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On an Obs Hot Streak


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in a store yesterday and I hear "HAAP-PMMFF" (loud "HAAP," then a muffled/loud stifle). Both other members working the front desk say bless you, one of them starts talking about how loud his mom's sneezes are. 6 - 7 seconds after the first sneeze: "HAAP-PMMFF". 

"Ugh, my allergies are so bad, especially right now." 

Few seconds pass


Goes back to typing away at her computer. 5 seconds later, "HAAP-PMMFF." I had a full view at this point and thought that this could go on for quite a while. Stopped at 4, which was honestly surprising. Sneezer in question was a mid-30s blond woman, a little chubby, but she wore it well. Cute. Hair tied back. My favorite part was that she seemed completely unbothered by her sneezing and that people had noticed, said bless you, and were now talking about how their mom sneezes, etc. Just total nonchalance, not trying to hide anything, not ashamed, just sneezing away! 


Just now, went to get my haircut at a new place. Introduced to the stylist, a latina in her 30s with piercings, tattoos, etc. Similar to the above, she was chubby but wore it pretty well. So we're chatting, and I could tell earlier that she was sniffling a lot, maybe allergies, didn't sound like she was sick. Anyway, she's cutting my hair and holds up the "1 finger" notice, turns around, and does two pretty powerful, semi waist-bending stifles, not completely silent but she was more skilled than the woman yesterday at holding them in. One right after the other. She turns around, I say "bless you," but she turns back around for a 3rd sneeze. This one was similar stylistically to the other two, but made more of an audible stifle sound. 

Then she turned back around, thanked me for blessing her, giggled a bit, and that was about it 

Hopefully my hot streak continues! 

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Thanks for sharing, hope the hot streak continues so we all get to hear the observations.

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