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I have come to the conclusion that there are only a handful of Brooklyn Nine Nine stories on here, and I want to change that. I've been watching it religiously with my husband for the past month and while I want to write a fanfic, I can't find the motivation to write a full one. So I thought maybe one shots would be super cute! I was also thinking people could reply their request and scenario and I could write about it! A fun little way to get delicious sneezies in but also mixing it up so the story doesn't get boring! Anyways, I had an idea for a one shot already so I will add that below but don't be afraid to give me suggestions, from any character or couple! Thanks! And enjoy!

One Shot #1: Stakeout

Scenario: Jake and Amy are on a stakeout at a hotel room overnight when Jake starts to feel a little yucky, causing Amy's instincts to kick in and care for him.

Jake and Amy entered the hotel, their home for the next 24 hours. Holt requested that they stakeout and see if they couldn't find the person who was thought to be involved in the Casey murder. The hotel was dingy and not well kept, but it was free, and it's not like they were there for a romantic night out. Unless you call busting a perp with your partner romantic; Jake might. Amy plopped a large bag on the table next to them, everything rattling inside of it.

"Ames, we're here for one night, what could you have possibly brought?" Jake inquired.

"Just the essentials," Amy shrugged. Jake reached into the bag and pulled out 6 different moisturizers, a toothbrush and toothpaste, an electric facial cleanser and a few other things.

"Just the essentials?" Jake smirked, holding one too many things in his hands. Amy shot him a glance.

"How do you think I keep my skin so soft and moist?"

"Please, don't ever say that again," Jake begged, sniffing slightly His nose was bothering him and his throat was scratchy. He tried to ignore it, tonight was not the night to be getting sick. Unfortunately for him, it was out of his control.

The night grew near; by this time Jake's nose would not stop running and the back of his throat was on fire, similarly to when he bet Hitchcock he could eat a whole family sized bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos in under five minutes, but with less satisfaction. He made his way to the table and slumped down into the chair next to Amy.

"Are you okay? You look kind of.. pale."

"I'mb find," Jake said, quickly running his hands through his disheveled hair. The congestion in his voice basically called him a liar, and he knew he would not be able to lie to Amy, "Alright, I dondt feel the best."

Amy placed her hand on Jake's forehead.

"You're burning up!"

Jake felt a shiver as she pulled her hand away, his sinuses twinging at the temperature change. His breath became uneven and he eventually lost the battle that he had been fighting since the night began.

Hehschschhewww!! Heh-Hehashcachhewww!!  He gently wiped his nose on his sleeve before being blindsided by one last sneeze. Hheshschcshewww!

"Oh, babe, why don't you go lay down, I'll go make you some tea."

"I dondt thibk they have tea here," Jake expressed, only for Amy to pull out all of the essentials for tea, "What, why would you eben thibk to brig that!?"

"Jake, you've been sniffling all day and the garbage can beside your bed was filled with tissues. Now go get in that bed and I will make you tea."

Jake listened to his wife and slowly crawled into the bed, bringing the comforter up to cover his shivering body before pinching his nose, failing to stifle the first.

Hahscchschewww! Hescxxhht!

"Bless you," Amy said softly, setting a hot cup of tea on the night stand next to him, "I love you."

"I lo- heh-ehshccheww!!  love you to- heh- too- hsshchewwww!!"

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Oh man, YES PLEASE! I am HERE for this. I love B99 and I love Jake and this was so cute!

(If you happened to also write one with sick Rosa I'd be forever grateful! :) )

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@SleepingPhloxHere is a sick Rosa for you!

So I know there is an episode where Rosa DOES get sick and she's basically denial city, and my first thought was to go off of that, but then I thought, why not make her the opposite? Rosa's tough and hard to crack but when she's sick she turns into a big baby! Hehe. Also, sorry this is one is a tiny bit short but I love it so much, enjoy.

One Shot #2: Polar Opposites

Scenario: Rosa catches a cold but instead of being tough about it she turns desperate for attention, to which Jake mistakingly offers.

Jake makes his way to Amy's desk, a hot coffee mug in his hand.

"Um, what's up with Rosa," he asked curiously, peering into the break room. Rosa was curled up in a ball on the couch, moaning. Loudly.

"It appears she has caught some type of cold. I guess the introduction of a virus sucks all of the scary out of her. She's been in there for an hour and no one wants to go in."

"Why? I mean, we can't just leave her in there alone," Jake said, walking towards the door.

"Jake, you don't want to do that!"

Jake opened the door to the break room and almost immediately was greeted by Rosa's warm body around his. He awkwardly patted the top of her head, not knowing how to respond.


Jake, trying not to act horribly disgusted that Rosa's snot was all over his arm now, spoke in his most quiet, supportive voice.

"Heyyyy, Rosa. Hey, you should sit back on the couch, it's much more comfortable than my waist, don't ya think?" His voice was soothing to Rosa's pounding headache making her squeeze even tighter. This made Jake let out a small squeak of pain.

"No, you're warb and I'mb so cold."

He- hehhe-

Jake lifted his arms in preparation for what was about to happen, but it never came. He lowered them cautiously, just in time for a triple sneeze to erupt from Rosa's nostrils.

Hehaascchew! Heh- Heschaahew! Hscaascheww!

Jake glared out of the window in the break room to the bullpen, mouthing the words "help" to his colleagues. Rosa continued to squeeze tighter around his body, sneezing uncontrollably at this point. Hsaaacssheew! Heh- Hschaaschheww! Hschaaaschehww!

Amy shot Jake a small smirk from outside the room, mouthing back "I warned you!" as she watched Jake silently suffer. Maybe next time he'll learn to listen.


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Oh my goodness, that was so, so, so perfect!  I love the idea of her being tough until she isn't, and I love the idea of poor Jake bearing the brunt of it.  I am eternally grateful you decided to bless us with B99 goodness on this fine day. 

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Another one shot idea coming at ya! This one involves Amy and Jake again (I can't help myself, I love Jake) but the roles are reversed. It's Amy that's struggling this time.

One Shot #3: The Gift of Suffering

Scenario: Jake and Amy are newly moved in with each other and Jake decides to take their relationship to the next level and surprise Amy with a puppy. Little does he know that she is severely allergic. (I know he knows prior to them even dating about Amy's allergy, I just thought I would have a little fun with it.)

"Where are you taking me?" Amy asked, adjusting her blindfold so she didn't ruin the surprise. Jake, tightly grasping her arm, led her down the stairs into their living room. As Amy got closer and closer to the surprise, her nose began to feel more blocked and her eyes started to water. Jake stopped.

"Alright, you can open your eyes now," he said in excitement. He had no idea what was coming.

Amy slowly took her blindfold off and revealed a small furry creature. A puppy. Oh no, this is not good Amy thought. She tried her best to hold back what were soon to be uncontrollable sneezes. Stupid allergy; why did it have to be something so cute?

Jake studied his girlfriend's face, trying to determine whether he had messed up or not; Amy was giving mixed signals.

"Don't you like him, Ames?"

"Yeah, I- heh- I love it!" she was losing the battle. Amy was slightly embarrassed, she had never sneezed in front of Jake before, exactly why she hadn't told him about her dog allergy. She wasn't sure why she was afraid to sneeze in front of her boyfriend, it was a natural human thing. Unfortunately, she was going to have to break it to him because if he hadn't already caught on, he was about to.

"You okay?" his face changed, realization setting in, "You're allergic to dogs, aren't you?"

Amy huffed slightly. He caught her, but she was so embarrassed she panicked.

"No.. I ju- heh- just-" she couldn't formulate any more words before the tickle took over and she let out a harmony of sneezes.

Hschew! Hscdsheww! Hschsheww! Heh- Hehh- Hscescheww

Amy quickly turned away from her boyfriend, catching another group of harsh sneezes in her cardigan. She couldn't face Jake, she was mortified.

Hescheww! Heschehw! Heschew! Hesshheww!

"Oh my god," Jake quickly grabbed the puppy and moved him as far away from Amy as he could, grabbing the tissue box on the way back. He snatched a few tissues and delivered them to his snuffly, sneezy girlfriend. Jake gently placed his hand on Amy's back, rubbing small circles while she blew her nose in relief, "I'm so sorry, I had no idea."

"It's f- heh- fine, there's no way you could ha- heh he- have," Amy reassured, fighting back another set of wet, aggravating sneezes, but it was too late. Her head tilted back as her eyebrows stitched together. She held up a finger to Jake to let him know she wasn't quite done. Jake grabbed a couple more tissues and handed them to Amy, taking the used ones she was clutching in her hand to throw them away for her. He got back by her side just in time to comfort her while she let her sneezes out.

Hesschhew! Heh-shcheww! His grip on her shoulder remained with each pitch forward. He felt terrible. Heschheww! Hscheww! Heh- hehs-hshecheww!

"Ugh, I'b sorry, I'm a mess," Amy apologized frantically, realizing she was blushing from embarrassment.

"Hey, hey, it's okay," he noticed how red her cheeks were and how flustered her body language seemed, "are you embarrassed by this?"

"I mean," Amy sniffed slightly, "maybe a little. I've always been self conscious about my sneezes and I've never been comfortable sneezing around people, especially the guy that I like."

Jake smirked, admiring how cute Amy was. Her being embarrassed was a bit adorable, as were her desperate attempts to hold back yet another set of sneezes. He was determined to make her feel more comfortable.

"Hey, you don't have to be embarrassed," Jake said, grinning from ear to ear now, "I have a secret for you, no one knows this, but I can make myself sneeze on command."

"What?" Amy giggled, "I didn't know that was a thing."

"Yeah, see, watch."

Jake lifted his hand and rubbed the bridge of his nose between his fingers. In no time, he looked no different than Amy, his head tilted back, his pre-sneeze face in full action. He turned slightly away from Amy, forming a fist, before letting out a harsh double sneeze.

Hesaahschehww! Hesaacschheww!

"See?" he snuffed, grabbing a tissue to blow his own nose, "nothing to be embarrassed about! It's kind of funny, actually." Amy giggled at her boyfriend in his attempt to make her feel less afraid.

"You are a dork, Jake Peralta."

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That’s last one shot with Amy’s allergy was super cute! All good one shots. B99 is a great show! I hope you enjoy the rest

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Love these, I'm only a casual fan of the show, haven't binged it or anything but I've enjoyed what I've seen of it. I'd love to see something with Gina sneezing though, her nose is amazing.

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Oh, that last one was so cute and good!  You write this fandom so well!

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