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A Cold Wind (Sebastian, Stardew Valley - Part 2 of 2)


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Okay, here it is! Sorry it took me all that to set this up, I have to admit I like the setup just as much as the cold itself. Hope you enjoy!


   It had been a few days since Sebastian was locked outside of his house. The Farmer had found him sleeping on the floor the next morning, a few pieces of stray hay in his hair. After gently shaking him awake, he gave him his leather jacket and guided him inside. He helped get him out of his damp clothes and into some dry, warm pajamas, and he tucked him into bed. After sleeping all day, he woke up late at night to the sight of his husband slobbering on the pillow as usual. He cozied up next to him and went back to sleep, happy to be back inside.

   Now, he sat at the table reading a catalogue. There were some things they needed for the upcoming Winter season, including special heaters for some of the animals that couldn't be found in the Valley. As he flipped a page, trying to decide between two equally confusing options, he doubled over unexpectedly with a sneeze. "Hi'shhew!" he sniffled, but before he could glance back at the page, another two caught up to him, "heh...Heg-CHNF! HE'SHIEW!" that last one had been a bit louder than he intended, he barely managed to catch it in his sleeve.

   "You good?" the Farmer asked, walking in with some logs in his arms. He stuck one into the fireplace and walked over to the table.

   "Yeah, snrff, all good. Caught me off guard is all," he placed a gentle kiss on his lips before he sat down. "I was looking at these two. What do you think?"

   "Hm... I'm not sure. Maybe we should call Marnie bef-"


   "...bless you. Like I was saying, we should call Marnie-" Sebastian held up a finger.

   "N...not do...oh...'H-SCHEW! T'chewh! HGCHSNK!" he sniffed, cleared  his throat, and looked back at him. "Okay, I'm done. You were saying?"

   But the Farmer was looking at him weird. "Are you sure you're okay?" His husband cleared his throat once more, although a bit more rougly this time, and sniffled before speaking.

   "SNRRF. Never better. What about Marnie now?"


   As the day wore on, Sebastian got proggressively sneezier. He also started developing a very sore throat and his head felt all fuzzy. Weird, he told himself, completely oblivious to the illness taking over his body. Maybe I'm allergic to something...

   "H...Hat'shEW!" he sneezed into his hand, which was covered by his sweater's sleeve. The Farmer and him were at Pierre's picking up some seeds for the greenhouse, and his other hand was holding his. "Hgxsch! Htshch! Hih...hegTSCHEW! Crap!" he'd tried to stifle those last sneezes, but the last one got the better of him.

   "Hope you're not catching anything!" said Pierre from behind the counter, "would suck to spend these last days without snow indoors!"

   "Snrrf, I'm fine, probably just allergic to something in here."

   "Hm... I haven't brought in any new stock. Are you sure you're not-?"

   "H-TCSHEW! HAhSCHIW! Huh...HuRSHOO!" he coughed a little after that. "Snrrf. SNRRRF. I'm alright Pierre, thangks. Say hellow to Abby from me," he couldn't help but notice that twinge of congestion in his words. Fucking allergies, he thought as they walked out.

   "Honey," the Farmer said seriously, catching his attention. "You've lived here your whole life and have never had any allergies. Is it maybe, maaaybe possible that that's not what's bothering you?"

   "Snrrf. People cand develop allergies as adults, you kndow," there was that congestion again. He tried sniffling it back. "Snrrf, snrrf, SNRRFFF-" he was interrupted by a handkerchief in front of his face. He looked up at his husband, who looked concerned,

   "Here, you could use this. Let's hope you're right."

   Sebastian blew his nose strongly. He noticed the handkerchief came back particularly wet with thick, white mucus. Fuck.


   The following morning, a cough woke Sebastian up. Snrrf. He reached for the nightstand hoping to find a handkerchief, only to find a box of tissues and some allergy medication. He turned to face the Farmer, but he was already outside working in the garden. He sat up. His head was throbbing. He vaguely remembered coughing all night, so maybe that's why it bothered him so much. His throat was also significantly more sore than the day before. "Heh...H'tschx!" he stifled into his hand. He reached out for a tissue and blew his nose into it. More thick snot. Great.

   He pocketed the allergy pills and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water. He decided to take a couple and hoped that would calm down his nose. Swallowing felt particularly painful, but he managed to get them down. He felt especially thirsty, but opted for some coffee instead. Maybe the warmth would soothe his throat. As it was brewing, he noticed a note stuck to the fridge door:

   Went out to the island for a couple days, sorry! Left you some medication and some food in the fridge. We could go see a movie when I get back. Feel better! <3"

   He felt a little sad, but before he could say anything to himself he sneezed again.

   "'TsCHEW! HegSCHEW! Heh...h...HRASHOO!"

   His poor tissues were now soaked. He rested his hand on the counter and sighed, coughing a little as he poured the coffee. Some spilled on his hand.

   "FUCK DAM-! D..d...DaERSHOO! istCHEW! HEGshoo! Hgchxk! Hegkch! HIT-sCHEW!" he coughed; it was a deep, rattling cough that left him tired. He sniffled wetly and blw his nose again on the wet tissue.

   He considered the possibility of being sick, but when was the last time that had happened? This had to be some new adult allergy acting up. He took the pills with a large sip of coffee. Snrrf. Ow.


   After two days passed, the Farmer turned the (brand spankin' shiny new!) lock to their front door early in the morning. A slow, lazy flurry fell outside as he shook off his coat. He closed the door excitedly. 


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This got unexpectedly longer. Sorry! But this should be the final part. Also, it just now occurred to me that I should've posted all of these under the same topic, but it's my first time posting on the forum so I got a bit confused. Sorry again!


   "Seb, I'm back!" the Farmer hung his hat behind the door and kicked off his boots. "How'd the allergies go? Did the medicine I left w-?"



   As he walked deeper into the house, he noticed the state of disarray it was in: empty mugs in the sink, crumpled tissues on the floor, empty allergy medication box on the table. The fireplace was barely an ember and the whole place was colder than it should be for the end of Fall. He kneeled in front of it and slowly but surely brought it back to life. Poking around, the roaring flames muffled the sound of coughing coming from the main bedroom. "Well, I guess that answers my question." He set the poker aside and walked towards the sound.

   The room was dark, no lights on except the faint glow of the television in front of the bed. He was more interested in the latter, however, as Sebastian was huddled up in what seemed to be all the blankets in the house, tissues sprawled around him. "Hgsck! Hitschx! Snrrrf. Snrrf. Oh, hey, I didnd't hear you combe ind," he coughed a little but it sounded deep in his chest.

   "Oh, Seb, dear..." the Farmer walked to his side of the bed. "You look like death."

   "What do y-huh...huSCHEW! HEGTscHEW! Hit'SCHEW!" he blew his nose into the kitchen rag he was now using as a handkerchief. The empty tissue box, along with two empty mugs, some throat lozenge wrappers and a glass of water, sat precariously on the tiny nightstand. "Sorry. Snrrf. Whad do you mbean?"

   The Farmer stood there perplexed. "Are you serious?"

   Before Sebsatian could answer, he sneezed again. "Huh'SHOO! hetSCHEW! hR'SHOO! H..." he held up his finger, cloth still to his face. "Heh...H..HeT'SCHEW! UGH! Snrrf, SNRRRFF, snrrf, sorry, allergies are still kickig mby ass."

   "Allerg-? Babe," the Farmer sat softly on the bed. "Have you looked in a mirror today? You're sick. You've got a cold. A huge one, at that."

   "Whad? Ndo, I'mb f...fih..." he tried his best to hold in the sneeze by sniffling desperately, to no avail.

   "...go on. Sneeze."

   "Snrrf. SNRRF. Ndo! I dond't ndeeh...heeh...hed to snd..sneH'TSCHOO! HUH'SHOO! T'schEW!" after that, he let out another rattling cough. He pulled the blankets closer. "Ndo mbore sndeezes. I prombise. Snrrf. I'mb finde." he gave his nose a long, wet blow, but was interrupted when he felt a cool hand on his forehead. "Whad are you doig?"

   "You're burning up. This isn't allergies, honey, you're sick. I told you to stop going on walks when it's raining!"

   "I'mb ndot sick!" he had to stop his protests to cough again. This time, he couldn't seem to stop. His husband reached out behind him and rubbed his back.

   "There, let it out, it's alright," when he stopped coughing, he blew his nose again.

   "I'mb finde. I dond't get sick. Snrrf. I cand't rembember the last timbe I got sick. SNRRF. It's just mby allergies, I proh...huh...Hgchx! Hgkch! Hitshgk! Ugh. Sorry. Snrrf. Prombise. Snrrf. SNRRFFF. Promise. There, see?" two seconds later, he was coughing again. God, my head is killing me already, stupid cough!"

   "Uh-huh. Tell you what, if you can go ten seconds without sneezing, coughing or sniffling, I'll believe you."

   "Donde. Eh...heh..." he sniffled wetly and cleared his throat. "Easy."

   "Alright, then. Ten, nine, eight, six, f-"

   "HEg'cSHEW! ...Fuck. Snrrf."

   "My thoughts exactly. Be right back," the Farmer walked into the bathroom and pulled something out of the cabinet. He came back with a digital thermometer. "Open up."

   Reluctantly, Sebastian opened his mouth and let him put the thermomether in. Snrrf. "This doesnd't prove andyth-"

   "Shut up, don't talk until it's done."

   "Hm. Hm...? H...Hih...Huh...!" the device beedped just in time. "Het'SCHEW! HisCHEW! Ugh..."

   "102.3 You're sick. Admit defeat." Sebastian sighed.

   "Finde. Snrrf. I guess I do feel kindda gross. Huh'SCHOO!" he coughed again. As he did, he felt a strong hand rubbing his back again, this time in soothing circles. His husband spoke in a soft voice:

   "It's alright, you're okay. Look, I'll go over to the store and get you some medicine. Anything else you want?"

   "...cand you call mby mbob? Andd askg if she could mbake mbe sombe of her soup?" the Farmer laughed softly.

   "Okay, I'll do that and pick it up on the way. You just rest here," he planted a gentle kiss on his forehead; his cool lips felt great against Sebastian's hot skin. "I'll be back in a while. I love you."

   "I love you too. Snrrf. Ugh."


Okay It's done now! Hope you enjoyed!

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I didn't proofread and I didn't know you couldn't edit these things so theres a million formatting and spelling errors. Oh well. No beta we die like men.

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Great story; I love playing SV! This is so in character for Seb and it’s totally like the farmer to be gone on the island for a few days, lol. I’ve totally done that. 
I’ve never thought out writing a fic based on video game characters but this totally worked! 

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