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Just an idea that crossed my mind the other day...not really sure what, if anything, to do with it from here...updates as time, ideas and energy permit, I guess, same as anything else I write (meaning very, very slowly if at all).


March 2

Dear Paul,

I hope this letter reaches you (it’s been so many years since I’ve written), and finds you well- and I hope you’ll forgive this intrusion into your life from the distant past.

Today at the supermarket I saw a truck that looked just like your old white Dodge, and was instantly transported back to the summer after we graduated high school.  Remember how you’d pick me up after hauling hay, and it would make me sneeze so much?  I must admit I felt a little old when I saw this truck had “classic” plates on it, but I’m telling myself your truck was old back then, too.

I hope you are well, I think I heard you got married and have a few children, so I hope they are doing well also.



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April 17

Dear Janet,

It's so good to hear from you.  I’m sorry it’s taken so long to reply; it took a while for this letter to reach me.  I did get married not long after you left for college, when the babies (two boys- they’re 18 and 22 now) came I started driving trucks to pay the bills.  Guess I was gone too much for their mother, but she did at least forward your letter on to a truck stop where I get my mail these days.

Would you believe I still have that Dodge truck?  It was old then, and it’s older now.  Hasn’t run in years, but I can’t bring myself to let it go.  Too many memories, and most of them involve you.  Sometimes when I’m driving across Nebraska late at night I think about that time you sneezed so many times I got scared and stopped the truck.  Remembering what happened next has sustained me through more lonely, late nights than I care to admit.

I hope you and your family are well, and it’s good to hear from you.  Don’t be afraid to write again, use the address below if you do.

Fondly, Paul

p.s. - I guess all these years on, I can tell you after that, I started hiding hay in the cab of the truck, hoping to set off your hayfever again.  Forgive me?

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