril. He tilted his head slightly to the side in confusion, but complied. Ember quickly pulled herself up into the Titan's nostril before she could second guess her actions.

  The big brute clearly wasn't expecting her to do this, as he reeled back and sat up, snorting and sniffling. Ember yelped as she was thrown around, before getting snorted up farther into the gargantuan nasal passage. This was farther in the nose then she wanted to be, but at least he couldn't rub away the balm from here.

  She looked around, a bit in awe, before realizing she had to work fast. The nasal wall wasn't a pink color like expected, but a light blue, the rest seemed to be normal though. The surface was soft and spongy… and twitching wildly in irritation. Ember dipped her hand in the balm and started to wipe it on the irritated nasal membrane. She did this as quickly as she could, as that instant reaction came once again.

 Ember had to fight against a strong gale as the giant started to hitch. She didn't want to slip deeper into the giant's sinuses. She made a split second decision to dump the bowl of balm onto the nasal floor and to smear as much as she could in with a foot. She was sure she made the right decision as the titan exploded a few seconds later.

  "Huuuhh…HUH'DSHH! Huuuhhh'TDSHEEW! Huh! Huh! HU'DSEIIWW!...snffff huuhh eeeehh huh'DSHO!…hiiiiihhhh…hih'Dshh!"

 Ember got expelled from the giant's nose at the first sneeze, and she hit the ground hard. "Oooh… that's gonna bruise." She whined softly to herself as she sat up, rubbing at her arm. After a second she looked back up to the giant. He was sniffling against a very runny nose. Ember hummed and forced herself to her feet so she could walk over to her bag, pulling out two of her large blankets before walking back to the big guy.

  Ember sat on the ground, cross legged before looking up at him, letting a soft smile appear on her face. She patted her lap without thought and said. "Come here hun, lay down. Let's get your nose all cleaned up." 

  The big guy looked down at her, a skeptical look coming upon his face, his pointed ears flicking. Ember frowned, wondering where this hesitance came from. She then chuckled as she realized.

  "I won't go up your nose again, I promise. I didn't like it either, but it helped right?". She prompted. His ears flicked again, but her prompting worked. He carefully got down on his belly and put his nose in her lap, or as much of it fit. Ember used the blankets to carefully and gently clean up his nose, she went slowly so as not to provoke other sneeze.

  He sniffled softly but nothing else happened. Ember hummed as she put the now soaked blankets to the side, gently running a hand up the bridge of the giant's nose. This was so surreal. How many humans could say they were bonding with a giant? 

  She gently repeated the gentle action again, prompting the giant to start to purr. Ember giggled and carefully scratched the side of his nose. "You're just a giant sweetie. Big cuddle bug. Wouldn't hurt a soul right?" She asked, shocked as she got a small hum as a response.

  "Well, I don't know if you can speak… but you clearly understand me, so, My name is Ember. It's very nice to meet you."

   " 'm Brutus…" the giant gave a very soft mumble before giving a wide yawn, eyes closing. Ember flinched back at the yawn, getting a nice view of those teeth.

  "So you can speak!" She yelped, but her cry fell onto deaf ears, as the giant; now known as Brutus, had fallen asleep. He started to softly snore, making Ember roll her eyes. "Sweet dreams you big brute." She mumbled and gave the ball of his nose one last pat. She was soon taking a nap herself, leaned against the giant's face. She had to admit, she found that she was pretty happy in this moment.



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23 hours ago, MidnightCatK said:

Awww, this is so endearing! I hope you continue it!

Thank you for replying! I do have more stories of these two, but it's more of one shot stories with the same characters! ❤️

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 Calling this one 'arrows'


Ember was softly humming to herself while she was clearing a patch of grass in woods, so she could eventually start a garden, when she felt the ground start to tremble and shake. This didn't concern her though, as the commotion soon stopped, a large shadow engulfing her small body. This didn't concern her either, instead a soft smile came to her face.

   Most people would be terrified in Ember's current situation. Alone, in the woods, in giant territory that had a rumored bloodthirsty giant, and now surrounded by a large shadow? Most people would be running for the hills, but Ember just continued her task. She was actively ignoring the titan that casted the shadow.

  The giant behind her waited for a minute before giving a small frustrated puff of air, ears flicking. He didn't quite like being ignored, but he also knew Ember wanted to announce himself verbally.

  Ember couldn't help but to give a small chuckle at hearing the giant's frustration, but she kept on clearing away brush. The silence lasted a few more moments before the giant broke it with one soft spoken word.

  "Em?" He gave a soft whine at the end of her name, and couldn't help but pout. Ember smiled again at hearing her name, and without turning around to look at her friend she responded.

  "Why hello Brutus. How are you doing today? My day's going well." She chirped at him. He gave a simple hum at her, flicking his ears.

  " m' nose itches." Brutus mumbled softly, sniffling as if to empathize what he just said, but not elaborating forward. Ember sighed and turned her body around to look at the giant, ready to ask a few questions, but when she saw Brutus her jaw dropped open with a horrified gasp. His face and arms were littered with dozens of arrows.

  "Brutus!... Oh hunny, oh sweetie, oh cuddle bug, oh buddy,oh love,oh you poor thing!" Ember rambled a bit out of shock and sympathy, going through some of the nicknames she liked to call him before shaking her head to regain her thoughts.

  "Do your arms hurt?" Ember asked a serious question, to which Brutus gave a soft. 

  "And does your face hurt?" She then asked as she took a few steps forward, and she got a second nod from the taller being.

  "So you're in pain… and you're complaining about an itchy nose?" Ember asked the third and final question, raising an eyebrow at Brutus. Brutus gave his small friend a sheepish smile and gave a slow nod. 

  Ember sighed, shaking her head slightly. If Brutus wasn't hurt in this moment, she would have found this amusing. 

  "Alright…I know you said your nose is itchy, but I'm a little more concerned about your face and arms. I'm going to need you to lay down on your belly, and after I get you all patched up, well see why your nose is itchy, ok?" She told the giant as she walked over to a large tree, so she could get her bag full of supplies. 

   Once again she got no verbal response, as she expected. She just got a fourth nod and compliance. Once Brutus was laying on his stomach, Ember walked over to the giant left arm. She gently touched a spot near an arrow, and suddenly grew pissed. She gritted her teeth and bit back a growl. Who in their right mind would shoot at this giant? He was a true sweetheart. 

  She had to shake her head to clear her thoughts. She had to help her friend, and not think about throttling a hunter. She hummed and pulled a large jar of ointment out of her bag and unscrewing the lid, quickly counting how many arrows were in the arm in front of her. There seemed to be about ten.

   "Ok, my sweetheart, I'm going to start removing the arrows. Please try not to move too much?"  She softly cooed as she grabbed the shaft of the nearest arrow. As soon as Brutus gave a confirming hum, she gave the arrow a quick tug. Once the arrow popped out Ember quickly applied to ointment.Brutus flinched back slightly before giving a small whimper.

  The whimper broke Ember's heart. The arrows may have been the size of splinters to the big guy, but they were still causing him pain.

  "I'm sorry,very sorry, I know it hurts, but it will be over soon enough. You're doing great. We'll cuddle after all this ok? I know you like cuddles, because you're a sweet thing. My poor, poor sweet thing." She rambled as she plucked two more arrows out and applied ointment on right afterwards.

  After several long minutes of taking out arrows, applying ointment, and listening to whimpers, Brutus' left arm would be arrow free.

   "How about we take a small break? Not too long as we still have your other arm and face to do." Ember spoke softly to her giant friend, placing the jar of ointment on the ground before stepping up to his face to gently pat the tip of his nose. After a small moment of thought she also caringly kissed the ball of his nose. "You're doing great." She mumbled her praise.

  Brutus wrinkled his nose up at the attention. Usually he'd be nudging her for more, but he felt a tingle flutter though his nasal passages.

  "Tha' tickles." He airily breathed out, gray eyes blinking heavily as they became hazy and unfocused.

  Ember gave a startled squeak as Brutus gave a needy hitch, grabbing her ointment jar, and scrambling to the side. She had forgotten that the behemoth already had an itch in his nose, on top of the appendage being sensitive in general.

   "Huuuuuhhhh..! Eeehhh….HUH'DSHIIEW! Snfff…'DSHIIW! Hiiiiihhh…? Hiiih…snf? Snff! Huuh'DTSIEEW!" Three large sneezes, each sneeze blowing back the grass and sending small bits of debris around, as well making Ember flinch.

  Ember quickly shook off the bit of fear in her gut, she wasn't scared of Brutus, but anyone would be at least a bit startled if a titan sneezed around them. Ember hummed as she came back into Brutus' line of sight, needing to bite her tongue to stop herself from giggling. Brutus had a slightly confused, dazed look in his eyes. He always got that post-sneeze look, and Ember thought it was absolutely adorable.

  "Bless you! Is the itch still in your troublesome nose, or is it still bothering you?" She asked, reaching her hand out to give his nose a loving pat, but pulled away at the last second. No need for a repeat occurrence. She got no response to her questions. 

 Ember playfully rolled her eyes at the silence, as she was expecting an answer of some kind.

  "Alright, let's start working on your other arm, then we'll work on your face, then I'll look at your nose. Can't have you sneezing at small touches." Ember hummed, keeping Brutus informed of what she was going to do. It wasn't wise to startle a giant after all.

  This time she got a small hum, it sounded sleepy. Ember once again rolled her eyes as she walked over to the giant's right arm. She quickly counted how many arrows were in This one, and she counted twenty-five.

  She gently but firmly gripped the shaft to one arrow, and took a small breath. She hesitated for a second before pulling it out in a quick motion. Once it popped out she quickly applied the soothing ointment. The resulting whine pained Ember's soul, but she repeated the process twenty-four more times. Between each arrow she would take a few seconds for a break, but ultimately wanted the arrows out as quickly and thoroughly as she could manage. It took about fifteen minutes to get all twenty-five out.

  "Where almost done, you poor sweet thing. Now we just have your face to do. Let's just power through and get this over with? I hate seeing you in pain. I swear if I ever find the person who did this to you, I'd show them the true meaning of fear." She puffed as she counted the arrows in his face. It was by far the fewest arrows. Only five of them.

  Brutus raised a silent arrow at her last sentence, two which he earned a small, gentle smack to his chin. A playful action really.

  "Don't judge me! I can be a healer and be protective of my best friend!" She protested, making Brutus give a short and soft giggle, which in turn made Ember smile.

   "Alright, we're almost done with the arrows, you big lug. Then we'll see what's got your nose all blue." She said as she traced his jawline, before grabbing the first arrow, repeating the same process she had done with his arms. She went slower, and was more careful with those five arrows, knowing they were in a more sensitive area. Each time an arrow popped out Brutus would scrunch his face and give off a small whine. 

  Due to her going much slower, it took about fifteen minutes for the five arrows. Each time pulled out one of these arrows she would give a small caring kiss before applying the ointment.

  "There we go! All done, you did a wonderful job brute, you're always such a great patient. Such a sweetheart." She blabbered at him, giving his cheek a small cuddle. The giant carefully leaned into the affection with a soft purr before Ember pulled away.

  "Alright, let's take a look at your nose. I find it odd you claim it itches, but you haven't been sniffling, but your nose is also an irritated shade of blue." She hummed as she walked over to the center of his face, so she could look up into his nostrils. Nothing was in the left, but in the right there was an arrow poking into the nasal wall.

  Ember gave a soft frown, thinking to herself. This would be the trickiest arrow to pull out. It was a few feet into the giant's nostril. No wonder his nose was a tickled blue.

  "Oh hunny, there's an arrow in here as well… I'm going to have to go in. Try not to sniffle or sneeze, it will just make it harder." She twittered nervously before pulling herself up into the cavern.

  Brutus barely had time to hum in response before his nose wrinkled up. An instant sneezy feeling flooded his being, making his eyes squint and his mouth jog open. He had to forcefully close his mouth with a gulp to keep himself from exploding.

   "Y-huuuuhhou tickle." He mumbled, needing to sit up so he could give his nose a firm rub, but it didn't help his situation… it just made things worse.

  "I know, I know! Don't you dare sneeze right now. I just need a few minutes and everything will be fine." Ember yelped as she walked over to the arrow. The light blue nasal wall was trembling around her, and she could hear and feel her friend's breath hitching. 

   "Just a few more seconds." She hummed as she grabbed the arrow, and tried to tug it out, but failed the first time as it was slick.

  "Shit." She mumbled the simple cursword. This wasn't good. The nasal wall started to spasm madly, and Brutus couldn't stop his breath from hitching. Tears formed in the corner of his eyes as his chin tilted upward, pointed ears flopping downwards. He couldn't help it, he needed to sneeze badly.

   "HUH! HUUUH! HUH'DTSHHH! Huuuhhh…hiiih….HIH'DSHHHIEW! 'DTSHHH! … hiih…snfff….HIH'DSHIEEW!"

 Ember had to both hug the wall, and brace herself against a nose hair so she wouldn't get blasted out of the big guy's nose. She had almost slipped through. She gave an easy swallow as she tried to quell her trembling.

  "B-bless you Brute… let's try this again." She called out as she once again gripped the arrow. She paused, waiting for Brutus to inhale before giving one firm tug, and luckily the arrow popped out… but it also sent Ember tumbling backwards. 

  Brutus scrunched up his whole face at the major disturbance from his nostril. He gave a few hesitant sniffles out of habit before his breath started to hitch unsteadily. Ember squeaked and grabbed her jar, quickly slathering as much ointment as she could over the spot. She was not going to let this get infected. She basically emptied her ointment onto the nasal wall before she got expelled into the giant's hand.

  "Huuuuh….eeehhhhh… HUH'DSHHHEEW!..'DSHHH!...huuuuhhhh….uhhh…snfff…Snf! 'DSHEEIW! Huuuuhhhh…..eeeehhhh…hiiihhh…..HUH'DTSHH!!...'DSHH!"

  Ember was drenched at the end of Brutus' small sneezing fit, making her sigh and try to wipe off as much clear slime as she could. "Bless you." She said in an exasperated tone before looking up at the giant's face, almost instantly bursting into giggles.

   He had that dazed and confused look on his face again.

  "Bless you." She repeated again, giggling still. "Does your nose feel better now? No more itches?" She asked as she sat up. She got a small nod, and a soft purr as a response. 

  "That's good." She hummed before looking down at the spot she had previously been clearing before Brutus showed up. She gave a soft sigh and shook her head again.

 "I'll finish clearing a path for my garden tomorrow, but you have to help me ok? Now let's head back to your cave and we'll cuddle like I promised. Ok?" She asked before giving a small squeak as she got held against Brutus' cheek for a hug.

  "Okie." He said in his soft rumble, a soft smile appearing on his face as he started to wander home, still cuddling Ember ,softly purring as he did so.

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I usually am not into giant sneezes but I have a soft spot for fantasy creatures who are somewhat humanoid like this giant he's very cute and I also really like his and member's dynamic 

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8 hours ago, emi said:

I usually am not into giant sneezes but I have a soft spot for fantasy creatures who are somewhat humanoid like this giant he's very cute and I also really like his and member's dynamic 

I second this view. Can't wait to see more of this duo

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Yet other one-shot-ish story with these two. If anyone can tell me how I can change the tags on the main page, I'll also post the story where ember has a slight cold.

Anyways, this one is called 'Hankie' in my Google docs.



Ember grunted as her drag along wagon hit yet another rock, coming to a stop. It frustrated her to no end, as her wheels got stuck on sticks, stones, random patches of grass. She was close to giving up and heading to Brutus's cave without it, but she had a gift for best friend, and she couldn't carry it in her arms.

  "I need to invest in a horse… wait, no. A mule. A mule would be better." Ember puffed to herself as she kicked the offending rock away from her wheel so she continued moving. "Or maybe I'll have Brutus walk in a straight line for an hour and make a path for me." She gave one last puff before falling silent.

  It took her much longer than it should have, and she was absolutely exhausted by the time she reached the cave, but she smiled when the wheels started smoothly rolling as they entered the cave.

  "Finally!" She yipped to herself, abandoning her wagon she trotted deeper into the cave looking for the giant. She found him curled up against the back wall, snoring, and fast asleep.

  "Asleep? At this hour? The sun is shining right now." Ember said sarcastically as she approached the giant, small grin on his face. Brutus liked to take day naps, as he wasn't the most active person.

  "Well, either way it's time to rise and shine. I didn't come all the way out here to watch you sleep!" She chirped, fully knowing she was speaking to herself, climbing up his shoulder so she slid down his front.

 Ember couldn't help but frown as her feet made contact with the ground. The air around her was warm, a bit too warm. She had known Brutus for a few months at that point, and she had only felt him be this warm once.

  She made her way to his face, gently running a hand across his nose as she made her way to stand in front of his eyes. His nose was an irritated shade of blue. It worried the healer.

  "Brutus, honey. It's time to wake up." She gently called to him. She was answered by a soft hum, and a congested sniffle as he opened his eyes. 

  "Oh honey." She repeated in a soft coo. "You're not feeling well?" She hummed the last sentence as she stepped forward to give his nose an affectionate rub.

 Brutus crossed his eyes to look at her, gray eyes unfocused. His nose scrunched with a sniffle and he moved his head slightly away. 

  "Thaaa' tiiiiiihhhkles" he warned sleepily, breath hitching. Ember gave a squeak, looking around in a slight panic. She had trapped herself between a giant's face and a wall. She backed up as much as she could, but soon she was touching the wall.

  "Do not sneeze on me?" She suggested meekly to the half awake giant. To her relief he gave a sleepy nod and sat up, giving off a desprite gasp before launching I to a few sneezes. 

 "HuuuuuuuhHH! HUH'DSHH! HUUUH! HUUH! 'DSHOU! snfff….Hiihhh… eeehhh…HUH'DSHO! snfff…! Dsho!"

 Ember sagged a bit after the giant sneezed, glad she didn't become a temporary tissue. She looked up at him and her expression softened. He once again had that confused look in his eyes, and he was a mess. 

  "Bless you Brute… oh! I got you a gift, stay right here." She hummed and started back to her wagon at the entrance.

  Brutus sat there in confusion, snuffling against a runny nose. Ember soon came back with her wagon, with thr gift on top. She pulled it off the waggon, the force needing to do so knocking her on her back.

   "Ive been working on this a few months. Money for the cloth, and the time to stich it all together, but it's finally done! I hope you like it." She rambled happily, adding on a little playful "and I finished it just in time for you to come down with a cold" she chuckled as she unfolded the large cloth. It was patched work with oranges and yellows, as well as a few random blankers here amd there. On one of the coner square there was a red heart.

 "I made you a handkerchief!" She said proudly, "it looks to be the right size! Blow your nose now please." She then asked.

  Brutus picked up the large cloth, humming softly as he looked it over and ran his fingers across it. His grey eyes got all misty as he snuggled it to his cheek, pointed ears flopping down a bit. 

   "Y' made m' a gift." He mumbled in a soppy tone, making him sniffle more. "Thank ya.. " he hummed and snuggled into the cloth more, feeling very happy inside. He never expected a gift from ember, and he felt very cared about in this moment. 

  "You're welcome ya big brute. You're always helping me, and gifting me rocks and other items. You both desiesve and needed that. Now blow your nose." She chuckled then promted.

 Brutus gave a small nod before giving his nose a clearing blow, sighing softly before laying back down, hugging the cloth to his chest, closing his eyes and starting to purr. He would cherish this cloth forever.

  Ember smiled seeing how happy her giant friend was. She watched for a moment before making her way over.

  "Move over, were going to cuddle." She told Brutus, witch he didn't protest. He just nuzzled his nose into her as she sat down, his purrs getting louder as he drifted back to sleep, feeling content even though he had a cold.




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Yet other small story of Brutus and ember!

Got inspired by a large dandilion.


"Bruuuutus! I have something for yooou!" Ember sang in a sing song voice as she approached her big friend, who was lazily lounging by the riverside. The giant lifted his head with a small smile on his features when he heard Ember's voice, but tilted his head to the side in confusion when he saw her hiding something behind her back.

 With a grin Ember brought the large, white and fluffy, dandelion out from behind her back. It was at least triple the size of a regular dandelion.

  "It's a wishing flower, it's meant to grant wishes, and this is the largest one I have ever seen, and so I thought of you. To make the wish you have to-" Ember babbled as she held up the flower, but was cut off from explaining how to use it as Brutus sniffed curiously at the flowers, causing the white puffs to be vacuumed into his large nostrils.

 "That's not how the wishing flower works!" Ember squealed as she dropped the now barren stem, taking many steps backwards. 

  The titan instantly reeled back as a fluffy tickle infiltrated his nasal passage, making him squint and give a small snuffle of pure confusion. A flower had never attacked him like that before!

 A blue hue came to his nostrils as he brought up a hand to smother his face into, before his whole expression fell, breath hitching.

 "Huuuhhh….? HUUUH! HHHAAHHH!  HAAH'DSHHHOU!" the first sneeze barreled out of the gigantic man, causing a good bout of the large seeds to flutter out of his nose. It would have been a beautiful sight if not for the tornado-like winds that knocked Ember to the ground, uprooted grass, and caused the trees to bend harshly. 

  Ember braced herself against the ground as she watched Brutus gear up for a second, third, fourth, and fifth sneeze. His eyes fluttered, his lips pulled into a soft snarl, and his blue tinted nose wiggled like mad. The first sneeze had just caused more tickles, no help at all. His breath desperately hitched, wanting the irritant out. Now.

  "Hiiih…hhhh! HuuuuuUuh! HUH! HUH'RDSHHHOU! HURRRDSHHUa! …ssssnnff!"  Those two sneezes were quite productive, as they left his nose dripping, but not satisfying. He then snuffled and pawed at the underside of his nose as he hitched heavily through his slackened mouth.

"Huuuhhh…HIIH! HIIH'DHHHIIU! Hhhahhh! Haaah! HAH'DSSSSHOU'uh The last bit of the tickly seeds finally got blasted out, leaving Brutus the ability to sniffle freely. He brought  up his patchwork bandana to blow his nose thickly into with a flick of his ears.

  "Well that's not how I saw this going, but I hope your wish comes true anyways, Ya big Brute." Ember said with a loving chuckle as she hoisted herself to her feet, dusting off her dress.

 "You did make a wish, right?" She asked, giving a soft laugh as Brutus sheepishly shook his head no, lower face still buried in his bandana.

  "Oh well, next time you'll make a wish. You'll have plenty of chances when the flowers grow, just don't go sniffing them when they're white!" Ember laughed as she flopped down against her friend's side, so she could relax with him, gently patting his side as he curled up around her with a purr.

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