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Sniffly, hitchily, nose-scrunchingly lovely work obs (f)

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Recently moved roles and now sit in a bright, airy office, equipped with over zealous air con, and right next to a huge park. 

There have been so many obs.

But one today bears special mention - even though it's not my usual favourite type of sneeze.

A woman in her late 20s, of British-Indian descent, with long dark hair, fairly dark brown skin, an expressive face with kind eyes and a wide smile, and a short, curvy body often bedecked in stylish dresses. Her nose is probably on the verge of being called hooked, with a bridge that extends out a little ways before the soft, fleshy part droops down and smoothly rounds into dainty nostrils. 

What first catches my eye is the way her nose has started twitching, wiggling and sniffling constantly in the last half an hour. It's properly scrunching, sometimes with the help of her upturned palm or two curved fingers giving it a gentle rub, sometimes seemingly of its own accord as the rest of her face stays still. Her the corners of her nostrils flare noticeably every few sniffles, and over the last few minutes she's been sniffing more deeply and loudly with obvious irritation.

As I'm typing away and trying to figure out the best way of phrasing a really pithy message, I notice her lean back slightly in her chair. Her head tilts slightly upwards and she brings her fingers to pinch at the bridge of her nose. She rubs hard for a few seconds, strongly up and down her nose, with her eyes half closed and mouth half open. Suddenly she reaches to her right, delving into her bag for a crumpled tissue. Her breath catches as she brings her hand back up to her face and shudders forwards with a wet sneeze - caught neatly in her cupped hands.

"Hehh... Hegghh-esshhh!"

Her sneeze isn't that loud and she blows her nose softly, but I bless her from across the desk we share and she thanks me. She sniffles wetly and blows her nose again, before taking out a small vial of hand sanitiser and cleaning her hands. She replaces the tissue in her bag and wiggles her nose in annoyance, clearly still feeling some prickle of frustration.

A few minutes pass, with more nose twitches and finger rubs and the occasional dab with her scrunched up tissue. Then almost without warning, she reaches back into her bag for a small, unopened pack of tissues. Her head rears back, thin eyebrows meeting in the middle of her forehead, the tip of her nose pulled downwards towards her lips as it wriggles in obvious throes of a pre-sneeze. As she tears open the plastic wrapping, the tickle building at the back of her nose becomes too much for her. A larger, more elongated "HaarrASSHHH!" erupts from her tortured features, barely caught in a hastily cupped left hand before she can get the tissues out of their wrapper.

This one was bigger - she keeps her hand where it is as she gets put a tissue from her pack, standing up as she strongly blows. She heads out for a second, I suppose to get women's bathroom down the corridor, but she's not long gone and quickly returns to work.

This pattern repeats itself several times in the next hour - sometimes she feels the sneeziness creeping slowly up through her nose, and flattens her palm against its twitching tip or pinches the sides in a valiant attempt to hold back the increasingly loud and drawn out explosions from coming to fruition. Other times she surrenders herself to the feeling and barrels forward with a satisfying, shuddering sneeze that pitches her forwards in her chair. Nearly every one is caught expertly in a tissue, and nearly every one is met with a beautiful combination of snuffles and snorts.





"Hehh... HEHH...Hih? *ugh* HARRRUSHUHHHH!"

After about the twelfth sneeze and my fourth bless you, I ask her if she's feeling OK and if she needs to take a break or stop for the day. It turns out she has hay fever from February through to August and had stopped taking her pills the previous week, but the combination of the rain and the air conditioning had left her regretting her decision.

A few more sneezes and sniffles followed before I left the office for the day - a few of them echoing down the corridor as she tried to retreat to the toilets and failed to keep her sneeziness in check - and I was in a good mood for the rest of the day!



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Wow that's a great obs you caught! I wonder if she's actually pretty loud when she blows her nose given the one time she blew strongly in front of you then escaped to the toilets another time to really blow as loud as she needs to without bother.

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17 hours ago, luvsfemalehonks said:

Wow that's a great obs you caught! I wonder if she's actually pretty loud when she blows her nose given the one time she blew strongly in front of you then escaped to the toilets another time to really blow as loud as she needs to without bother.

Maybe that's a common problem. I know when I get a persistent tickle the only eventual solution is for me to escape to the toilets so I can give my nose a proper hard blow and honk like a foghorn!

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A great observation! She must have been very irritated and itchy. I feel bad that she suffering from allergy’s but, atleast we all get this detailed obs!!

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