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This is a very long story, around 8,000 words. These are my two boys Billy and Hector.

Now this story is complete, but I will most likely write about theese two again.


 "What'cha doin'?" Billy asked in curiosity as he leaned against the back of Hector's chair, resting his chin on the slightly shorter man's shoulder.

   "I'm trying to get these plants to grow about twenty times their original size with a concoction of different growth hormones. If I can get the experimental plants to grow properly, I'm thinking we can add it to your crops."

  "Oh, tryin' ta solve world hunger or sumthin'? Classic scientist move." Billy teased as he looked at the array of items he couldn't hope to understand.

 "No one could solve world hunger by just supersizing food, love. No, no, I'm hoping to be successful by next year's county fair. I'm sick and tired of seeing you losing when your crops are the best quality I've seen, but always losing because  they're regular sized. Next year you'll win for sure!" 

  Billy frowned and stood up again. "I dun' lose. I git a ribbon each an' every time. Sure, it's usually for second or third place, but I never lose." He murmured with a pout, before adding on with a very slight scolding tone. "and tha' scheme of yours is cheatin'. I dun' cheat."

  "Hey! I'm trying to help you, and it's not cheating, it's like using pesticides or fertilizer to boost the plants abilities." Hector protested, looking up into his partner's frowning face.

 With a heavy sigh, Hector buckled. "Fine, I won't use it to help you win at the fair. I'm still going to tinker on it anyway. I already started, and it could be cool if I could. So far it's not working, and is more like a perfume than anything." Hector grumbled out the last part, leaning back in his chair.

 "Why dun' you just market it as a perfume then?" Billy asked, picking up the tube, and giving it a sniff. It had an overpowering smell, making Billy wrinkle up his nose.

 "William! You can't just go around sniffing random chemicals. It could be dangerous! You're feeling alright? Right?  Do we have to go to the hospital? Well? Answer me!" Hector yelped as he got up from his seat and tugged the taller man down to get a good look.

 Billy wanted to answer that he was fine, but an itch deep in his sinuses prevented him from doing so.. "I'm f-huuuuuuhhhh…fuiii….hiiihhh…" he hitched, pushing away from Hector so he could bring a fist to his nose. "Just…a….snnnf! Itch…" he mumbled as he wiggled his nose around.

  "Are you sure you're fine? No hospitals? I wanna take you to the doctor." Hector still fretted as he watched Billy's head tip back, and his eyes flutter.

  "Nu…huuuuhhh... Do'doct...hiiihh hhiiih! Hih'Cheiw! No doctors." Billy mumbled after sneezing, pawing at his nose some more. It was still itching like mad. With a blurry blink he looked down at Hector, who was gawking up at him.

  "What…?" Billy asked in an unsure manor, looking around.

 "You just grew with that sneeze! You just shot up like two feet! This is why we don't sniff random chemicals Billy!" Hector yipped.

 "Thaaa's not that….b-bahiiihhd.." Billy sniffed, blinking unevenly. He scrunched up his face as he clumsily brought a hand to cover his next sneeze.

  "Of course this is bad! I didn't know it could have this type of size affects, who knows what this is doing to your DNA on a molecular level? What if this never wears off! You could be stuck at this eight or nine foot tall! I'll have to see how much you've actually grown!" Hector rambled as Billy's breath hitched.

"hiiiiihhh….ehiiiiihhh....eeeehhh…HIH'Dchiew! Eh'shhu! Huuuhhh…huuuhhhh? Hitchhhiiiew! Snnnfff… hiiihhh…h-hhhihh…EH'SHOOU!"

 Billy didn't realize until he hit his head on the ceiling, and fell down, that he was continuing to grow with each sneeze. The small lab was a complete mess, and the space was running out. Poor Hector had to climb onto his partner's torso as not to be crushed by the expanding mass. Billy was in a worse off situation though, not having any wiggle room. He was forced to lay in a very awkward position. One arm was pinned against his side and the wall while the other was up on his chest, both legs were bent inward so his feet could be uncomfortably planted against another wall, and his head was being forced to look slightly down as it lay where the wall met the ceiling. Luckily for Billy, from the sheer mercy of god, his clothes seemed to expand with him. Unluckily for him, his nose was still itching like mad, and he couldn't even give it a rub.

  "Stop sneezing!" Hector cried out in a panic as he tried to get proper footing on the moving surface that was his boyfriend's chest. 

 "I uh, snnnf! C-can't m…hiiih… nuh…huuuuuh! Nose is hiiiihhhh… fi'fuh! HE'WSHHI! fire!" Billy whimpered though hitches and yet another sneeze. He once again grew, with the added action of throwing his boyfriend off balance. The room was bursting at the seams at that point, evitint of the hairline cracks appearing at the wall.

  "Try to stifle or something!" Hector tried to protest, but deep down he knew Billy was incapable of that. Pushing himself to stand yet again, he watched the farmer's flickering expression. He had never seen Billy sneeze this much before. If this wasn't a situation of panic, and unnatural growth… Hector may have found this hot.

 Taking slow and uneasy steps along his partner's hitching chest, Hector made his way over to Billy's face. Once there he leaned against the up and coming giant's chin, so he could press forearm to Billy's flushed, twitching nose. They held that position for a few moments before Billy's chest swelled and he gave off two more sneezes.

''Hiiiiiihhh….. HU'RSHOOO! HURRRSHOO!"

 Those sneezes threw Hector against his knees, and made him more cramped in the room. The room was starting to fall apart, raining ceiling dust onto the two.

  Hector gave a soft groan, both due to pain and because he saw the cracks on the wall grow and grow. The small little lab had no chance, and Billy's nose was still irritated.

  "I'm so glad we weren't in the proper house… do you feel anywhere close to stopping? " the smaller asked, to which he got a dazed shake of the head as a response. 

 "Stuuuhhhh….still… feel snuuuhh… snee…huuuh! Huuuh! HUUUUH!" Billy tried to say, but the hitches took over, and when he got to the last hitch… nothing. Just a new irritated buzz along the length of his nose. He gave a desperate whimper and wriggled his nose around, but no. The irritant was playing games at this point.

  Hector watched for a few brief moments before sighing. "Is it stuck? I'll help…". One he got the very soft nod of confirmation, he crawled along Billy's torso, and up into his chin.

 He got a good look into the farmer's irritated, quivering nose, and couldn't help but blush. He swallowed heavily before reaching over and delicately tracing his fingertips around Billy's nostril, earning a snuffle as response.

  "Thhhhhaaaaa! Tuh' huuuuh! Tickles!" Billy hitched with a heavy blink, snuffling against Hector's ticking fingers with need.

 "I know." Hector whispered, watching Billy's nasal membrane twitch and ripple. He allowed gentle fingers to dance past the rims, and got a sneezy gasp as a response. Those teasing fingers triggered a fit.


That first sneeze of the fit, finally had the building come crumbling down around them as Billy grew yet again, consequently making him unfurl and fall on his back. It had also knocked Hector off of his face, which Hector took the chance to scramble away from the giant, so he could hide out of the way. Billy quickly sat up, chin tilting skyward as he gave another gasp.

 "Huuh! EH'ESH! Huuuhhh…huiuuh! Heh'Zzhue! Snnf! Hiiiiihhhh… HIih! Hih'Dshhiew! Eh'Zhhiew! Heeeh..heeeh! Haaahhh HAH'TDSHHEW!

 Each sneeze Billy grew more and more, about six feet per burst, and he was powerless to stop it. He tried to sniffle back the itch that was still persisting in his nose, but it was of no use. 

 "Heeeehhhh….HEH'SHEW! Hhhiiihhh… hih'tshhh! Eh'shzzu!" Billy was starting to pant between breaths, and his nose was starting to run from the constant sneezing. 

  "Huuhhhh…Hih'DSSHIEW!....huh….uh! HIH'DZZZU! Hiiiiihhhh… HUD'SHTEIW!"

  Billy snuffled, bringing up a fist to smush his nose against. His nose wasn't on fire anymore, but there was still a slight tingle. He scrunched up his face to wiggle his flushed nose around.

 Hector popped out of his hiding spot from behind a tree, examining his now gigantic boyfriend. After hesitating for a brief moment, he wandered back up to Billy, giving the giant's leg a soft pat.

  "Are we done with the sneezing? I can't examine you while you're sneezing at a hundred miles an hour." Hector chuckled as he climbed clumsily onto Billy's lap, huffing and puffing by the time he got there. His plans of climbing to Billy's shoulder were dashed.

  "Well my nose ain't on fire anymore, but there still is a tingle. It's like a anoyin' lil' ant. Very ti-huuuuuhhhh…tickly." Billy mumbled with a hard sniff, a bit dazed from all the sneezing he'd done in the last hour. He snuffled again as the little tickle became a buzz, prompting one last sneeze.

  "Heeeehhhh…hiiiiihhh! Huuuh! "HU'DSHZZEIW!" Once again there was another small burst in height. Billy gave a small snort, nasal cavity finally clear from any irritation. He brought up a sleeve to scrub at the underside of his nose, giving off a sigh of relief. 

  "Well bless you! You're done right? You must've sneezed at least a dozen times. Now, we need to do tests right away. I need to know if this is reversible. We can't have you being a giant. I'm clearly not cut out for farm work, I had a hard time climbing to your lap! Oh I hope this will wear off." Hector rambled, starting to grow worried again. 

  Billy was only half listening to Hector. He was busy looking around at his farm. His farm house, the barn, the chicken coop, the small dog house, all of it. Realization and panic suddenly hit him, and it manifested into tears. At this size, he wouldn't be able to go inside, or even tend to his animals properly.

  Hector was caught off guard, mid-ramble, as Billy gave a shuddering breath. The smaller looked up at the tallest face, expecting a sneezy expression, not expecting to see tears bubbling in Billy's eyes.

  "B-Billy? Are you ok? What's wrong? You didn't get hurt by the building right? I don't know if we would be able to get a doctor to see you at this point… well maybe Abby will, but she's busy." Hector fretted more.

 It took a few long moments before the farmer found his voice to answer. 

  "I'm a MONSTER!"  He wailed, tears flooding down his cheeks. He started to sob, an ugly cry.

  Hector hated to see his partner in distress, but there was little he could do in this situation. He frowned to himself and leaned against Billy's torso, as a sort of hug.

  "You're not a monster, you've just had a mishap. Everything will be okay… i-in one form or other. It's alright to cry, but you're not a monster."

  "Of course I'm a monster! I jus' sneezed myself out of a buildin'! It! It crumbled out from under meh! Normal people dun' do tha', monsters destroy buildin's!" He blubbered as he wiped at his eyes with the heels of his hands before he continued.

  "An'! An! What about the farm? I can't… t! Tend to the farm like this! I'm ta big to milk the cows, or collect eggs from the chickens! I can't take care of the plants either! The farm will go under! I… I can't have that Hector! It's been in my family for generations! I'm meant to pass it onto our future children!I can't be the generation that fails!" He hiccuped and sobbed though his rant, face growing red with the lack of air he was getting from his cries.

  "Billy… William! Look at me please." Hector yelled, only so he could be heard. He continued only when he had Billy's attention, even if that attention was through flooded eyes and stuttering breaths.

  "Look, Baby, You're no monster. Like I said, this is just a mishap. It may wear off, I may have to do some research to fix it. Everything will be fine. If worse comes to worse, I'll hire farm hands to keep it going? Ok?"

  Wiping at his eyes and giving a sniffle, Billy ,in a weak voice, asked "what about yer lab? Everthin' was smashed…"

 "I still have rudamary tools left in the basement. I'll just go fetch it from the house. We need to see how tall you are anyway. Need to know, for your food and medication. If you end up needing medicine in this state." Hector hummed in a soft coo, glad Billy had calmed down.

 Billy nodded, but soon his brown eyes went out of focus. His crying had stirred up a tickle in his nose. He wiggled his nose around before giving a large sneeze.

 "HUUUHhhhh hhuh! Huh'Zzzhiew! Snnnf! 'Scuse me." Billy mumbled and gave his nose a rub with his wrist. It seemed like all the chemicals were out of his system, as that sneeze didn't have a growth spurt attached to it.

  "Good sneeze, now stay here and I'll be right back." Hector teased before sliding off of Billy's lap. He then headed to the farmhouse to get some supplies. 

  "Jus'… dun' let Lily and Rosie out of the house. They may not react kindly ta me right now. They're guard dogs afta all." Billy told his partner as he shifted uncomfortably on the ground.

  "Yeah, yeah. I won't let the dogs out!" Hector called back as he dipped into the house. He was greeted by a black and red collie. They happily barked and jumped around his feet as he made his way to the basement.

  "Down girls!" The scientist scolded, slightly annoyed by the energy they were displaying, but he also knew it wasn't their fault. It was their breed.

 Leaving the dogs on the first floor of the house, Hector descended the stairs into the basement. He gathered a few different things while down there. A calculator, a tape measure, a notepad, and a few large blankets that had been stored down there forever.

 Armed with his supplies Hector headed back upstairs, and outside. Once outside a small smile came to his face. Billy was now laying on his stomach.

"What are you doing Billy?" He asked with a slight snicker, walking over and dropping the things he was carrying on the ground. 

  "This is the only comfortable way ta be right now." Billy said with a pout, as he looked at the supplies his boyfriend had brought. Pout turning into confusion, he then asked. "What all tha' for? I was expectin' sumthin' more… I dunno, sciencey?"

  "I don't need too much science to find out how tall you have gotten. Give me your hand." Hector hummed as he picked up the tape measure. Billy frowned, but complied. He clumsily held his hand in front of Hector, almost knocking the smaller over.

  "Hey! Careful." Hector scolded as he started to measure the length of Billy's index finger, his thumb, his wrist, and finally the full length of Billy's forearm. He wrote down the measurements in the notepad, before plugging them into the calculator.

  "Oh!" Hector suddenly yelped with a bright smile on his face, making his giant partner jump in shock, before growing nervous again.

 "What? What is it? Is it sumthin' bad?" Billy asked in a whimper, starting to fidget.

  "It's nothing bad. It's just that my original measurements were correct. I was trying to get your crops to twenty times their original size, and well, you are now twenty times your original size. One hundred and twenty foot tall." He explained as he put supplies back down.

  "I'm sure this will wear off on its own. If not I'll make sure you get back to human height somehow. Alright lovebug, but for now we need to wait, because if we feed you an antidote now, if I had one, it could shrink you farther than intended. Well wait a day or two."

  "Alright…" Billy agreed reluctantly. It's not like he had a choice in the matter. There was no current antidote for his situation. All he could do was wait. He hoped it would wear off within a day.


The growth did not wear off within a day, it didn't even wear off within three days. Something did wear off, and that was the farm boy's allergy medication. Billy was allergic to damn near everything on his beloved farm. The dogs, the plants, the chickens, and the barn cats that had no true owner. It left the giant a sniffling, sneezing mess as he tried his hardest to do his daily chores while his predicament stayed.

  Hector mostly spent those days in the basement, trying to recreate the opposite of a project he had been working on for months prior. The last project had the leisure of being for fun, this project had to be done quickly and efficiently. Hector knew that Billy was getting antsy and frustrated being twenty times his normal size. The big guy's allergies were not helping either. At first Hector had thought it was hot, but the sneezes had quickly become a hazard. Spooking the horses and cows, and causing large gales of wind if not caught in an arm or a blanket.

 Billy carefully walked up to the house, on the third day of being upsized, and knocked on the roof. 

 "Hector, you promised that you'd help meh milk the cows today." Billy called out before giving a lazy sniffle. Hector came to the front porch so he could talk to his partner.

 "Just give me about another hour. I feel like I'm getting close to cracking the code."

 "The cows can't wait another hour, they've already gone a day without bein' milked. Meh hands are ta big and my nose dun' like being in the barn. You promised." Billy retorted, scrunching up his nose slightly with a snort, seemingly to punctuate his point, but in reality his nose was already itching.

  "Just give me a few more minutes then. I think I'm making proper headway!" Hector then rebutted.

 "Ya can spare thirty minutes an' help me with my cattle!" The giant puffed. "No more ifs, an's, or buts." He continued as he picked his small partner up with both hands, holding him to his chest before walking over to the barn.

 "Hey!" Hector yelped in protest but soon quieted down. Billy could be stubborn when he wanted to be. 

 The smaller sighed and looked up to the taller's face as they walked. From the angle he was at he could see directly into Billy's irritated nose. The inner wall was twitching and pulsing. Soon the giant's steps slowed as he tilted his chin up to sniff suddenly with need, expression dropping.

  "Huuuuuh!" He hitched with need, Making Hector blush. From his position he could feel Billy's expand and shutter as the impending sneeze built.

  "HUUUHH….UH! Huuuhhh…? Snnnf! HUH'ZZZHHU!!" Billy sneezed once, sipping his head to the side so he wouldn't sneeze on Hector. He gave a lazy sniffle before rubbing his nose into his shoulder.

  " 'scuse me." Billy mumbled he continued to walk to the barn.

  "Oh you're blessed." Hector snickered, causing Billy to shift his eyes down to look at his partner, seeing the blushing face he playfully rolled his eyes without another  word.

  Once at the barn Billy crouched down and put Hector on the ground. He then gave Hector a small nudge towards the barn. 

 "Go on, go milk the cows like I've shown ya. I'd come in to supervise but I think tha' would be dangerous. Can't be spookin' the cows with a sneeze now." 

  "Ya ya, I'll milk them properly, but I still think this is precious time wasted. If I continue to keep working on the antidote I could have you back to normal by the day after tomorrow!" Hector protested as he walked into the barn, gathering a bucket and the milking stool.

  "Quit yer complain'. You live on a farm and ya can help out." Billy puffed as he sat down, back resting against the side of the barn.

 Hector sighed heavily but did as he was told. He milked each of the four cows before putting the milk he collected into jugs. It took about forty minutes, but once he was done he walked out and stood in front of Billy.

 "I'm done, can I go back to my lab now? I just need a little more time, like I keep saying. My experiments are going pretty well so far." Hector asked, then told his partner.

  Billy took a few long moments to respond, giving soft hums as he did so. Pretending to think about it so he could mess with Hector a bit, He watched the smaller man grow slightly impatient.

  "I guess." He eventually said with a playful grin on his face.

  "Good." Hector puffed and crossed his arms, starting to walk away. 

   "You're still coming back out tonight so we can cuddle while we sleep, right?" Billy asked with a slight tilt of his head, absentmindedly sniffling.

 "Perhaps if I get significant work done. I much rather be cuddling in our bed after all." Hector hummed, steps slowing as he heard his partner sniffle. "Your nose is still itching?" He questioned in slight interest.

  "My nose has been itching' for nearly three days straight." Billy complained with a slight pout, bringing up a hand to rub his nose against his knuckles, feeling a tickle flare deep in his sinuses. His eyes gave an uneven blink before squinting, his lips parted, and his chin tilted up as his breath started to hitch once again.

 "Huuuuuuuhhhh…uuuh! Hiiihhh…HIH'TZZHEIW! snnnnf! EH'ZZZIEW!" two large sneezes caught against his wrist. He gave an annoyed huff, squishing his nose against his wrist, before flopping down on his side.

 Hector gave a small yelp as the ground trembled and he was sent o to his back side. This was one of the reasons Billy couldn't remain a giant. He was a bit on the clumsy side.

  "Bless you, Billy… I could see how much dosage your allergy medicine would have to be to work while you're at this size, but it may take up all your medication." He suggested as he got back to his feet, walking over to his giant's face. 

  "That would be nice… I could always order more meds online." Billy mumbled, going crossed eyed to look at Hector. Hector gave a soft nod, hesitating slightly before reaching out to give Billy's nose a soothing rub. Billy responded positively, giving a soft sigh and leaning into affection.

  "I'll work on that as well. It will be relatively easy, well easier than shrinking you back to human sized." Hector hummed and kissed the tip of Billy's nose.

  "Now I truly have to get back to work, but Abby will be by tomorrow to help you with the farm. I've already told her about our current situation. " he said, to which Billy gave a small nod. 

  Hector gave the giant's nose one last comforting rub before heading back to the house to continue his current project, and start a new one.

 Billy got back to his feet as Hector went inside, wandering around his farm to find things he could do. He did this until it grew dark. Once it was dark he herded his farm animals into the barn for the night. 

  He was tempted to go back to the house to see if Hector wanted to come to bed with him, but decided against it as Hector would be busy. With a small grumble to himself he headed towards the sheep's meadow to nestle down for the night, soon he was snoring loudly and drooling slightly.

 Billy would be awoken the next morning with an amused giggling voice.

 "Well aren't you two absolutely adorable! Just two snug bugs in a rug. All cozied together." The voice blabbered on, and when Billy groggily opened his eyes, he found it was Abigail. He also found Hector was nestled into the crook of his arm, slowly becoming conscious as well.

  "Good mornin' Abbs…" Billy murrmered through a yawn before clumsily sitting up, nearly dropping poor half awake Hector in the process.

 Hector was definitely awake after nearly being dropped, clinging to Billy's shirt.

  "What are you doing here so early in the morning? The sun isn't even up!" He nearly spat.

  "You said Mr. Billy needed help with his farm, and I can see why! Speaking of that, whatcha need help with Bills?" Abby giddily said, nearly bouncing on her heels. She just radiated excitement.

  "Well, uh. All the animals need fed an' watered, the chickens need their eggs gathered; they dun' like Hector very much, then the cows need milked, an' ummmn what else?  The smaller garden needs weeded an' watered… an' I don't think there is much else ya can do. The crops an' trees should be fine for another few days. Wait, the animals should be let out of the barn an' coop once feed. Chickens are free ranged, cows an' horses share a pasture, an' sheep got their own." Billy rambled.

 "That sounds like a lot of work for one day… can I ride a horse afterwards?" Abby babbled happily, hope shining in her blue eyes as she watched Billy put Hector on the ground.

 " Do ya know how ta saddle a horse?" Was Billy's only response to Abby's question.

  "No…? " She responded with a pout.

  "Then not taday. I'll let ya ride a horse as soon as I'm back ta normal, alright? Hector says it shouldn't be more than two days." Billy hummed as he got to his feet. 

  "Com'n, I'll show ya where I keep meh feed. Best he do as much as ya can in the morning." He hummed as he shuffled forward before starting to walk properly. Abby grinned and hopped along behind him.

 While the two went about the morning chores, Hector headed back to the house to sleep a few more hours, then went to work on his current projects. 

 Hector resurfaced about one o'clock in the afternoon, as one of his project came to a bust, due to lack of supplies.

 "Billy!" He hollered as he made his way over to the duo. Once close enough to see that Abby was brushing a horse he continued to speak to Billy. "I couldn't get the dosage for your allergy medicine. You didn't have enough in your bottle to be effective. I've ordered more just in case, but that won't arrive for another two days. You should be back to normal before then, so you'll just have extra meds" He explained to his partner.

 Billy pouted and didn't say anything for a long moment.

  '' so I'm stuck bein' allergic an' sneezy ta nearly everthin' on my farm?" He whined, kneeling down to be on more of an even speaking level.

  "Yeah, sorry about that, but that's something you'd blame genetics for." Hector chuckled and gave his neck a nervous rub.

 "I do have good news though! I'm ninety-nine point ninety-nine percent sure I found a cure for your situation. I currently have it sitting in the basement. It needs to stabilize for a bit, but it should be ready and functioning by morning."

"Tha's great! Maybe I could even do meh mornin' chores by myself!" Billy said with a grin, perking up at the mention of being human sized again. 

  "Does that mean I can ride a horse tomarrow too? This one seems very nice." Abby piped up, still holding onto the hope.

  "Yea, ya can ride Suzy if I get back ta normal, but I will be able to do meh chores, right, Hector?" Billy confirmed, then repeated.

  "Yes, yes, you should be able to do your chores. At least half of them. The cure will be either ready in the early morning, or the late morning. I'll be spending the night in the basement to monitor it." Hector hummed out.

 Billy gave a soft pout, but nodded. He did desperately want to be human size again. He didn't like how his sneezes spooked his animals. 

 Speaking of sneezes, a tingle was creeping his way into his nose. It was because he was closer to the ground and flowers.His grin was replaced with a frown as he brought up a hand to smush at his nose, giving a heavy sniffle.

  "Meh… nose it..huuh! Itches." He warned, feeling his eyes flutter, and his nose scrunch. Abby's eyes widened in a panic as she scrambled away, not having seen the giant sneeze before. Hector stood his ground, not having as much fear. He instead just took a few steps off to the side to watch. He watched as Billy's chest spasmed with each hitch, the flaring nostrils, the squinting brown eyes, and lips parting as the giant took desperate breaths.

 "Nuuuuhhhh… huuuh! Huuuuh! EH'ZZZZHU! hiih! Heiiih! HIH'TDSHHI!...ESSSHUO! Guh, 'scuse me" Billy mumbled after sneezing, giving his nose a small wiggle, getting back to his feet.

  His first sneeze had sent all the animals in the area scattering to safety. The following two sneezes didn't really have any consequences.

  "Bless you Billy." Hector hummed as he saw Abby sheepishly creep out of her hiding place, coming back to join them.

  "That was very loud! Many blessings Billy boy." Abby giggled nervously and played with her hair, looking up at the giant with a slight grin, and looking slightly ashamed that she ran.

  "Thank ya…" Billy mumbled and shuffled his feet awkwardly. There was nothing much he could do besides accept the blessings from his partner and friend. He didn't expect Abby to run in the first place, and it got him a little down.

 "So all the chores are done, correct?" Hector asked, feeling the awkward tension in the air.

 "Oh! Uh, ya, Billy was just letting me brush the horses." Abby responded.

  "Then maybe you can come back tomorrow, when we can properly hang out. Not much we can do today right?" He prompted. 

 "Oh… ya I can come back tomorrow. See you tomorrow Billy!" Abby yipped before running over to hug the giant's ankle as much as she could.

 "See ya tamorrow Abbs." Billy hummed a slight smile to his face. Once she broke off the one sided hug, she made her way back to her home, bounce in her step.

Once she was out of earshot Billy pouted down at his boyfriend.

  "I can't believe she ran when I sneezed. I understan' why the animal run, but I never expected Abby to run. I thought she had no fears. Are my sneezes really too loud?" Billy complained to Hector, a small whine in his voice.

  "Well, your sneezes have always been a touch loud, but there's nothing bad about that. It's just part of who you are, and I quite like your sneezes." Hector said, a small smirk coming to his face on his last sentence, making Billy laugh.

  "I know ya like my sneezes, glad ta see that didn't change with meh size." He chuckled as he briefly crouched down to ruffle Hector's hair lovingly.

  "So… What should we do until the evenin'? Not much I can do at this size." Billy asked as he looked around, shuffling his feet again.

  "We could watch a movie. I saw an old projector down in the basement, and we could put a sheet on the side of the house." Hector suggested, already heading towards the house. 

  Billy just nodded, he much rather be doing something active, but that was near impossible in his current state. He waited for Hector to come back out of the house so he could help him set up the sheet.

  "Alright what movie do you wanna watch big guy? We have zootopia, the littlest mouse, the borrowers, the silent scream, and a movie called robo dog." Hector mumbled as he read off each movie title.

  "How 'bout zootopia? It at least has those cute lil' animals in it." Billy suggested skeptically as he settled down into a lying position.

  "Alright, The animated movie it is." Hector chuckled as he set it up to the projector. Once the pre-ads were rolling Hector then wandered over to Billy and climbed up onto the giant's arm, snuggling in to watch the movie.

  The movie started, and 15 minutes into it Billy found himself start to doze, and a few minutes after that was fully asleep. His nose was nestled into his boyfriend's stomach, as he snored.

  "Why do you always fall asleep during movies Billy? Wake up." Hector snickered as he nudged the side of the giant's nose. Billy just gave a sniffle and nuzzled in more, a sleepy grin on his face, but far from waking up.

 With a playful roll of his eyes, Hector gave in. He wasn't going to move his deep sleepier of a boyfriend. He wiggled his way into a more comfortable position, before settling down to finish the movie.

 Once the movie was over, to no one's surprise, Hector still found himself trapped by Billy's snugglings.

  "The movie is over, you can wake up now. Hey! Come on, you can't just trap me here. Billy!" Hector protested and started to wiggle, he had things to do after all! Unfortunately his wiggles of protest caused a problem for the slumbering giant, a tickle.

 Billy snuffled and scrunched up his nose, shifting his head slightly to the side. Hector now had a bit of a view of Billy's nostrils, which gave him an idea. 

 Hesitating for a brief moment, the scientist reached out a hand to place on the rim of Billy's nostril. It flexed under his palm as its owner gave a sleepy sniff. Taking that as a good sign, Hector continued. He allowed his fingers to dance and tickle at the inner wall of Billy's nose, and boy did it get a reaction.

  It started with snuffling, but quickly grew to large hitches. Billy sleepily sat up so he could rub at his troublesome nose, the action depositing Hector onto the ground with a thud. He shook off the experience and looked up to watch his boyfriends building sneeze.

  "HuuuUUUH! uuuhhh…? Hiiihhh…hih! Snnnnf! Heehhhhh….HHeehhhhh....HIH'ZZZZSHU! 'DSHZZZEIW! " two large sneezes, leading into a sniffly half awake giant. Billy brought a wrist to the underside of his nose to rib at it.

 " 'scuse me." He babbled though a yawn, eyes shifting down to look at Hector, who was blushing as red as a tomato.

 "Oh! Um, bless ya hun." Hector chuckled as he got to his feet, giving Billy's knee a small pat.

 "I'm gonna go check up on the cure, I'm sure you wanna do your evening chores before it gets too late. We'll meet back here in a few hours for snuggles… proper snuggles." Hector chuckled and patted Billy's knee again.

 "Yea, you're right. I need ta get the animals inta the barn before it gets too dark." Billy agreed as he ran a finger across the underside of his nose with a lazy sniffle. With that he ruffled Hector's hair and stood up to feed his animals, and to corral them back into their respective homes. 

 Soon done with his chores, he had nothing left to do for that day. With a heavy sigh Billy wandered around his property while he waited for Hector to come back outside. He couldn't wait to go back to normal size, then he could go to where Hector was, and wouldn't need for Hector to come to him. 

  While he was wandering around his land, he noticed one of his Apple trees seemed sickly. Taking advantage of his size he decided to look it over, glad he found something to do. He gently used his thumbs to part some of the leaves. It seemed to be primarily in the leaves, so Billy tried to prune it with his fingers. He was trying to be as gentle as he could, but he would sometimes snag a healthy branch or two, making the farmer swear under his breath. 

  Billy was so distracted trying to fix his tree, that he didn't even notice that hours had flown by, or the fact that the nearby trees were making him sniffle and his nose itch. He was looking for any remaining diseased branches when something touched his leg, making him jump with a startled yelp.

 "Woah there big guy! Careful, why don't you?" Hector said loudly as he took a few panicked steps back, it wasn't a great idea to startle someone twenty times your size.

  "You can't just sneak up on someone like that!" Billy protested as he absent mindedly scratched at his nose.

  "I didn't sneak up on you, I tripped several rocks and snapped a few twigs. You were just off in your own little world. Why are you messing with the trees? You know what they say, something about a bull and its horns?" Hector asked, looking at all the branches on the ground.

  "Was pruning a shiiihhck tree… and do you mean 'mess with a b-huh!ull, get the horns? What are y-you trying t-ta say?" He asked, slowly getting distracted by his itchy nose.

 "I'm sure you know what I mean, love. Your allergies, purposely sticking your nose into a blooming tree? It's a wonder you haven't sneezed yet!" Hector pointed out as he leaned against a nearby try, watching Billy knuckle at his nose.

  "I ghiiiht! Tha' now." Billy mumbled with a slight scowl, squinting his eyes as the tickle made itself well known in his sinuses. His jaw slacked as he took in a needy breath, bringing up a clumsy hand to try to cover the impending sneezes.

 "Huuuhhh… uuuh! Huuu….huh'ZZZHIEW! Hiiihhh…? 'ZZZHUIW! snnnff! Huuuh…hhhh! 'DSHHHIEW!!." Three large sneezes, muffled into the palm of his hand. Billy lifted his head up as he gave an uneven blink, a small buzz still teasing his nostrils. Giving a soft frown, he then gave a small sniffle, trying to coax out the last sneeze. It worked.

  "Huuih! UUUUH! HUH'ZZZZHIEW!... 'Scuse me." He mumbled after one final sneeze into his cupped hands. He then gave a relieved sigh and rubbed his nose along his shirt sleeve.

 "Blessings, feel Better? No more messing with trees without allergy meds right?" Hector asked with a small grin when he got a small nod from the giant.

  "No more trees, let's head ta bed. Like we planned, right? An' I should be small again in the mornin', right?" Billy asked as he took a few large steps away from the trees. 

 "That does sound about right." Hector hummed and nodded, starting to lead the way back to the house. Billy gladly followed behind. 

  "I can't wait ta get back ta normal. The first thing I'm gonna do is bury my face inta Lily's fluffy fur." Billy hummed, a small grin appearing on his face. 

 "What, I don't get a hug or a kiss before the dog?" Hector said with a mock scoff of offense, placing a hand over his chest.

  "Well I could give ya a kiss now, but the dogs keep barkin' at me like a threat. So wha' if I wanna snuggle my puppies?" Billy asked as he laid down by the house, nudging Hector closer with his fingertips, giving his face a small kiss when he was close enough.

 He got a small squeak and a blush from the smaller man, then after a brief moment, a kiss back.

  "Fine, fine. I guess you can snuggle your puppies, but I would advise you to at least take your medications beforehand." Hector mumbled as he curled up under Billy's chin, snuggling in. Billy gave a small snort of amusement and cupped his hand around his partner. 

 "Glad we've come ta a agreement." The giant babbled through a soft yawn, gently rubbing his thumb on hector's side. 

 Hector just playfully rolled his eyes as he snuggled into the crook of Billy's neck, allowing himself to doze off so he could wake up with Billy, since the farmer usually woke up at an ungodly hour.

 The farmer himself, had no issue falling asleep, and soon fell into his rumbling snores. Hector was used to these snores, but it was still an adjustment to sleep with them amplified. The smaller partner still managed to sleep for the night anyway, thankfully. 

 The next morning Hector begrudgingly woke up when Billy woke up, as Billy had to move the smaller to sit up. Billy stretched his arms over his head with a large yawn before sagging a bit as he rubbed at an eye, chuckling as he watched Hector try to go back to sleep.

 "Rise an' shine, ya can go back ta bed once we see if your cure works. It should be ready, right?" Billy blabbered as he poked Hector's side, to which Hector tried to swat away before giving in.

  "I'm up, I'm up." He sighed as he pulled himself into a sitting position, hugging his knees while he collected himself.

  "I'll go check if it's ready, just give me a moment to wake up a bit more. " he gave a soft mumble, pausing for a minute before standing up and heading into the house.

 Billy waited excitedly, trying his best not to bounce. He couldn't wait to do his chores properly with his dogs, like normal. He didn't know what he would do if this didn't work.

 A big grin came to his face as Hector came back outside, a large vial in his hand. He couldn't help a small bounce before getting into his knees.

 "Is tha' it? Is it gonna work? Do I gotta drink it or somethin' else?" Billy asked, grin getting bigger as Hector offered it out to him. He gladly took it, waiting for instructions.

  "Drink it in one shot, if my calculations were correct, you should be back to your six foot frame in about ten minutes or so. You have to drink it in one shot though, or it won't work as intended. You need to take it all at once. Now, it won't be an instantaneous event. You grew in spurts, thus you'll shrink in spurts. Minus the sneezing." Hector explained as he boosted himself up to sit on the edge of the porch.

  Billy nodded and popped the cap off, Downing the cure without hesitation, though he scrunched up his face as he found it tasted bitter. He then looked down expectantly, hoping the first spurt would happen right away. He was disappointed when it didn't work that way.

 The first downward spurt of size happened after about thirty seconds, and he lost about fifteen feet. Along with the shrinking, Billy found himself growing dizzy. A mere side effect. Over the next ten minutes, Billy's size kept decreasing, while his dizziness kept increasing. At minute eleven, he was back to his six foot frame, but curled up on the ground as he willed the world to stop spinning.

 Hector gave a soft frown as he slipped off the porch and made his way over to his partner, getting down on his knees to caress Billy's cheek.

 "You ok? Shall we head to the hospital?" He asked in worry, pulling Billy into his lap.

  " 'm fine… jus' dizzy… gimmie a moment. An' no doctors, ya know how I feel 'bout goin' to the doctor." Billy mumbled as he hugged Hector's waist for comfort and closing his eyes, waiting for the world to stop its constant and seasickining movement. The two of them sat that way for a solid five minutes before Billy sat up again.

  "I can't believe it worked, thank ya so much, being bigger was surly interestin'' , bu' I would never do it again. I couldn't be paid all the money in the world ta do that again. It's dangerous for everyone, an' unsettling. I didn't like how the dogs were 'friad of me, or how anythin' was 'fraid of me. I can't ya how good it feels ta be normal again!" Billy burbled in a long ramble to Hector, a joyful grin appearing on his face once again. He leaned in to kiss Hector before popping up to his feet.

 "I'm gonna go snuggle my pups now, since ya got your kiss." He teased as he headed into the house, Hector following closely, just to make sure Billy remained alright. 

 As they entered the house, they were both greeted by two happy collies. The first collie to jump up onto Billy, got a bear hug. The farmer snugged his face into her neck floof with a happy sound, before lifting his head up so his breath could start hitching. Maybe he should have listened to his boyfriend?

 "Huuuhhh…eeehhh… ssssnnf! Huuuh! Huh'Zzzhhiew! Eh'sheiww! …huh! Uuuh! Uh'Zhiiiew!" Billy sneezed three times, gently dropping the dog back onto all fours on the first one.

 Sadly for Billy, he seemed to regrow with each sneeze! Six foot each time, leaving him at a cramped twenty four foot and panicked. Hector had to once again climb up onto his torso as they both watched the dogs scramble to the kitchen in terror.

 "What happened! I was supposed to be cured! Why'd I grow with the sneezes again?" Billy cried out, feeling tears start to bubble into his eyes.

 "Ummm, don't panic. It's fine… it may be the fact that the growth has ingrained into your DNA… but by that logic the cure would have too…" Hector said and tried to give Billy a reassuring smile, going silent in thought.

  "Alright, this might sound cliche and trope-ish, but try thinking small thoughts, or try to will yourself to be human sized again? It's a long shot, but it may work." Hector suggested as he slid off of Billy's torso, standing in the kitchen doorway. 

 Billy gave a nod, moving carefully to wipe at his tear filled eyes, taking a calming breath, and closing his eyes to concentrate he started to will himself to be small again… to be normal. Shockingly, it worked! Billy found himself sitting on the floor, at a normal six foot.

 "I can't believe that worked." Hector mumbled under his breath in disbelief as he headed over to his partner, helping him to his feet.

 "Is there any way we could get rid of the fact I now apparently grow?" Billy asked in a soft voice.

 "I… don't think that's possible. From just merely looking at it, it seems like your DNA has been permanently altered by both substances. It looks like you may be able to control it, it's just a matter of learning how… and diligently taking your allergy pills." Hector tried to explain, trying to joke to lighten the mood at the end.

"We can do further tests soon, but not today. Your system needs some time to heal, but for now this is our new normal." He then explained.

 Billy nodded as he listened, not sure he liked the thought, but he would have to live with it, he had no other choice.

  "Our new normal…" he whispered to himself, hugging Hector to himself for a long moment while he thought about it. Once he somewhat accepted his fate begrudgingly, he gave Hector's cheek a small kiss. 

 "Thank you again for helpin' me, even if this has ta be the new normal. Now I gotta take my meds and 'round up the dogs. I got chores to do." He mumbled before going to do just that.

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45 minutes ago, JohnnyOxn said:

This story is one of the best on here!

Thank you so much, it makes me so happy that my stories can be enjoyed!

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This was so cuuuute! I loved all the interactions between Hector and Billy.

On 9/6/2022 at 5:25 AM, Sneezygiant said:

 "I'm a MONSTER!"  He wailed, tears flooding down his cheeks. He started to sob, an ugly cry.

  Hector hated to see his partner in distress, but there was little he could do in this situation. He frowned to himself and leaned against Billy's torso, as a sort of hug.

  "You're not a monster, you've just had a mishap. Everything will be okay… i-in one form or other. It's alright to cry, but you're not a monster."

  "Of course I'm a monster! I jus' sneezed myself out of a buildin'! It! It crumbled out from under meh! Normal people dun' do tha', monsters destroy buildin's!" He blubbered as he wiped at his eyes with the heels of his hands before he continued.

  "An'! An! What about the farm? I can't… t! Tend to the farm like this! I'm ta big to milk the cows, or collect eggs from the chickens! I can't take care of the plants either! The farm will go under! I… I can't have that Hector! It's been in my family for generations! I'm meant to pass it onto our future children!I can't be the generation that fails!" He hiccuped and sobbed though his rant, face growing red with the lack of air he was getting from his cries.

  "Billy… William! Look at me please." Hector yelled, only so he could be heard. He continued only when he had Billy's attention, even if that attention was through flooded eyes and stuttering breaths.

  "Look, Baby, You're no monster. Like I said, this is just a mishap. It may wear off, I may have to do some research to fix it. Everything will be fine. If worse comes to worse, I'll hire farm hands to keep it going? Ok?"

Awww poor Billy, I’m glad he has Hector to help him😊

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Love it!!!❤️❤️❤️💗 This story was so cute. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Till next time 🥰😍😘

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