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How to induce sneezes "naturally"?


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I recently told my partner that I was into sneezes. She's very cool about it and I'm so happy that she's happy to play along with my kink. Unfortunately, she's not much of a sneezer in general. No allergies, no photic response and in general doesn't sneeze much - I've seen maybe three or four sneezes in six months! Personally, I'm not a fan of inducing using tissues, chhinkni, etc - it feels forced when there's a physical object around that causes it and kinda takes the enjoyment away for me. I want the sneeze to happen with things you can't see, like dust or pollen. In any case, I feel a bit strange asking her to induce using a tissue or something.

Are there any general household items that make many/most people sneeze? It would be cool to have something that I could, say, take out of a drawer and leave by the bedside table resulting in a high chance of sneezes. Looking for ideas such as flowers that trigger most people, even those without hay fever, fragrances, foods and so on...

Obviously, I'd check with her to get a green light on this before we try - don't do this without consent kids!

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Thai chilis, Serrano peppers, or any really spicy pepper cooked can be really effective for sneezing. I don’t sneeze very often, but cooking with spicy chilis like these produces a few sneezes.

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Each person has a different sensitivity. Some scents can make you sneeze, but I can't tell you which ones will make your girlfriend sneeze. You will have to try them all to be able to find what will make her sneeze. In the end, it may be expensive and going to a perfumery to try it may not be the right idea to find what will make her sneeze, because the smells of a perfumery are mixed. :unsure:

As you announced, there is also dust and pollen. So you can try to clean a very dusty room with she like an attic, an old garage or a cellar. Clean the underside of a bed maybe too. Or possibly visit an abandoned place. For pollen, it is the same as for perfumes, there are several types of pollen which can be more sensitive for the noses of certain people.

Personally, I've had the experience of sneezing like a demon when I found myself in one place at some point, a place full of trees and vegetation of all kinds. Yet I have no allergies, I have already been walking in the woods, in the fields and the meadows without ever having the slightest tickle in the back of the nose. So it's always the same, you have to be able to find the place for a certain period of time that can sufficiently tickle the person's nose. :razz:

Or as Bingochamp says, try the spicy food too. Personally, I've never tried chili peppers, but sometimes I put too much pepper in my cooking and the pepper vapors often make me sneeze. I've also heard of flour, when you have to make bread dough or pizza dough, you have to shake the dough and make the flour fly everywhere which can make the person making it sneeze. ^_^

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