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I caught a really mild cold (maybe)


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So, I've been a bit sniffly and sneezy over the past few days and yesterday I woke up very congested but then it went away after an hour or so. Today I'm still a bit sniffly and I get the occasional tickle in my nose, that often leads to a big sneeze (although I've also sneezed in doubles today).

It feels very weird because usually my colds start with a very bad sore throat, then after a few days it goes away but my nose starts running and it gets more and more congested as the days go by. Also, I don't tend to sneeze a lot when I'm sick.

But this time I haven't had a sore throat, there hasn't been a lot of congestion involved and I'm also sneezier than usual.

It feels like I'm catching a cold but it doesn't "blossom" into a full blown cold, it's really mild so I can't decide whether I'm getting sick or not...

I don't think it's allergies because I don't usually suffer from hayfever in the autumn and I haven't had the constant sneeziness and itches I get with allergies.

Actually, it's quite a fun "cold" (if it is a cold after all) because (so far) I didn't get any of the annoying symptoms (e.g. the sore throat and the congestion) so let's hope it stays like this and doesn't progress any further.

So what do you think? Is it a mild cold? Or just allergies?


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I've currently got a mild cold at the moment. Feeling slightly stuffy with a slight headache and a tingly nose which occasionally very harshly, long build ups and plenty of false starts as well.

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