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The benefits a having a sneeze fetish...

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There are a lot of topics about how having a sneeze fetish can negatively affect life, like the dating scene. BUT let's talk about the positives. Short term or long term, be optimistic!

Reason 1: A significant other with a great sneeze in their 20s can/will still turn you on later in life with their sneezes in their 50s (a great sneeze is a great sneeze whether old or young)

Reason 2: Most specific fetish indulging content on the internet is expensive while sneezing content is mostly free!

Reason 3: People sneeze everyday and there's a chance the world will unintentionally/unexpectedly indulge your fetish literally whenever you decide to go out in public!

Can you think of any more long term / short term benefits of having a sneeze fetish?




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Reason 5: the fascination with sneezing, cold sneezing specifically, often leads to a comprehensive knowledge on the signs of an on coming cold in yourself and an excellent ability to recognize when someone else is sick.

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I completely agree with all of these reasons!  

Reason 6: It subconsciously makes you more aware of your surroundings (not just hoping that you witness someone sneeze or blow their nose).

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