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This is a cry for help.

Over ten years ago now, a compilation of what I believe to be two different episodes of the children's show "Wizadora"  mysteriously appeared in my files.

I cannot, cannot for the life of me remember how I acquired it, or think of what pre-Invisionboard forum it could have possibly come from. The Tarots have nothing. Green doesn't exist anymore, so I can't cross check, and forget the furry spaces. I've acquired several different clip collections since coming into possession of this cursed thing, and it isn't part of any of them, which is even weirder to me.

(Confusingly, one collection I DO have contains a different clipped episode with an overt spoken fake, but not this. Like, what???)

What's more is that whatever episodes are strung together on here are also completely unknown to me, and every effort I've made to search through the available content has given me nothing. Four hour VHS reupload compilations have let me down. Filmot is struggling to be useful. The episode "Sneezeberries" is a bold faced lie. And every time - EVERY time - this pointless ass mystery crosses my mind yet again, I ask myself, "Did I ever make the Wizadora topic?", only to immediately second guess the question and then put off opening this line of discussion for god knows how long. I don't even really like the show! I just want an answer!!

And then tonight, something in my brain finally clicked into place, and I remembered that, like... file sharing is a thing?

So here is the clip compilation in question. I'm sharing this to preserve the existence of the content, but more so to finally, finally, learn if someone else that's not me has seen it, and can tell me where the hell I got it from.

Unless it just materialized on my hard drive from thin air, and never actually existed in the first place. Different problem, but at least it would give me closure!

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I've been trying to find those episodes for a long time, since the actress is really cute. The first clips where she has a cold we know is from an episode called Bless You. The next clips where she's allergic? We still don't know where that's from. The only episode I've managed to find with sneezes in it is Sticky Situation, where sneezing is part of a spell's incantation.

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