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Everything Makes Me Sneeze (Self, M)


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I wish I could sneeze in public, because I sneeze so much naturally! I know that I sneeze after I eat sometimes, other times from allergies, and sometimes from anxiety. I also noticed that lately I sneeze when I am about to go to bed or if I am overtired, so I think I fatigue sneeze, too. I am curled up in bed right now, and maybe 15 minutes ago I sneezed twice, and almost a third. I am not exactly sure how to sound out my sneezes, but sort of a wet sounding, "HaittchshhoOO!" Anyway, both of these sneezes sprayed, but I felt the second one spray further, as it went on my torso and legs. 


So, I guess a lot makes me sneeze! 

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I get fatigue sneezes too, especially if I have done some form of physical activities late in the day. Bless you 

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