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 "Shouldn't you be drinking tea, and not coffee while sick?" Twigsly asked from her spot up on the fridge, watching Jackson brew a pot of coffee.

  "I'm a grown man, I can drink coffee anytime I please, sick or not. What are you gonna do about it? Stop me?" Jackson teased as he leaned against the counter, looking up.

 "How dare you use that excuse, mister! I think I'll be telling mama about your bad habits!" Twigsly answered back in mock offense, standing up, hopping from the top of the fridge and landing on the counter expertly. Her tail gave a little flick before she scampered over to pounce onto her friend's shoulder, snuggling into the side of his neck.

 "You're gonna get us both lectured at!" Jackson snickered, bringing up a hand to knuckle at his nose before reaching up to fetch down a mug.

 "Fine! I won't go tattling on your ass, but I will make ya lay down. Oh oh! We still have to finish that show!" Twigsly yelped, tail swaying softly as she spoke, flopping down into a sitting position.

 "That won't be possible, twigs. I have a project that needs to be finished by tonight. If I don't, everything will be behind schedule." The human told his smaller companion as he poured himself coffee. Twigs didn't even dignify him with a response, instead playfully smacking his check with her tail before pouting.

  "Yhiihhhh…you can go ahead and pout mam' " Jackson chuckled as he took his mug and walked back to his desk, witch was in his spare room.

 "I will pout!" She puffed as she slid off of his shoulder to stand on his desk, crossing her arms and deepening her pout at him, making sure he saw.

  "Come on, you're sick and you want cuddles right? Stop being so stubborn! I can see your nose twitching!" She yelped as she gave her foot a small stomp, pointed ears flicking downwards, making a small scene.

 " I'm fhiih! Fuuuhh… huuuh!" Jackson started to protest with a small grin, but his expression soon fell, and his chest swelled as he hitched. He waved a hand in front of his face, as if to try to wave the sneeze away, but to no avail. His jaw slackened as he took in the last few desperate breaths.

 "Huuuh! Huuuuh! Huh! Huh'sshkoo! T'ssh! " Even though Jackson aimed the two airy sneezes towards his shoulder, and Twigsly still found herself briefly flinching away. It was a natural instinct after all. As a borrower she was meant to be hiding away and timid, and definitely not out in the open. She was breaking the main rule of her species. Don't let the humans know you exist!

  "Bless you! See, even your own body says you should be resting!" Twigsly protested as her tail flicked with slight annoyance, watching as Jackson booted up his laptop and opened the animating program.

 "I'm fine, I'll just work for a few hours, then I'll relax. You worry too much, tiny." Jackson teased her as he brought his non-dominant hand over her, giving her head a loving but playful rub, chuckling as she practically melted into the affection. 

 "Hey! That's playing dirty!" Twigsly protested as she waved her hand above her head to shoo off Jackson's hand, earning herself a chuckle from him.

  "It's rude of you to use my weakness against me!" She pouted as she hopped back onto his shoulder, so she could use his ear to get up onto his head. Once there she nuzzled happily into his strawberry blonde hair.

  "I can feel that you have a fever from here." She pointed out, watching as he started animating.

  "I'm fine, I have my coffee, my laptop, and my favorite annoyance with me. So what if I have the sniffles? I have everything I need." Jackson hummed, picking up his coffee so he could take a sip. 

  "You'd be better if you took a nap! Or you could take some medicine! If I got sick you'd be coddling me like no tomorrow, but you're sick and a stubborn ass!" She yelped, giving a scowl he couldn't see.

  "Well I'm always s-shiiihhhhck, and you're never sick. Snnnf see the difference?" He asked her, soft smile on his face. 

  "Fine! Be that way. I'll let you work for now, I have to do a few things for my nest, but when I come back I'm gonna make sure you get proper care!" She proclaimed as she swung her legs, so she could stand on Jackson's nose, crouching to stare him in the eyes. She didn't even notice her tail was flicking in frustration.

  "Mmmm… fuh! … fine! Buhh… ta…tail! Gooonhuuh! Sn-huuuuh!sneeze!" He warned, nostrils flaring against her tail as his eyes went out of focus, his mouth slacking, as his hand came up to wave at the air in front of his face.

 "Wait!" Twigsly cried, with no hope. Jackson was already hitching, and she had nowhere to go. She couldn't go back to the top of his head, nor to either of his shoulders, and his coffee was in the way of hopping to the desk! She was cursed to wait.

 "Huuuhhh… heeeh! Heeeeh'ckshhho! Hiih! Hiiih! Hih'tshhhuo'uh!" Two more airy sneezes, one into his hand to catch Twigsly, the second quickly swiveled into his shoulder.

  "Bless you Jakey!" Twigsly chirped, glad she didn't get a snot bath. She quickly scampered out of hand, onto his shoulder he didn't sneeze into, before pouncing onto the desk once again.

 "It's been eighteen years, and yet you still can't control that tail of yours. It's very tickly." Jackson said with a pointed sniff, taking a hold of his computer mouse so he could continue his project.

 "You're still being stubborn about this? Impossible! As in you are! I have chores to do. I'll be back when they're done." Twigsly huffed and puffed as she leaped off the desk, sulking back into the world of the walls.

 The borrower came to check on her human companion an hour later, to find him slumped over his keyboard, asleep. With a small roll of her eyes, she used Jackson's pant leg to climb upwards until she could hoist herself onto the desk.

 "Jakey, I told you that you needed rest… but nooo! You needed to work, couldn't take a small break." Twigsly scolded, knowing her words were being unheard, but soon fell silent as her expression softened. She gently nudged her side into his cheek.

 "Jakey, honeydew, you done with your work? You ready to take a proper nap? In bed…or I'll take the couch too." She mumbled in a soft, caring voice. She was met with a groan as Jackson sat up and rubbed at his eyes.

 "Whaaa? Oh, uhm, work? Ya… I'm done, just gotta send it." Jackson said through a yawn, clicking the key on his keyboard programmed to quicksand projects.

  "Come Jakey, time for a proper nap, I promise you'll feel much better afterwards!" She purred with a small swish of her tail, as she held up her arms so she could be carried.

 Jakey gave a sniffle as he scooped the borrower into his hands, before standing up. He was still very groggy from his interrupted nap, but was finally willing to let his stubbornness step aside. He was done with his work for that day after all.

 "Then after your nap maybe you can take some Dayquil." Twigsly chirped up at him, snuggling into her friend.

 "That's pushing things, and you know it." Jackson frowned as he flopped into his bed, cupping Twigsly to his chest.

 "You would feel so much better with a dose of medicine, you're back to being stubborn."

 "And you're being a worry wart, now shhhhh…" jacket whispered, though couldn't help the slight smile that bubbled onto his face.

  "Don't you shush me! I care about you and your health!" Twigsly yelped as she pushed the human's hand off, so she could climb up onto his chin to be seen.

  "Says… the…the..snff… the one interrupting… my nhaaahhh..nap." He mumbled, a small smirk appearing briefly on his face, before faltering as he felt the pinprick of a budding sneeze deep in his sinuses.

  Twigsly gave a small squeak and rolled onto the pillow as her pal's breath continued to hitch.

 "Huuuhhh…uuuuh! Hiiih… 'tsksho! …hiiih! Eh'shhhou'uh!" Two sleepy sneezes, quickly muffled into the collar of his shirt. He gave a small groan before pulling Twigsly towards his face, trapping her between his cheek and his pillow.

 "Bles-HEY!" The borrow started before giving a sigh. "Bless ya, are you going to take your nap this way? Seriously?" She asked with a playful roll of her eyes.

 "Mmhm." Was Jackson's simple response, starting to drift off.

  "Can you take medicine after your nap?"

        "...We'll see…"

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