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variety of sneeze styles vs. a single winner


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Lately I found out a rather interesting aspect that, according to my taste, can affect the quality of a sneezer.

I feel most people have a sneezing style that's fairly constant, but some sneeze differently every time, and to me that's super sexy.

Naturally I'm not a fan of all the different sneezing styles. I do have my preferences... I just guess that when I see the same sneeze over and over, even a super sexy one, inevitably the level of excitement cools down at some point.

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer them flawless but predictable, or like a Russian roulette?            

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For me, it's kind of the same. I never really thought about it, but I think I can like attractive sneezes even if they are similar to each other. On the other hand, sneezes are never really the same either. Even when a person has a cold and they sneeze, although overall there are a lot of similarities, there are also a lot of differences in the details. For example, the buildups from one sneeze to the next aren't the same, the itch and tickle aren't the same either, and even though the sound produced by a series of doubles or triples is about the same, there are always differences. ^_^

From my point of view, there are rarely people who always sneeze the same way. I don't remember having met someone, who during a triple, sneezes like this : "achoo.. achoo.. achoo !" As a rule, the first comes with more accumulation, sometimes the second comes out of control, while the third sometimes comes out with more satisfaction: "ah.. aaah AAChooo.. AAARTChooo aa.. aacHOOooo !" Even if the sound is almost the same, small details can change them entirely. What makes me never get tired of it is precisely because you never know what to expect. :razz:

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Huh, this isn't really something I've ever thought about before. Usually if I think someone's sneezes are really nice, I either won't get old of them, or it'll take a lot of watching that sneezer for it to start wearing on me. Variety would certainly help, but as you said you don't always like every different sneeze. Though I do like scenarios where they go from stifling to full sneezes. However I'd probably still lean more towards the flawless but predictable style.

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For me, it kind of depends. Sometimes I prefer variety, sometimes a predictable sneeze. Though, overall, I do prefer variety more; and I used to keep tabs on people’s sneezing styles, where, if a girl had more distinct styles than me, that’s a keeper. But I do like patterns, as well. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a consistent style of a single sneeze, but rather in the sneezing habits of the person. For example, I used to know a girl, who would always sneeze twice, if and only if it was a standard cough-sneeze; and she’d always sneeze once, if it was a stifle or a cough-sneeze–moist sneeze -hybrid (”KKSSSHHHHH!!!”). Obviously, the sexier the sneeze is, the happier I am with just that one style; ESPECIALLY, if the sneeze is eccentric, or the girl sneezes in multiples (preferably, rapid-fire and uncontrollable) :razz:.

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I like the types that seem to get stronger as they go. For example, a series of 4 or 5 sneezes in a row that ramp up in intensity. Each sneeze is stronger and more pronounced than the last. In some cases wetter as they go as well

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I tend to prefer a consistent sneeze style with the exception that I really like people that sometimes stifle and sometimes let it out. Bonus points of both happen in the same fit

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Personally I like variety but not too much variety if that makes sense haha. Like I would want all the sneezes to still be in the same category but if each one is exactly the same as the last then it doesn’t feel as exciting to me 

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Oooh, buncha different ones, for sure! Variety is the spice of life! Being kept guessing would be wonderful to me, because I like surprises, plus it would be a surefire way to make sure I always pay attention.  Will it be a stifle? Will it be an all out spray-fest?  Guess I better stay tuned to find out. :D

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