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After dinner desperate, wet and messy sneeze fit (Self, M)


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I have a tendency to get stuffy after eating and sometimes this leads to a sneeze fit. I usually sneeze anywhere from two to ten times in a row after a large meal. Since I have a public sneezing block, I can't sneeze in the restaurant, so I usually just end up sneezing in my car afterward. Today was no exception! 

As I finished up my rather large meal, paid and signed the check, I started to sniffle very wetly. I could already feel that I needed to sneeze. I blew my nose in napkin a couple of times, but since I only had one at my table and I was embarrassed to ask for more, my nose was probably noticeably wet and runny as I left. 

As I got into my car, and began typing my address into Google Maps (I suck at directions), my breath started to hitch. I then let out a "Hhh...ITTTCccchOo!" followed by another, and then another. Each time with intense hitching breaths in between. By this time my nose was so runny and stuffy that snot was dripping out. I sneezed yet again, "HahhhhItttcshhoo!" and then rubbed my nose, trying to contain the mess unsuccessfully. A string of snot fell out as I sneezed a fifth time, and I started looking around my car for something to blow my nose into. The only thing I saw was a disposable mask on the passenger seat, which I promptly grabbed and wetly blew my nose into. There was so much goopy wet snot in it that I knew the mask was already a goner by the time I felt the next sneeze coming, which sprayed all over the mask and my leg. I blew my nose again and threw the mask on the passenger side floor. Just before I started to drive, I sneezed yet AGAIN! 

Once I got home, I dumped the mask in the outside trashcan. It was still soaked and goopy even then! 

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2 hours ago, bingochamp7 said:

Bless you for all those sneezes! That poor mask had no chance lol

Haha! Yup! Guess I should get some tissues for my car, shouldn't I? 

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Bless you! This happens to me as well. I have not been able to have a sneezing fit in front of anyone. It’s like a little secret of mine. I’d like to be comfortable to do it in front of my partner, but my block is so bad. 

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