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Tinder date canceled bc of a cold… a survey


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I was supposed to meet a Tinder guy for a second date today, but he messaged to cancel saying he has a cold… 

I am so torn between simply saying, “I understand and hope you feel better” and saying “Actually…” 😂 (you can imagine the rest). 

So… what would you do? 

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Perhaps you could wish him speedy recovery and ask if there's anything you could do for him. The depends on how well the first date went of course. 🙂 If you are where I think you are tissues, chicken soup and cold medicine isn't a thing, but tea with honey and lemon, takeaway and a movie at home is. Some people like nyponsoppa when they're not feeling well. Good luck! 

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I was just thinking about this and saw your post. I have a possible tinder date this week and wondered to myself what I would do if he asked to cancel because of a cold. I think I would probably tell him that I was ok with it if he was still feeling up to it. But if he felt like crap, I’d let him know he could reschedule. 

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"Hope you feel better" is the best answer, even though you don't want to. Maybe wait until the next time he's got a cold before saying "actually..." 😂

I used to tell the guys who suggested all the rude things on first conversation (when Plenty Of Fish was a thing) "sure but you'll have to sneeze for me. That's what gets me going." They disappeared awfully quickly after that!

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You could just say something like I don't mind, I have an epic immune system, but you just met him so anything more would be risky 

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