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"Spreading Sneezes: The Daemon" a Cyberpunk 2077 story


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"Just put it in the bin over there," Judy instructed the Mox that had just brought a BD in for her to scroll.

"I've got to go through them manually first to ensure there are no hacks or daemons."

"Spreading Sneezes" read the title on the chip. 

"Oh great! It's a sneeze fetish tape," Judy said in her mind. These freaks were into the weirdest things. Why couldn't it just be Scavs being zeroed in an All Foods robbery?

But Judy knew that the sneezing fans were willing to pay significant eddies for this stuff. It also did well with the algorithm for lots of likes quickly.

Judy ran a sweep on the chip. It was clean, nothing to worry about. So she plugged the chip into her BD wreath and began to scroll.

The tape was of a woman who looked to be in her mid-20s. She was dressed in some anime magical girl costume and sniffing a powder.

"It's always been stuff with these people, " Judy scoffed.

"I'm going to sneeze so hard for you, Sensei," the woman in the BD said. "Here it comes. I'm gon... I'm going to snee... sneeze. Ha... Ha... HAA KUSHUN!"

The woman's pink and blue hair billowed as she caught the sneeze in a tissue.

"*sniffle And now, it's your turn, Sensei," said the woman, looking straight at Judy.

Suddenly, the BD began to fall apart, but something was wrong. A line of code had appeared to have gone corrupt. 

"Ahhhh! There's a daemon on this!!" Judy yelled. Even though she'd checked out the chip, a clearly very skilled Netrunner had snuck in the corrupted code.

Judy calmed herself and began to run a systems check. But she wouldn't need to run it for long. Because her nose had not only begun to run; it was also itchy. Pretty soon, her head was travelling back, as her eyes closed and her lips opened. 

"Eh... Eh... Eh... EH... EH... EH-CHEEEEIIEEEWWIE!!!" Judy had sneezed very high-pitched and girly. 

[Aduible chime]

"Ha-Ish, Ha-Ish, IT-Sheeww!" Sneezed the Mox who had brought the chip in.

"*sniffle *sniffle Well, I guess it's a Quick Hack, too." Judy chimed.

[The oh so annoying humm of Cyberpunk's phone app]

"V, I'm going to need... I'm going to need your... Nope, I'm going to sneeze first. One moment, V. Eh.. EH-Cheewww, ET-Cheeewiee. *sniffle *sniffle, I'm going to need your help."


[That's all for now... Do you want more? With V?]

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