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SB-00, Status: Allergic to Dust (Giantess + Robot)


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Hello, everybody. I'm here with another pre-story spiel, haha. So, I wrote another giantess sneezing story...go figure. This time, though, with a twist (see title)! Maybe. That's for you to decide. Anyway, I've very glad to be able to add this character to my list of original characters. I think she makes for a good addition, but let me know what you think of her. I've grown pretty fond of her and the world I built around her. 


   The world was dark and void. There was nothing, save the dull, swirling drone of white noise. Then, something:

   Name: SB-00 “Essbee”

   Words, in a pleasant, green glow, appeared in the vacuum. Their font was so mechanical, but the meaning behind them was so human.


   More mechanical drivel. The words felt cold, figuratively. Literally, they felt like nothing. Nothing felt like anything.


   The next word appeared, and the cursor sat idly blinking next to it. Now, something could be felt. A heartbeat–like someone was anxious. The cursor finally moved, filling in the gap by the word.

   Status: Graduation day

   The heartbeat increased, thudding inside its chamber as it waited excitedly. The cursor went to the next line, and it was like the entire universe held its breath in anticipation of what came next. Again, the cursor moved, leaving its message trailing behind it.

   Open your eyes, Essbee

   The droning sound suddenly lifted, gradually replaced by a gentle cacophony of machines and human voices, while sensations like temperature, pressure, and proprioception returned. At the same time, the darkness parted to reveal the world beyond, which wasn’t too exciting all things considered. The world at the moment appeared to be a very large but mostly vacant room with white walls of riveted metal and a floor and ceiling much the same. However, a plethora of complex instruments hung from constructed openings in the roof, and two metal bridges spanned across the room at different heights, one well above the other. On the upper bridge, a trio of people clad in hazard suits, their expressions visible through the clear face shields, typed away on large, handheld screens. Orange cords tethered their backs to the bridge’s railing. Occasionally, they turned to one another to utter a brief remark before returning diligently to their work.

   Sharing the room with the humans was a colossal construct. Despite the almost dizzying height of the bridge, it still towered head and shoulders above them. This was quite literal as the metal titan before them was an android much larger than anyone had ever seen. Her face was soft and humanlike, made of an unnaturally white, fleshy material. It surrounded two deep-brown eyes. Despite the realism of the face, the rest of her head was constructed of a purple, metallic box roughly cube-shaped, and the way it attached to her face made it look like some large, polygonal hat. Her neck was a tube made of a black, corrugated, and rubbery substance, and it attached her head to a chest and shoulders that were also purple, metallic, and blocky. Her limbs, too, were machinelike rectangles, attached at the shoulders, elbows, and knees by the same flexible material of her neck. In contrast, her hands and feet were as lifelike as her face was, and though her hips took after the machinelike quality of her chest, the midriff between them was inexplicably human–belly button and all.

   “She’s awake, Salim,” one of the humans stated casually, their attention turned to the middlemost man.

   The man in the center looked up, his dark, wrinkled face and bald head visible through his suit as his eyes met those of the android.

   “How are you feeling, Essbee?” he asked with a slight smile, his voice loud and projecting.

   The android’s lips and mouth moved in perfect simulation of a human’s as she returned a much wider smile.

   “Excited, Dr. Ibori,” Essbee answered, the glint in her eyes proving her honesty.

   Excited hardly covered the extent of what Essbee was feeling as her synthetic heart pounded within her, but she contained herself as much as she could. In the past, she had learned just how loud her voice could be in this body, especially with her energetic personality.

   “Essbee, today is your graduation day,” Dr. Ibori reminded. “So you should get used to calling me ‘Salim’ instead.”

   The giant android blushed embarrassedly, the hue clearly visible on her pure white cheeks.

   “Eheheh, okay, Dr-” Essbee began, laughing nervously before cutting herself off. “I mean…Salim.”

   The name felt strange to her, but she knew that getting used to it would be one of many important adjustments she would have to make in the real world. Not many people, she was told, went by their title out here. The third and final human spoke up.

   “She seems ready to undergo her final diagnostics.”

   Dr. Ibori nodded.

   “Should we start now?” the same person asked.

   “I don’t see why not. The sooner, the better. Right, Essbee?” the doctor queried, gazing up at the android again.

   Essbee listened to their exchange intently and simply nodded at Salim’s question–a happy, determined look on her face. The humans soon got to work, putting her through a battery of tests–some simple, some complex; some targeted, others general; some untroubling, and others invasive. Each was an important checkup of her mental and physical capabilities, especially the physical since, after today, this body would become the permanent residence of her consciousness. Despite the mind-numbingly long time all these exams were taking, nothing could shake Essbee’s optimism, except maybe the gnawing feeling that something might go wrong, which she made every effort to not consider a possibility. She just had to graduate today!

   “Eye shields are working fine,” one of the humans announced. “Moving on to respiratory filters in thirty.”

   Dr. Ibori nodded again, looking down at his tablet.

   “Doing well, Essbee…” he called, cautiously optimistic.

   “Thank you, Doctor!” Essbee gratefully replied before the man gave her a stern look. “Errr…Salim.”

   She was embarrassed again. The name thing was going to be hard.

   “Respiratory filter test is a go,” one of the humans declared.

   With a couple more taps on their tablet, an instrument in the ceiling swung around to hang above Essbee’s face. It looked like a funnel connected to a tube, and as Essbee considered it, she heard a fan turn on. The fan pulled a load of particulate matter through the tube and deposited it out of the funnel in a dispersed cloud of airborne powder. The dust slowly drifted down to encompass the whole of Essbee’s face as her eyes watched it with intrigue.

   “Deep breath, please,” the human instructed, “through the nose.”

   The android did as she was told, closing her eyes and slowly drawing in a lung-filling breath. As she did, a noticeable portion of the particle cloud rushed up her nostrils, disappearing inside of her nose.

   “Aaand out through the mouth,” the human further directed.

   Essbee’s shoulders and chest fell as she exhaled, her breath gently washing over the engineers on the bridge. Another test was soon to be checked off the list. Though, oddly, Essbee noticed that her nose was starting to feel funny.

   “Filters work; no significant traces beyond them,” the human confirmed by looking at the tablet in their hands.

   Unlike their positive assessment, the feeling in Essbee’s nose slowly grew more uncomfortable. It was like a tingling or a tickle, but the sensation was inside of her face. It was strange, to say the least, and she hadn’t really felt anything similar before. It may have been the filters working, she thought. She recognized she should mention it anyway, since none of them had told her she’d feel anything beforehand.

   “Umm, my nose feels…weird,” she disclosed, bringing one of her hands up to gesture at her face for emphasis. “Like a…tingling inside.”

   All the humans initially looked at her with concern. It was the first time she had reported something unusual during the testing, but one of them quickly cleared up the apprehension.

   “Tingling isn’t weird. The particles are relatively large, so it’s just like…sand blowing across your skin,” they reasoned.

   “O-okay, right,” Essbee agreed.

   She had accepted the answer only because she really wanted to graduate today, but, to her, the growing itch in her nose was nothing like blowing sand. She sniffled reflexively.

   “Air intake’s normal,” the other human added. “She could breathe this stuff all day.”

   “Good,” Dr. Ibori replied. “Move on to the next-”

   Essbee suddenly sniffled and sighed, causing the first human to interrupt Salim.

   “Hang on. I’m starting to get some abnormalities,” they said, staring at the data on their tablet. “Air intake pattern is changing.”

   After receiving the news, Dr. Ibori glanced up at Essbee anxiously as the android’s brow lifted.

   “Essbee, is everything alright?” he asked.

   Her eyes moved to him rapidly, and she rushed to dispel his worry.

   “Oh, y-yeah, yeah, hiiih…like they said, j-just…sniff…just like sand, haha…”

   She tried to play it off like it was nothing, but as seconds passed, her nose itched more and more. Though she tried to keep a straight face, her anxiety, coupled with the annoying tickle, made her eyebrows knit together, and her nostrils flared once before she absentmindedly rubbed a finger underneath them. Realizing after the fact how suspicious it looked, she hurriedly lowered her arm, leaving her face to fend for itself.

   “Intake pattern is still abnormal. Volume is increasing steadily,” the first human added.

   “We’re also seeing involuntary muscle movement–nose, eyes, and lungs. Powerful nerve signals being sent directly from the nose to the brain,” the other said as they watched their tablet anxiously.

   Essbee confirmed their reports in real time as her eyes began to subtly close and her nose twitched. Her nostrils flared out twice as she tried to control her breathing, but she ended up hitching and sighing despite her effort.


   The android had no idea what was going on, but the rising concern on the engineers’ and Dr. Ibori’s face was off-putting. She tried her best to regain her composure without appearing desperate, but that was already proving impossible. The third human spoke up.

   “Doctor,” they called, “ I think she might be…sneezing.”

   Dr. Ibori mirrored the engineer’s confused expression.

   “That seems unlikely,” he replied perplexedly. “She was never intended to be capable of that.”

   “Heeeeh…I-I’m uuuuh…f-fiiiiine…” Essbee breathily interjected, her shaky voice not helping her case. “HEEEH…HIIIIIIIH!”

   Her condition continued to deteriorate. Her eyes closed farther, her nose twitched more, and her breathing became deeper. Part of her upper lip also began to curl up in a threatening, sneezy grimace, and the humans on the bridge could now feel whenever she inhaled.

   “Doctor, if she is going through the process of a sneeze, then it’s likely to end in the same way,” the human argued back, a hint of panic starting to enter their voice.

   The doctor looked back up at Essbee’s towering, twitching face, and his intuition told him that, regardless of his intentions up to this point, what the engineer was saying was right. She was definitely going to sneeze, and that was bad news for the comparatively diminutive humans on the bridge in front of her. He had to try and stop her, but his power to do so was very limited.

   “See if you can dampen the strength of the nerve signals!” he ordered the engineer. 

   He spoke to the first human next.

   “Can you restrict her intake at all?”

   The two engineers got to work on their tablets, frantically clicking through screen after screen and setting after setting as Essbee’s breath kept pushing past them. Eventually, one of them shook their head.

   “The signals are growing exponentially,” they declared. “None of the limiters can keep up!”

   “Same with the intake,” the other confirmed. “She’s already passed some kind of threshold; we can’t do anything!”

   With his plans thwarted, Dr. Ibori swore quietly and turned his attention back to the giant android.

   “Essbee! Can you hear me!? We need you to control yourself!” he shouted, trying to be heard over her vocal hitches.

   A few stray tears fell out of the corners of Essbee’s eyes as they shuddered with her effort to holdback.


   She had heard Salim’s request, but regardless of her straining, she could feel herself losing agency over her face. 


   Trying again to speak, she found herself incapable, and though her intent was to convince everyone she was alright, nothing could be farther from the truth.

   “Don’t, Essbee!” the doctor yelled, his words echoing over the android’s blustery inhales.


   In direct defiance of the doctor’s order, Essbee unleashed a massive gust of a sneeze directly across the bridge. The engineers and the doctor were caught up in what felt like a sudden hurricane, and the sight of Essbee’s twisted, sneeze-releasing face was their last warning before the current lifted them from their feet and sent them flying over the bridge’s railing. They tried to grasp at it as they went past, but the speed at which they moved kept them from getting a solid hold. Each of the three humans fell a short distance before their hips and shoulders were tugged sharply by their tethers, preventing any of them from dropping farther. They all hung like ornaments on a Christmas tree thirty meters from the bottom of the test chamber. The first human had managed to hang onto their tablet, but the third had lost their grip, and the device spun end-over-end in freefall until it shattered apart on the distant ground. The sight reinforced their fear.

   Meanwhile, Essbee, her face now feeling a different kind of congested-weird, rubbed the bottom of her nose with a finger before looking back at the humans…which were now gone. She panicked for a moment before she bent over and saw them dangling from the side of the bridge. Relieved, she brought her huge hands up to cradle them like she was holding water in her palms. She brought them in apologetically close to her, feeling terrible for what she had done. Part of her also hoped that, if she seemed sorry enough, they might still let her graduate despite the failed test.

   “I’m sooo sorry!” Essbee whined, her face looking pathetic despite its size. “I’m…I’m…”

   She wanted to keep pleading her case, but that now-familiar feeling started to erupt inside her nose again. Her face twitched, her lip curled back, and her breath hitched all while her eyes stared directly down at the tiny humans cupped in her hands and held right in front of her.


   The people in her grasp could do nothing but brace themselves.


   As her eyes slammed shut, her hands came up to her face to catch the sneeze. The result was a double-edged sword. The humans were, fortunately, only blasted harder against Essbee’s palms, but they were also directly in front of her mouth and nose as she exploded. The force was like being in a wind tunnel or a human centrifuge, and that was with the protective hazard suits. Thankfully, while Essbee’s releases were drawn out, they still didn’t last all that long, and things settled down again. She pulled her hands back from her face and saw all three people still resting there, though they now sparkled slightly with moisture. Before anything else happened, Essbee gingerly placed them all back onto the bridge, a worried grimace plastered on her face. Once that was accomplished, her hands moved to cover her mouth.

   “I’m sooooooo sorryyyy,” she whined again, harder this time. “I didn’t mean to…”

   She felt like she was on the verge of tears, and she certainly looked like it. She stayed like that for a few moments as the humans recollected themselves, but Dr. Ibori quickly forgave her.

   “It’s alright,” he began. “None of us intended for that to happen. You least of all.”

   Essbee nodded rapidly in agreement, removing her hands from her mouth to speak.

   “Yeah! I-it just came out of me! I never felt my nose tickle like that before,” she spoke hurriedly.

   The doctor simply nodded and motioned for her to settle down.

   “I know, I know. You just sneezed. Most people do, but I didn’t think I had built that into you,” he explained.

   Essbee’s face fell considerably. She suspected that, if her body was doing things it wasn’t supposed to, that meant she had failed her graduation test. She kept quiet, not wanting to bring it up herself, though she started to lose control of her tears. Dr. Ibori, noticing her face and immediately recognizing what her worry was, rushed to speak.

   “But, that said, while it wasn’t an intended feature, it doesn’t seem like an issue,” he began.

   Essbee’s face lifted while the two other engineers looked confused.

   “If anything, I’d just call it a minor quirk. Nothing to delay your graduation over,” the doctor concluded.

   The engineers silently agreed with each other not to protest, and Essbee’s expression lit up like a lightbulb.

   “R-really!?” she asked excitedly, her hands clasped together.

   “Really,” Dr. Ibori said confirmingly.

   “THANK YOU!” Essbee shouted with overflowing gratitude.

   The noise she made caused the humans to recoil, and the giant android immediately brought her voice down to an embarrassed whisper.

   “Th-thank you…” she repeated.

   Dr. Ibori nodded in approval before giving her one last piece of advice.

   “Just be careful around dust.”


That's it; that's the end. Disengage text processing sequence or something lol :laughingsmiley:

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Giantess and robot are not things i see often together so great job😊. I

On 9/26/2022 at 8:46 AM, Zracken3 said:

I think she makes for a good addition, but let me know what you think of her

Personally i love her and yes i would like to see her again.

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Very creative story with a very cute main character!  I'd love to see more of Essbee!  Somehow I get the feeling that it isn't just dust she'll need to watch out for, heh.

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