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Hi, this is my first obs so I’m sorry if I haven’t done it right but I’ve never witnessed anything like this until today and I had to share!!


I was sitting at the beginning of a class where everyone was sort of chatting, relaxed and waiting to start, when I heard a deep intake of breath from the corner of the room.

I glanced over just in time to see a young women pitch forward with a “he’SHHIEW”.

I kind of froze, but before I could snap myself out of it she took in another deep breath releasing another two “he’SHHiew …ha.. HA’shhiew”.

After this about three people around her blessed her which she gave a half smile to before quickly gearing up to another one only to have it be a false start.

For about five minutes after this she keep almost getting there, hitching like anything, yet nothing happening, until she finally gave up and blew her nose.


I was just in awe the entire time staring a hole in my notebook

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This is pretty descriptive for a first ob. A lovely triple and several false starts  very nice. 

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