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Girl at the pub, and now myself


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So, I was out at one of the local pubs on Saturday, the table across from me and my mates had 2 young girls on it, one with her back to us, the other facing. After about half an hour, during the quiet parts of us chatting, I could hear quite a pronounced sound of the girl facing us sniffing loudly. Early 20's, long red hair, very attractive. Roughly every ten seconds or so, another loud sniff would echo out. More time passed, more loud sniffing and a lot of nose rubbing, before the sneezes began. Rapid fire fits of about 10-12 every 10 minutes or so before returning to the familiar sniffing. They were mostly uncovered, or half heartedly covered with the back of her hand. With a couple of other less noticeable but similar things going on in the pub, my assumption was peoples allergies acting up, until yesterday.

I was fine on Sunday, apart from a rather large hangover, and fine on Monday, but when Tuesday afternoon rolled round, different story. Tuesday afternoon I started to feel tired, my head started to feel a little woolly and my ears seemed to feel a little blocked. Tuesday evening, I decided an early night was needed and quite literally as soon as I laid my head on the pillow, one of my nostrils became completely blocked. Waking up late today, its now blatantly obvious, nose running and completely blocked, the occasional cough, and a fair amount of messy double sneezes every 20 mins or so. I have been struck with a cold :( Although its not that much fun, I shall try to get a couple of clips recorded for those that are interested.

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