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Beautiful spanish singer (w) blows her nose into green napkins


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I just want to share some videos I found in a yt playlist. I'm fascinated of her and it would be sad not to have a separate thread for her :)
I'm into nose blowing since years and I think these videos are one of the best I've ever seen 😳 

A spanish singer, she's 28 now, took part in a contest show and she cried a lot. 

There's a clip with some lessons and she had a green napkin in her pocket.. and used it to blow her nose several times. Soft, soggy blows 🤧 


There are some more videos with her, e.g. this one with a normal white tissue:

There are some more videos with her. I tried to find more nose blowing scenes, but it's a lot of stuff to watch. 

Have fun!


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