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This is one that I’ve been trying to write for a little bit for @RemedyBane Your drabbles are literally the best ever and I appreciate every update that you give, so giving you something you wanted was totally no brained! I hope that you like it as this is my first time writing Slider with Maverick and Ice, so I hope that I didn’t do too horrible with his characterization. You are the best and I hope you like it!










    A shiver ran down Ice’s spine as he walked through the rain toward his house. It had been dreary all day, but it had really picked up when he had walked to his vehicle, and now when he was walking up to his house. October was hitting hard, and brought with it freezing rain and cooler temperatures. Ice missed the heat of the summer and the feel of a light breeze on his skin instead of the frigid gusts that happened now.


    Ice sniffled as he opened the door, lightly cursing as his nose ran. He couldn’t tell if it was from the cold or something else, but it was aggravating all the same.


    Shaking off the water from his jacket, Ice pulled off both shoes and set them aside, lined up against the edge of the wall just as he liked. His coat was next, though he was slightly disappointed to see it go as it was one of the only things that was still providing him with warmth.


    “Hey, you’re home,” Slider announced eagerly as he craned his head around the corner of the kitchen to see who had arrived. “Maverick said he’s going to be a little late. Something about his students at Top Gun needing something. You know how protective he is of those kids.”


    Ice nodded as he hung his coat on the hook. “Maverick just be Maverick it seems.”


    Slider nodded as he came closer, not hesitating to wrap his arms around Ice’s middle to bury his head into his chest. “You’re cold,” he mumbled with a shiver.


    “That’s because I got caught in the rain,” Ice responded as he lifted the back of his hand to cough into.


    Slider loosened his grip just enough so that he could peer up at Ice. “You okay?”


    “It was just a cough. The cold weather is getting to me.” Ice leaned down and kissed the top of Slider’s head. “Do you think I have enough time to take a shower before dinner?”


    Slider nodded. “Oh yeah. You know how Maverick is, and how his students are. It’ll be another hour at the least,” Slider joked, though there was no real venom in his voice. He, like Ice, had also grown fond of Maverick’s Top Gun students and often liked inviting them over for dinner or a movie night whenever possible. Ice found it beyond sweet while Slider tried to keep up appearances and say that he only did it for Maverick. However, Ice knew the truth.


    Ice fought another shiver as he pulled away from Slider and walked toward the bathroom. He had only taken a few steps until he was ducked his head into a raised elbow. “Esich’Shiew! Esich’Shiew! Itcsh’Shiew! Itech’Shiew! Isch! Isch! Itcssh! Itsch! Itsch! Itsch! Istch’Shiew!


    “Bless you,” Slider called as he headed back into the kitchen to check the stove to make sure that the pasta he was making didn’t boil over.


    Relief surged through Ice that Slider hadn’t made a big deal of it. Usually, he was the first one to notice if Ice was coming down with something, sometimes even before Ice himself. There was no doubt in his mind that Slider wouldn’t be happy to know that Ice hadn’t told him when he wasn’t feeling his best, but that was a battle that Ice would fight later.


    Ice made a quick stop to the master bedroom and headed to his dresser. He opened the top drawer and pulled out some sweats and a long sleeve sleep shirt, hoping that a warm shower and these clothes would chase the chill from his bones.


    He made his way into the bathroom while Slider continued with dinner from the kitchen.


    It was about forty five minutes later that Maverick strolled into the house, shaking water from his hair with the door slamming behind him. “Shit, it’s cold!”


    Slider rolled his eyes and placed the top on the boiling pot before ducking back around the corner, a dish towel thrown over his left shoulder. “Long day,” he questioned.


    “Wasn’t too bad until it started raining.” Maverick came over to Slider’s side and looped his arm around his back before pressing a kiss on his cheek. “Where’s Ice?”


    “Wow, really know how to make a man feel special, Mitchell.”


    Maverick pushed Slider good naturally, amusement glowing in his eyes. “Shut up. You know that I love you just as much as Ice.”


    “Whatever you say.” Slider nodded to the hallway. “He went to take a shower. He’s been in there a little while, but he got caught in the rain too. You know how much he hates being cold.”


    Maverick hummed to himself as he headed down the hallway. “I’ll grab him. Set the table for us?”


    “Already did. Gotta be quicker than that, Mav.”


    Maverick couldn’t help but laugh as he padded forward and over to the bathroom, where steam was billowing from under the door. “Ice?” Maverick knocked on the door. “You good in there?”


    When Maverick received no answer, he reached down to try the handle. He tried it and found it unlocked, which was slightly surprising as Ice was usually big on locking doors, even when it was just the three of them at home. Maverick had learned it was more out of a trauma response than anything, so to have it unlocked like this had Maverick’s stomach flopping over in worry.


    Maverick opened the door slowly and slipped inside to find Ice shivering and dripping wet right outside the shower. A towel was draped around his shoulders, though he seemed uninterested in drying himself off. His hair was wet as well, sending rivulets of water down his face and back of his neck. He coughed weakly upon seeing Maverick, teeth chattering.


    “Hey, what’s going on,” Maverick asked softly as he drew closer, arms coming to wrap around Ice to hold him close. “You’ve practically vibrating, honey. Are you cold?”


    Ice nodded slowly, swallowing painfully. “Just a little,” he rasped.


    “Is your throat bothering you?” Maverick’s right hand reached up and gingerly thumbed over the closed tracheotomy hole that he had placed during his battle with throat cancer. Although Ice didn’t often complain about it, Ice’s voice had drastically changed from what Maverick and Slider were used to, and Ice became self conscious about it at times. Talking could also be painful at times from what Maverick understood. He was always hesitant to ask Ice about it, but this time it slipped out despite knowing better.


    Ice timidly pulled away, Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed once more. “A little.”


    “Just a little?” Maverick pulled on the side of Ice’s face until Ice dipped his head down so that Maverick could place his lips softly on his forehead. There was more heat there than typical, though that could’ve been thanks to the hot water in the shower. “You feeling alright?”


    Ice forced a nod as he lifted his head back up. “I’m a tad bit worn out,” he confessed. “Going back to work is a little harder than I expected.”


    “Maybe you just need to ease back into it a little slower,” Maverick suggested, echoing what Slider had suggested when Ice had first expressed interest in going back to work.


    Ice shrugged. “Maybe.”


    “Well, Slider made some pasta, or more like heated up pasta for us. I’m sure you’ll feel better when you have something warm in your stomach,” Maverick pointed out, trying to keep some excitement in his voice to keep Ice moving.


    Ice mumbled something that Maverick couldn’t catch before suddenly ducking his head to the side with his elbow raised so that he could duck into the towel. “Ischs’Shiew! Itchs’Shiew! Itsch’Shiew! Shiew! Shiew! Itsch! Itchsh! Itscsh! Irtcsh! Itscsh! Istcsh’Shiew! Itschs’ShiEW!


    Maverick had lifted a hand to rub small circles on Ice’s back throughout the duration of the fit, always silently stunned how much Ice sneezed. Sure, he occasionally had smaller fits, but usually it was nine or ten at the least. They were softer than most sneezes, Maverick would give him that, but still difficult to manage all the same.


    “Damn, bless you,” Maverick started as he gave Ice’s shoulder a squeeze. “You alright or is it Slider’s shampoo giving you trouble?”


    Ice shook his head as he lowered his towel from his face, clear discomfort showing on his face from his knit brow to his clenched jaw. “Sorry,” he apologized breathlessly. “Didn’t realize they were coming.”


    “You don’t have to apologize. But are you sure you’re feeling alright?” Maverick ran his fingers through Ice’s still damp hair as he began to pepper kisses from his shoulder down the back of his arm. “I think you’re getting a little stuffy and you’re still shivering. Maybe you are coming down with something.”


    “Maybe.” He coughed to clear his throat and motioned to his change of clothes. “Could you hand me those?”


    Maverick didn’t hesitate to do as Ice asked, and while he stepped into his boxers and sweats, Maverick took to drying his hair with as soft rubs from Ice’s towel. His hair had been slightly thinning with age, though Maverick would never say anything about it, especially after his hair had finally grown back after the chemo and radiation. Maverick still tried to always be careful with it, even going so far as to sometimes helping Ice style it in the morning as holding his hands over his head for long could cause him to grow unsteady and dizzy.


    When Ice finally pulled on his sleep shirt, Maverick could see that something was wrong. He was staring into space and humming to himself, shuffling from one foot to the other in turn. Maverick hadn’t seen Ice act like this before and it caused a stone of dread to sink into his stomach. He reached out to grab Ice’s wrist, finding his pulse weak.


    “Ice, you okay?” Maverick applied slightly more pressure to his wrist, just enough for light discomfort. “Tom?”


    Suddenly, Ice’s eyes rolled up in his head and his entire body went limp. He wouldn’t struck the ground hard if Maverick wouldn’t have had the insight to get behind him and catch him under his arms, staggering against Ice’s dead weight.


    “Shit! Fuck!” Maverick grunted as his arms roared in protest of the weight that they were holding up. “Slider! Ron, get the fuck in here!”


    It didn’t take long for Slider to round the corner and rush into the bathroom, seeing Maverick barely managing to keep Ice upright. “Help,” Maverick grunted as he began to falter.


    “Put him down, carefully,” Slider ordered as he came to Maverick’s side and took half of Ice’s weight, lowering him down to the floor gently. Slider slid a hand between the back of Ice’s head and the floor, eyes trained on the passed out man in front of him.


    Maverick reached out and nudged Slider when it seemed he was in a trance watching Ice. “We need to move him somewhere besides the bathroom floor,” Maverick pointed out.


    Slider sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair to slick it back. “I know. You grab his legs and I’ll take his arms. Make sure you don’t drop him.”


    Maverick didn’t respond with a biting comment despite feeling the urge to. Instead he swallowed any retort and came over to grasp Ice’s legs, lifting him up only when Slider was ready with his arms.


    The two of them carried him slowly out of the bathroom and down the hall until they came to the living room. Maverick insisted on setting him onto the couch, which Slider agreed with. Maverick forced Ice’s legs up and held them on his shoulders while Slider tapped on his face lightly, gaze flickering from Ice to Maverick.


    “C’mon, honey,” Slider whispered as he grasped Ice’s hand and pressed a kiss to his knuckles. “Open those eyes for me, okay? Let me see ‘em.”


    Maverick lifted Ice’s legs higher on his shoulders, giving each leg a couple pats to make sure that blood was still flowing. This wasn’t Ice’s first time passing out by far, though it still freaked him out all the same. He suddenly wished he had seen the signs earlier and gotten Ice to sit down and prepare for it before it actually came over him.


    “Ice, c’mon,” Slider pressed, emotion crackling in his voice.


    “Hey, he’s going to be fine.” Maverick reached out a hand and took Slider’s free one, brushing his fingers gingerly over all his fingers. “It just takes him a little bit to come around. It’s also not helping that I think he’s sick.”


    “Sick,” Slider echoed.


    Maverick nodded. “Yeah, he seemed a little off in the bathroom and I think he may have a fever. You know how he is though about saying when he’s sick.”


    Slider let out a forced laugh and gave his head a shake. “Yeah, he could be literally be crawling on the floor with sweat pouring from him and still try to reassure us that he’s okay. Remember the last time he had the stomach flu?”


    That was a memory that although Maverick wasn’t keen to think about, it was also one he could never forget. “I’m hoping this time won’t be like that. I think it’s just a cold.”


    “Colds don’t usually bring fevers with them,” Slider muttered as he gave Ice’s shoulders a few firm squeezes. “I should’ve known something was up when he came in sneezing. That’s always the first symptom of any sickness for him, and he walked in the rain. Shit! I knew I should’ve drove to base to get him so he didn’t have to walk so far to get into his vehicle.”


    “This is not your fault,” Maverick reassured, not liking Slider’s comment nor his tone whatsoever.


    Slider sighed. “Maybe not, but I still should’ve known something was wrong.”


    Before Maverick could say anything else, Ice’s eyes began to flutter before they fully opened and he let out a sharp cough. Panic shone in his eyes as he fought to pull his legs from Maverick’s grasp and sit up, alarm radiating through his entire being.


    “It’s alright. It’s okay,” Slider reassured quickly as Maverick released his legs while Slider sat down on the couch beside him, giving Ice a little space as the man in question forced himself into a sitting position, lungs howling in protest as he started to cough.


    Slider didn’t hesitate to slip in behind him and began to rub small circles on Ice’s back, soft reassurances whispered in his ear. “Breathe through it. You’re okay. There’s no need to panic.”


    Ice slowly began to slump against Slider, calmness making his limbs grow heavy as he looked over to Maverick. “Mav,” he asked, voice completely shot.


    Maverick reached down to give Ice’s leg a squeeze. “I’m right here and so is Slider. You’re on the couch in the living room. Do you remember anything of what happened?”


    “Dizzy,” Ice mumbled.


    Maverick fought not to laugh. “Yeah, you passed out. Maybe you’re feeling a little rougher than you thought, huh?”


    Ice pondered it for a moment, thoughts sluggish. “Didn’t think I felt this bad. Just my throat hurts.” He suddenly gave a harsh snuffle as a look of confusion showed on his face.


    “I think you’re a little passed just a sore throat, honey.” Slider leaned forward and planted a kiss on the top of Ice’s head. “You’re so warm.”


    “I always run hot.”


    “Not quite this hot.” Maverick jumped to his feet and looked behind him. “I’ll grab the thermometer and some meds. Stay put!” With that he slipped back down the hallway, movements sure as he felt he had something productive to do.


    The second he left, Ice leaned back with a groan against Slider. Slider frowned and ran his fingers through Ice’s hair. “Hey, what’s wrong,” Slider fretted.


    “Didn’t want that to happen.”


    “You mean you passing out? I hate to break it to you, but it’s a normal reaction that your body sometimes has. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’m just glad that Maverick was there to catch you so you didn’t hit your head on anything.”


    Ice’s brow furrowed. “You two shouldn’t have to do this.”


    “What? Take care of you?” Slider wrapped an arm around Ice’s middle and held him close. “You know Mav and I love this, right? We hate when you’re sick, but not because we don’t want to take care of you. You deserve the world, Ice. And I won’t stop saying it until you start believing it.”


    Ice grew quiet until Maverick waltzed back in with an in the ear thermometer and some liquid cold medicine. Ice immediately turned up his nose when he saw the bright red liquid medicine, stomach lurching at the possibility that Maverick would force that into him.


    “Let’s see what we’re dealing with first,” Maverick suggested as he switched the thermometer on and removed the cap. He then gingerly inserted it into Ice’s ear, waiting a few tantalizing moments until it beeped. Maverick tugged it from Ice’s ear and frowned. “101.7. That’s definitely a fever.”


    “A low grade one,” Ice chimed in.


    Slider tightened his grip on Ice as fear pooled in his stomach. “A fever is still a fever. That means bed rest and meds for you,” he whispered against the side of Ice’s head.


    “And we can start right now.” Maverick unscrewed the lid and poured the liquid into the small plastic cup that came with the medicine. He filled the cup up to the brim, deciding that it couldn’t hurt to give Ice just a little extra. He handed the cup over, watching as Ice tentatively took it and made a face of disgust.


    Slider couldn’t help but chuckle. “If you do it quick it’ll be over in a few seconds.”


    “But you know what happens when I take it,” Ice whined.


    Slider exchanged a look with Maverick and the two struggled not to completely bust out laughing. “It’s the price you have to pay.”


    “I hate that you both find this funny,” Ice complained.


    “We don’t find it funny,” Maverick reassured. “We find it adorable that this happens to you once you take it.”


    Ice wasn’t quite sure if that was any better, but he couldn’t stay cross with either of them for any period of time. He knew they just wanted to help to the best of their ability, and the best thing that he could do is listen to them as much as possible.


    After hanging his head in defeat, Ice motioned for the medicine. “Alright, hand it over.”


    Maverick didn’t hesitate to hand it over, exchanging a look with Slider as Ice downed the liquid medicine in no time flat. He had just finished when he let out a frustrated groan and lifted both hands to rub harshly against the sides of his nose, a cry of frustration ripped from his throat.


    While Maverick reached out to grab and cup, Slider gingerly grasped Ice’s hands and pulled them down from his face. “Easy, easy, that’s only going to make it worse. You gotta just let it happen.”


    The last thing that Ice looked like he wanted to do was ‘let it happen’. A retort was clearly on the tip of his tongue, but the sudden itch that lodged inside his nose was impossible to talk through no matter how hard he tried.


    Ice gave a small gasp before falling forward, his head snapping down to the side so he didn’t sneeze on Slider as Slider fought to hold him still. “Itcsh’Shiew! Itsch’Shiew! Eisch’Shiew! Escish’Shiew! Itcsh’Shiew! Isch! Itscsh! Itsch! Itschsh! Itsch! Itcshsh! Itsch’Shiew!” Ice was left sniffling in the aftermath, head twisted so far against the back of the couch that neither Slider or Maverick could see him.


    “Ice,” Maverick asked as he gave his knee a shake.


    Slider shook his head manically and flicked his head to the side while mouthing, ‘Tissues’.


    Maverick flashed him a thumbs up before leaping off the couch and disappearing back down the hall.


    While he was gone, Slider kept rubbing Ice’s back as he felt him start to cry. “Honey, it’s alright,” Slider soothed as he planted kisses all around Ice’s head. “You’re sick, it happens. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about when you’re just here with us.”


    Ice continued to cry louder this time, shoulders shaking as he sobbed. Slider continued to whisper reassurances, though he was very aware that they were doing absolutely nothing. When Ice got like this there really wasn’t much anyone could do besides do their best to comfort him. Slider longed to take this sickness and embarrassment away from Ice even though there was no feasible way to make that happen.


    “You know we don’t mind, right? Mav and I like looking after you, we always have. We love you so much. I wish you could feel just how much,” Slider whispered, unsure if Ice could even hear him over his cries.


    Ice shifted so that his head was rested on Slider’s chest, though it was still turned to the side away from him so that all Slider could see was the top of his head. “Don’t like being gross.”


    “You’re not gross; you’re sick. There is a big difference. Besides, you’ve seen us in much worse spots. I swear Maverick has a death wish at least once a week that should leave him dead or worse. You don’t complain when it’s Maverick or me, so why do you think we don’t feel the same way about you,” Slider questioned, cheek rested on the top of Ice’s head to give him that added pressure that he knew he enjoyed.


    Ice didn’t say anything more as Maverick rounded the corner with a box of tissues. “Found some in the back linen closet. We’re going to need some more though.”


    Slider nodded in appreciation and took the box from him, eyes on Maverick as he crawled back into his place on the other end of the couch with Ice’s legs set on his lap. It was a tight fit for three of them, but they managed.


    While Maverick was continued to get situated, Slider took out a handful of tissues and handed them over to Ice. He made sure now to look, knowing exactly what Ice would say if he did. It didn’t take Ice long to blow his nose and brush the tears away from his eyes before rolling over so that his back was against the back of the couch with Maverick still holding his legs and Slider’s chest used as his pillow.


    “Are you comfortable,” Slider asked as he rubbed his hands up and down Ice’s arms. “Are you too cold? Too hot?”


    Ice let out a tired mumble before shivering. “C-Cold.”


    Slider opened his mouth to speak only for Maverick to leap up once more without a second thought. He headed over to the other couch and pulled a heavy blanket from where it had been draped over the side. He came back in zero time flat and threw the blanket over Ice with Slider then tucking it around him while Maverick crawled back into position with a tired yawn.


    “That better?”


    Ice nodded before his eyes widened in alarm. “Dinner! You two didn’t have dinner!” A coughing fit followed his exclamation, his throat not the least bit happy he decided to be so loud.


    Slider rubbed his back as Ice continued to cough, the sound deep and grating. “Hey, don’t you worry about us. There’s microwaves and stoves for a reason. We’ll just heat something up later. Right now we’re worried about you. Are you hungry?”


    Ice shook his head. “Had a late lunch.”


    Slider wasn’t sure whether or not to believe it, but decided now wasn’t the best time to accuse him of anything. Sickness usually made Ice even less likely to eat than usual and getting anything in his system would be next to impossible. However, that would be something to worry about a little later.


    “Okay, but you have to at least try to eat something later with us. You need energy to fight this bug,” Slider replied.


    Ice still looked unsure, but he didn’t argue with Slider. Instead, he looked over to Maverick. “How was work?”


    “You really want to talk about work right now after you passed you,” Maverick questioned, eyes widening. “You sure that’s the topic you want to delve into?”


    Slider opened his mouth to answer for him, but Ice reached out and grasped Slider’s hand, giving it a tight squeeze. “I like when things are normal.”


    That was a truth that Maverick wasn’t sure he was ready to hear. Things hadn’t be ‘normal’ will all of them in quite sometime. That wasn’t to say that Maverick was angry about it. Thanks to cancer and changes to the Navy and where they were deployed, it had been a good ten years since they had all stayed relatively in the same space and didn’t have cancer to deal with. Not to mention that they looked after Goose’s son, Bradley, a good chunk of that time after his mother died and he joined the Navy himself. It had been anything but a typical life for any of them.


    “Well......the kids are doing good with their training. They’re a little cocky from time to time, but that does come with the territory,” Maverick pointed out.


    Ice couldn’t help but chuckle, relieved that it didn’t aggravate his already sore throat. “Remind you of anyone else?”


    Maverick feigned confusion. “No one, actually.”


    Slider wished he was sitting closer so that he could give Maverick a playful shove, but he settled for rolling his eyes. “What goes around comes around.”


    “Yeah, yeah, maybe I understand a little what you went through with me back in the day,” Maverick replied with a look to Ice. “But, they’re great kids and are starting to rely on each other as a team. I just hope they can keep themselves out of harm’s way.”


    “They are pilots, Mav,” Slider reminded him gently. “Sometimes there’s nothing that you can do to keep them safe.”


    That was a truth that Maverick wasn’t quite ready to deal with. He gave a small shiver and shook his head to clear it as adrenaline coursed through his veins. “Maybe. It doesn’t mean I have to throw them to the wolves.”


    “We were,” Slider pointed out.


    “Yeah, and look where the hell that got us.” Maverick’s gaze hardened as he locked Slider in a stare. “It got one of the best RIO’s in the Navy fucking killed. That’s where it got us!”


    Ice let out a frightened whimper as he flexed his ankle so that he could brush it against Maverick’s tensed forearm. “It’s alright,” he rasped after coughing. “Take in a deep breath.”


    Maverick was usually not a fan of when Ice tried to pacify him, though he understood why Ice would say those things. Maverick had been known to lose his temper a time or two, especially recently over things that may remind him in anyway of Goose. Ice would always believe it had something to do with stress from his cancer and having Bradley be so readily in Maverick’s life that made any thought of Goose a painful one.


    It took a minute or so for Maverick to finally relax and resume his kneading of Ice’s legs. Ice shot a look to Slider, who had the decency to look ashamed of what he said. This would be a fight for another day—this much Ice knew—so in the meantime it would be best to keep the peace.


    “We should invite them over for a barbecue,” Ice announced after a stretch of silence, automatically clearing his throat afterwards.


    Maverick instantly brightened. “They’d really like that, I’m sure.”


    “Then it’s a date after Ice gets over this cold.” Slider subconsciously tightened his grip on Ice to give him a strong squeeze. Ice leaned into it, a content smile on his face despite the discomfort that he felt.


    Silence stretched on until Ice could hear Slider’s snores, and when he turned his head, he saw his RIO fast asleep with his head craned at an awkward angle. His arms were still wrapped tightly around Ice and Ice couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw him.


    “He’s been working super late hours,” Maverick pipped up.


    Ice nodded in agreement. “That he has. Best to let him get as much sleep as possible.” He gave a brief pause before turning his full attention on Maverick. “You know that Slider didn’t mean what he said. It’s just that Top Gun is a lot different now than it was back when we were students. I just think he forgets that.”


    “I know,” Maverick sighed, suddenly feeling guilty for lashing out at Slider. “It’s hard switching over from student to teacher mentality. I want them to be prepared for everything so that they stay safe. Maybe that means I hover too much, but I can’t lose anyone else.”


    Ice longed to pull Maverick in a strong hug, but he feared waking Slider if he tried. Instead he pressed his legs down hard on Maverick’s lap, hoping he received some comfort for it. “And that’s why I picked you to teach them. You know loss and you want to stop those kids from going through the same thing. That’s why there is no one better to teacher for Top Gun.”


    Maverick wasn’t quite sure about that, though he nodded all the same. “Thanks, Ice.”


    “For what?” Ice turned his head to the side and coughed with his mouth closed.


    “For making me do this. I know I was a pain in the ass when you first assigned me, but these kids didn’t just need a teacher, they needed a family. I hope that’s what the feel Top Gun is now.” Maverick gave his head a shake. “But that’s enough reflection for today. I’m exhausted.” Maverick flung his head back so it was rested on the back of the couch as he stared at the ceiling, eye lashes fluttering before closing.


    Ice found himself doing the same, using Slider as the ultimate pillow as he stared up at the ceiling. Feeling Slider dozing behind him, and feeling Maverick at his feet allowed him to feel more at ease than he had ever felt....sick or not.


    The End

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