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*I’m gonna do it— 31 Stories // shorts with monsters // ocs—  




“Come ooon just take a break already, I’m freezing my tits off out here and I don’t have thick skin,” Meanna moaned as she tugged at the unmoving arm of the gargoyle that continued to keep an unwavering eye on the courtyard below. 


The warmth of her hand was tempting but his shift was nearly through. Not to mention the hassle of thawing only to refreeze finishing it. So in answer Marrich didn’t and contently absorbed her warmth, continuing to observe the surroundings blanketed in the quiet snow… Unlike the disturbance to his left. 


Meanna watched tiny wisps of steam come from Marrich’s nose, her continuous answer. Undeterred, she wasn’t about to let her friend suffer an endless shift in the snow. Heaving a sigh she carefully scaled the edge, swiping at snow as she went until she was in front of the statue’s face. “Sure I can’t tempt you with some yumminess?” Popping off the cap of her cup Meanna blew the steamy scents of chai directly into the twin caverns. Immediately the stone snarl livened, she smiled along having won with knowing how much he loved tea.


“HEhH-HihH!! HeEHh-”


… That was Not the reaction she wanted, aaand not wanting to be sneezed on Meanna moved to get back down off the railing when her heel slipped on the ice. “Oh! Ee—“


His eyes had shut tight instantly with preparation but when Marrich heard Meanna’s gasp instinct had him whipping his arms out to clasp her to him. “HEGihHeSHiue!!”


“Ugh!! Marrich!!” Meanna whined at the warmth that blasted her cold face. Pushing at the gargoyle’s chest as his arms had locked behind her. Keeping her from the four story drop, it dawned on her and she quickly stopped trying to ‘free’ herself-


“HeG-iHh—hEhH!! HEiG—uUhH!!”


-and put her arms up when she heard more hitching from Marrich. But when they panned out to just be false starts Meanna dropped her arms. Glassy eyes observed her above an wiggling snout, a finger had come around to scrub against the septum. So with the need to shield herself gone Meanna went back to pushing at Marrich’s chest. 


“Would you have me drop you?” Marrich asked incredulously. When Meanna turned to look at the drop behind her, Marrich didn’t feel bad in the slightest as the insistent urge came upon him once again. Dropping his finger away to place securely back behind Meanna-


“No.” Meanna said softly as she turned back to her rescuer, “Thank y-“




“Marrich!” Meanna screamed heatedly. 


“I’mb sorry, it snuck up on m’be,” Marrich admitted with a laugh. 


“Can we go inside now so you can blow your nose?” Meanna huffed. 


Sniffing thickly Marrich hopped off his perch and to the balcony before setting his friend down. “Fine,” he relented following Meanna inside, SnnGxXT… “is there any’bore tea?” 

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This is an awesome idea and off to a great start.  Parking myself here to see the rest! :D

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Anne: human; caught thief serving time as ‘willing’ aid

Harris: ogre; leader

*he pines for her… 

** HeadsUp7Up My own character flaw/preference: weak/weepy male characters… 


Peeking around the corner to see the miserable mass that occupied the throne, the bearskin blanket that had been draped over his shuddering shoulders had slipped away while a tissue fervently tended to his nose. “Can I get you anything?” Anne called, observing with a sinking feeling the empty tissue box. 


When the sneeze didn’t come, the tissue already posed at the ready Harris blew the contents out but much to his dismay only reinvigorated the tickle that had nearly passed. “N-d’o i’mb o-HEhH—heHH!!” With the surmounting need another tissue was desperately sought after but as his fingertips scrapped the bottom of the box Harris gave into the inevitable. He’d observed Anne ducking away when his previous hitches started up so it didn’t surprise him to hear her scurry away again. Harris knew he scared her, it was a small consolation to know that all his kind did. Regardless, wetness slipped from his eyes, if only he could chalk it all up to the cloying urge on it’s way out. 


Anne watched the ogre’s nose work hard toward a goal as his head tilted back. Massive nostrils flared wide showing their depths were filled and shaking with need. His hand stilled in the box where it rested on his lap and she realized he wasn’t even going to cover. Not wanting a mess… or to get sick… 




Ditching her shelter Anne launched herself up onto the arm of the chair and next to Harris, bring her finger right under his nose to begin slowly rubbing. Mindful to not scrape herself on his protruding tusk. “Y-You’re out of tissues. Let me get you a handkerchief,” she offered, her other hand quickly diving into her pocket for retrieval, “just don’t sneeze.” 


“W’Wo’dn’t Heh-H!! I w-won—D’IISShHHEIhUeE!! Hh-H!! G’IIIsSHhEIUEE!!!” 


Biting back her grouse, Anne found her handkerchief and brought it to clean up the rims and underside of each nostril. So close, she couldn’t miss the trails of wetness that ran down his cheeks. “I don’t know what’s more green your nose or the cold coming out,” she murmured about the mess not wanting to address his evident emotions. 


“Th’gk s’bout even,” Harris offered. Hoping to keep Anne close he closed his eyes to focus on the care she was giving him and vainly dismiss the tickle she was causing… for as long as possible. 

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Pidge: Witch

Alibas: Troll

*They’re dating 


Bang Bang Bang came a pounding on the door to her chamber. “Just’a minute!” Pidge called up to the second floor as she dropped the last ingredient into her cauldron. Observing as the bubbling contents began frothing. “Don’t think that’s the reaction I was looking for…” she whimpered as she flipped quickly through her spell book. 


Turning the knob Alibas was relieved to find the door unlocked, “You promised me a date ni-“ as he stepped to the balcony looking down, usually he knew better but his impatience blinded him before the geyser did. 


“Oooo,” Pidge winced as she watched the hulking troll appear at the railing only to vanish as her concoction erupted, engulfing him. 


Alibas blearily rubbed his face as the oily liquids dripped away. “Snnnnnrf… Snnnrf… Heh…EhHh… Tt-ti—IhHhIIIIIICKLES!” He bemoaned feeling as though his sinuses had just gotten a PopRocks and Coke treatment. Wood creaked while he gripped the banister for support as he was launched into a sneezing fit. “R’HEiSHEIuHE!! HEHIIsSHUeE!! -EEhIIIsSHeEuUE!!” 


The candelabrum hanging from the ceiling burst into frogs. Tapestries adorning the walls dissolved into leaves. Bubbles replaced the bookcase to her left. “Stop sneezing!” Pidge shrieked darting up the spiral staircase. As Alibas’s sneezes continued to turn her things into other things. 


“HIHh—IIhSHeIuUE!! SnnfSnnnkktHeAEshEIUE!!  Alibas heard the surmounting protest but he couldn’t resist. Every rising need was only momentarily satisfied by the following forceful expulsion. When the fit finally finished Alibas was beyond grateful to find a handkerchief being offered to him by an octopus? “O’h tha’gnks,” he breathed sheepishly as he took the handkerchief to blow his nose. 


“Not a problem,” Pidge mumbled as she tugged at her new tentacle trying  to release the suction as Alibas took the cloth. “W-Wait!” She gasped as she couldn’t let go. 




The one tentacle Pidge was trying to control held fast despite her efforts, while the other seven supporting her on the railing slipped free. The troll’s maw widened immensely looking for all like he was going to swallow her whole. With nothing to hold onto her newly freed arms darted into a  tissue box just to Alibas’s side. Each one coming back out holding a tissue which Pidge then forced next to the pinned tentacle.


Hgh’hRhIISSHEUEe!! Alibas blew his nose, promptly after the sneeze, in the comforts cradling his nose. Eyes still closed, he could hear more tissues being taken out of a box, easing  a bit, content to an evening in if it meant being dotted on. “-GehH!—HH-ehH!! H!!” Alibas jolted as his nostrils were assaulted simultaneously by writhing masses. 


She’d managed insert tentacles quickly into each of the troll’s cavernous nostrils in hopes to wipe his sinuses clean of any residual brew. Pidge could feel the building sneeze she was teasing out of him as the linings of his nares pulsated around her. 


HUrRSHEEIHHHUE!! The sneeze tore out of him much like the others had but with his nose now completely empty Alibas sniffed the air with a brand new sense of the word ‘clear.’ “Thanks,” he said this time free of congestion and tendrils. 


Pidge shirked the soiled tissues luckily with ease as her suction cups didn’t repeat themselves, and yet, “Hmm… Don’t mention it…” she shuddered unsure if the ooze on her was her own or…

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*So these creatures were created to protect—  threats never go away so they can’t... and that means caretakers


“G’hheH— Gentle…”


“I am gentle,” Abraham ground out the word, fingers deep in the clay goliath’s nasal cavity, supporting it. “It’s not my fault you keep breaking it!” While his other hand took some more clay to spread over the crack on the bridge. His focus split on keeping up the mantra flowing through his thoughts to aid in the spell that he didn’t feel like voicing. 


“Y-hHuH— you n-eHhE— needed m—me’EhHehH—“


Abraham’s kneading fingers stopped as he heard the increase in hitching breaths. Don’tsneeze Don’tsneezeDon’tsn under his fingertips the inner walls quaked with life. Which was a good and bad sign. The appendage was healing but meant the sensitivity was increasing too. Fingers still caked in clay went over to carefully apply pressure to the underside of the appendage. 




Abraham was careful not to move his fingers as the walls slid and undulated against his steadfast invasion. “It’s not like I want to have to ask for your help,” he mumbled his ribs still sore from the ambush. Four on one wasn’t in his favor and when blood from his busted lip hit the pavement well… ‘his’ protector was there… and lost his nose in his defense. 




As the Golem’s nostrils flared wide with the massive inhale, Abraham turned his head away, still desperately holding onto the lurching proboscis that was trying to get rid of him, and loose itself again. 


…uHhhhhh…” Snnxxt!


Relieved to have the sneeze die out with a sigh Abraham sagged against the clay being with the denied release. 




Dust and bits of rock pelted Abraham as the Golem’s nose freed itself from his hold. Hours blown away“Zei gezunt,” Abraham sighed.

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She should say something… but where was the fun in that? Little by little the fuzzy mass made it’s way down the thin web from the ceiling and into the sought out shelter below. 

That shelter just so happened to be the nostril of her passed out friend at the other end of the couch. She wondered just how long it would take his expansive nostril to perceive there was something foreign. Not long as it would seem as his nose scrunched in sleep, nares quivering as it registered it’s need to purge. 




‘Not the best spot in the house’ she grimaced just a little too late as her companion sat up with the force of his release. But his sneeze was drowned out as she screamed at the spider now on her chest. 


He woke to an insane tickling in his nose and was startled by the screaming. Sniffing only brought the tickle instantly back. 


To her horror she watched as he sniffed… and that spider got sucked back in. Connected to a couple webs she shuddered. 




Now that he was conscious he managed to direct the sneeze to the floor, she watched the little arachnid slump away. “Bless you!” She said offering a tissue as he collected himself. 

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*Sooo I just picture Sirens being Cthulhu’s ‘companions’ -with being shipwreckers // things in common- and like he cares for them—?? 


Sitting on the rocks at the end of the jetty was the best spot for any siren’s voice to carry. Not to mention to get spotted and add her beauty to drawing the ships to her. Cupping her hand over her throat, Selina frowned at the soreness that hadn’t abated. Opening her mouth only a few gravely clicks emitted. But that was enough. Not to call the sailors… the water parted for the top of a head that ended in spiraling tentacles. 

Awkwardly she pointed to the distant ship. Cthulhu turned to look before slipping beneath the waters again. A rippling wave giving away his whereabouts. 

Confused shouts came from the ship as it suddenly picked speed. Pulled by an unseen force towards the rocks. As the ship came to a stop the men took notice of her and immediately scrambled to take up arms but before they could attack a gargantuan being took all of the sailors attention to the starboard side of the ship. Majority of the gazing men crumpled to the deck clutching their heads as madness reined. But the few that didn’t acted.


“What do you want?” A bold seaman called out to Cthulhu from the rails. When the ‘tale of old’ motioned for the rocks Jeremy looked to see the most gorgeous woman sitting there. “What do you need?” He called next out to her. Though beautiful, the sound that came out of her mouth was far from it. “I-I think I see…” he called out. Turning back to Cthulhu, “We-We’ll help your sea hag… but you have to let us go after… Unharmed!” He added desperately, as the entity nodded in agreement Jeremy could make out a sane seaman, Tony in the birds nest doing something insane. 


“Can’t go down like this,” Tony mumbled gripping the pole as he got up and dashed towards the tendril face. Throwing his spear he watched it disappear between the tentacles. 


Jeremy couldn’t help the wave of relief that washed over him as Cthulhu turned his attention from him and to Tony. He had no idea what was going to become of his friend as he watched all of the tentacles lurch and shudder towards the lookout. 


Selina seethed as she watched the weapon disappear in the face of her savior, but knew that it hadn’t done any… harm… Her brows drew worriedly as Cthulhu’s tentacles coiled around the afflicted area as he reared back a bit. 




Tony dazedly came around to find ooze coating him, slick as oil, back against the post of the birds nest having been blasted with the hurricane force of air.


“BbKIG-gixT!!” Was the embarrassing gut sound Selina produced as a blessing. 


“I-I’ll just go get some whiskey for her throat Jeremy called, Tony only having made the beast sneeze. 


Tony watched Jeremy make his way to the Captain’s Quarters as Cthulhu grabbed main mast and rip the canvas free. “You promised to let us go!” He screamed frustratedly. 


Selina watched as Cthulhu paid the man no mind and blew the remnants of his release into the sail. 


Stepping over the cowering form of his Captain, Jeremy grabbed the sought after bottle before another thunderous sound engulfed the ship. Hurrying back out to see the ship now significantly damaged and Cthulhu tending to his tentacles as Tony continued to beret the being. Maybe he wasn’t sane after all. 

Needing to finish this interaction as quickly as possibly, “Little, okay! Only drink a little bit!” Jeremy motioned to the bottle with pinched fingers hoping the monster girl would understand before tossing the bottle over the edge.


Selina uncapped the bottle and took a sniff, the smell wasn’t bad but the taste and the instantaneous burn had her coughing. 


Jeremy shrieked as tentacles moved over the rails of the ship to grip him in a slimy, writhing mass. 


Selina waved at Cthulhu knowing the distress was misplaced. “Th..Ngks!” She managed to croak out. 

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“Done,” he hummed proudly as he turned his gourd to show me the intricately carved out werewolf howling at the moon. 


“Me too…” I added turning my own pumpkin to show the ever classical triangle cutouts forming a jeering face. 


“It looks great!” He beamed with enthusiasm. 


“The only thing missing…” I continued bringing the gourd up to place over his head. His bright smile drooping to unsure before being hidden by a jagged one. “Is the candle.” I finished plopping a candle on the triangle nose of the Jack-O’-Lantern. 


Snf.. Snnnfff… SnRKt- “hH… Y-hH— You g-got the s…s-scented ca-candles…” Hands came up to try and tend to his nose but he couldn’t get passed the barrier. “HHeEISHEeEIUEE!! Candle, spray and a bit of squash came blasting out of that shape. 

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The mountain of a man gripped the houses on either side of himself as his head reared back before snapping forward again with another desperate sneeze. “I-HehH-!! Imb s-sor-HuUh!! AHEISHHEEHUUUE!!He should cover but holding on to the buildings brought him some comfort in knowing that he hadn’t destroyed the neighbor’s houses… Yet. 


“The—?—My house!” Murphy cried out as he watched a hand crush the eaves along his house as he stepped out after he heard a commotion. “Y-You’re destroying it!”


“Oh cram it Murph… Joe can’t… he can’t help it-“


“D’GehHeh!! AhH—I’mb- S-S-uhHr-SNxnX”


Sallie looked to the splintered wood of her house beneath her friend with ‘questionable’ benefits ass. 




The house across the street, taking on the mighty winds and spray, “At least you’re not in the direct line of fire,” called Nina coming out from behind her screen door as a globule of release fell from the roof. 


Sallie could fume silently for only so long. Nobody seemed to care that it was actually her house that had gotten damaged. “What the hell is this?” She bit out. “This isn’t a meeting of the HOA, or a sideshow act get back inside and mind your fucking business!” She knew the home owners association would be calling her these two would see to that… and she’d deal with it but for the moment… her bravado worked. 


Murphy sniffed, giving her and Nina a curt nod before heading back inside. With her entertainment thinned, Nina gave a scathing look to the dripping giant before returning to her home.


As the nosey neighbors departed Sallie turned her attention to the still trembling one that occupied her… land. Any other place and she could turn this into a win. But not here in the residentials. Motioning for him, Sallie’s vision was soon eclipsed by Joe’s wet one. Leaning forward on the bridge of his nose Joe crossed his eyes to focus on her. 


SNnNnnnXfT!! “I’mb so sor—“


Placing a hand on his lips, “S’Alright… nobody’s hurt and everything damaged can be fixed.” Sallie offered soothingly. As the enormous filled eyes spilled over, Sallie slipped her hands down to begin stroking the rims of his draining nostrils. The ticklish appendage easily taking his focus away from the destruction.


SnNkt!! SNNKt!! “Y-You’re go-g’uHUH—na—“ 


When Joe lost control like this she had to be the rock, “Make you sneeze?” Sallie finished for him. “But you have to… don’t you?” The massive proboscis a was slippery slope in more then one sense. Joe’s episodes were fueled mostly by anxiety and hitches but with the proper urging they could shift to becoming solely the latter, and completely drain him. 




Her lower half felt like it had been hit by waves and it essentially had, of spit, air and snot. It wasn’t anything she hadn’t faced before but it still sent a shudder through her as she took in the muck. Elatedly though the result was satisfactory as Joe had been relieved enough to began shrinking and Sallie shifted from leaning on him to supporting his exhausted frame. 

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*So dragon romcom—Integration between humans and dragon shifters /// since it went well with Jeannie the older sister they’re hoping it’ll work with the sister Terra… btw the lake dragon here is the clan leader sleeps in the water there mostly… it’s just outside the house of the newly mated couple (dragon shifter and Jeannie) which is also where the sister(Terra) is staying,  HIS mate and lolhahaha!! of course it’s about trying to get her to accept him—- just a fantasy of mine that’s fun to muse over


Sitting at the end of the pier Terra kicked her feet above the water, gazing into the peace the depths held below unlike the turmoil spiraling inside her. Well that was the thought at least until the surface was broken. A silvery point, elongating like a sword as it rose out of the water a few meters before thickening into a snout and mouth.

“Shitshitshitshit!!” She gasped as she back peddled on the wood planks until she got her feet under her and turned to run. If she could just make it to the beach she’d have a better chance but the serpentine neck slithered to block her retreat. The sudden speed of the beast forced Terra back to keep from colliding with it. She wiped at her face  before a massive eye was leveled on her. “S’up?” Was her paltry greeting even though she had mustered all the confidence she’d had. 

The deep growl still called out her bluff. 

“S’Sorry… for disturbing you,” she sighed embarrassed to definitely have been watched while crying and now at point blank. Heaving a sigh. “I-I just miss…” With a shake of her head, “… never mind… you wouldn— it doesn’t matter anyway… can I just pet you?” Terra finished optimistically. 

She was elated with the minute nod. Raising her hands the dragon shifted just before she could touch, making chuffing sounds in what she had to assume meant ‘she had to talk to touch.’ “A’right fine but it’s nothing!” She insisted.

With the dragon lowering himself back down to the pier Terra gingerly tested her finger along the the exuberant protuberance. The scales were rough and ridged on top. With a soft and smooth underside. The underside definitely was more to her liking but with her other had she paid the same amount of attention to the top. “You use this to hurt things…” she blurted out, fingers continuing to roam. Innocently, picturing the dragon cutting down trees… and anything else easily out of his way. 

The stillness that suddenly befell the dragon had Terra gulping at her vulnerability. “S-So…” she went on, “it’s great Jeannie’s ‘bonded,’ and expecting… but like why do I have to be here? My life and friends are on the mainland, you all look like dinosaurs and this place barely has any functioning amenities!” 

The curvature of the dragon’s nostril enticed her fingertips to trace, the scales intricate and delicate, rewarding her with twitches. But Terra slipped her fingers away from the cavernous entrance to stroke the length again, and now that she thought about it had to be his septum. 


He knew as soon as she saw him Terra would run. Was it a cheap shot to block her escape off the pier with his neck, but his heart was in the matter so… he allowed her to pet him if comforted her enough to open up. The lightness of her petite fingers tracing however he did not expect. She was right. He had used his nose for destruction. The brutal instrument was used to taking blows and giving them. Others hand’s he’d let get close had made much the same movements but her’s… there was an electricity to the tips of Terra’s that stirred a tingling sensation with every pass. “Hh…hRihH…“ causing a familiar reaction. 


“I know I agreed to give this place a chance… but…”




Terra paled as the dragon’s head shifted from her. She’d gone and done it, pissed off the dragon by wanting to flake out, and now was frozen with fear as the massively growing maw displayed more and more teeth, nostrils shuddering. 



Jets of water spouted out of his nose and mouth with the sneeze. Spraying the boardwalk. SNnnNnft!!


“Did you just sneeze on me?” Terra gasped, disgustedly shaking the water from her hoodie. 


“SnnNnft!! SNngKt!!EhH-hRhh…”


She hadn’t meant to tickle his nose, but it made sense she supposed. But with the monster gearing up for another wet one and her path clear Terra booked it outta the splash zone.


HgHh—? eh-HuhH… rHUH—“ The sparks going off in his nose didn’t abate with the release but he managed to crack an eye to make sure Terra was still on the pier and hadn’t been washed off. Seeing her fleeing form ignited the predator and he lunged. 


She heard a great mass displacing the lake water, the beast was coming for her, and she’d been warned not to run from them but damn if she wasn’t going to take the opening when it presented itself. It was the wrong decision. Tons of scaled flesh piled on top to bring her down onto the sandy shore. 


The adrenal rush of the chase quieted the building need in his sinuses. Allowing him the greater focus on his prey. A growl had him showing off his teeth in victory. 


With barely contained fright, on reflex Terra’s hand shot out to smack away the pointed nose that had come to check her out. “B-Bad… You don’t jump on people—“


The jolt to his nose had him reeling instantly back. “G’rHEhH…“






Keeping her arms up did nothing to shield Terra from the soaking. She only wished she’d pugged her nose. “hhEh-ishew—IIsheue!!” Through her limbs she could see the runny snout. “Bless you…” Lowering her arms as she did not want to risk another drenching as the sensitive nose prodded her. “—are you wiping your nose on me?”

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Marcus couldn’t run away as the big red nose swelled in front of him. 


“I-I th-think I’mb g-gUhh—nnaH—“


He never prayed but since he was in Hell, “God just let this nightmare be over wi—“




The twin cannons unloaded their confetti artillery point blank. 



“Oh excuse me! I think I need a hankie…” digging into his sleeve the clown pulled out a red square. “Well that m-ma—AHhEhh—matches.” So he tossed it to the side to produce a green cloth. “SNNFxXXT!! No—n-hUhH— no this won’t do too!! It doesn’t match.” He bemoaned, a bubble forming out of a nostril, as he plucked out a blue then yellow handkerchief throwing them to the side as well. 


“Just use one already!” Marcus snapped as he watched the clown pretend to struggle with indecision while he was gearing up. Finding the being even more vile as a bubble of snot blew out and began growing with air, taking shape. 


The clown had blown a giraffe mucus bubble. 


“UhH—huUh!! Oh?” 


“Should’ve kept my mouth shut,” Marcus groaned as the clown’s eyes lit up like sparklers as he stepped closer. 


“Oh! Th-There’s a nice hankie!”


“Oh no,” Marcus moaned as his shirt was lifted up. 




What his shirt didn’t catch, seeped through to hit Marcus like a cream pie. “I hate clowns!” 

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Every time. It was every time and the hellion Turex on level three was gonna pay for making him substitute. “H’DiHeHISSHHUEEE!!” Lotr sneezed as soon as the smoke filled his nostrils. The hurricane force exhale barely moved the flames, the scented candles protected outside the ring of his containment. 


“You cannot escape Demon! I summoned you here—“


n’GehEH!” Lotr looked frustratedly at the mortal as he rubbed his nose. But that’s all it took. As all frighten-able humans do this one jumped managing to scuff the circle and kick one of the candles away. Not a good summoner. Bye bye protection. And sneeze guard gone. With the circle gone Lotr couldn’t figure out if the protection line had actually been for him as the scented smoke overwhelmed him and had him missing the brimstone. Free of any invisible barriers his chest and wings opened up, knocking over various containers and trinkets that were too close. 


“No! Stop this! I’m your mast—“


H-hEH’AAHISSHHEEIOOOO!!! Lotr breathed in deeply as he scrubbed the tears that had formed with that release. Can’t face the insignificant human like that. But when he opened his eyes the man was gone, the room was gone. SnNNNNFXXFT With the connection gone Lotr went to go pummel Turex. 

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“It’s embarrassing… SNnNNRFFt when the others shift and are howling up at the Moon… but I have a photic sneeze… and the moon is just so bright…”


He paused to scrub his muzzle with elongated claws. 


“So when I look up to join in the revelry with ‘em… I-I just started sneezing and… and…” 


“They made fun of you?” I finished sympathetically bringing my hand up to itch along the underside of his jaw. My fingers disappearing into the soft, thick fur of his coat. 


“Yeah…” He sighed leaning forward, tail thumping at the scratches, bringing his wet snout closer. “They said I’m allergic to the moon.”


The snort that slipped from me instantly had his ears down. “S-Sorry! It’s not funny!” I quickly agreed. “Hey… at least you’re not allergic to wolfsbane like they are…” I added hopefully. 


“Allergies can develop.” 


“Ooo…” at my drawn out ‘O’ his ears perked up, head tilting back to belt out his own. 




Which meant his runny nose drained back.



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“Please, just one more time.”


Damn did she want to be annoyed but it was just so cute how much he enjoyed it and he was so sweet about it. Sighing heavily to display some annoyance at the request was swallowed as her companion offered a handkerchief while his other held their umbrella. “Fine…” Taking the pocket square, she parted the veil over her hat and lowered her sunglasses enough to peek over. The brightness of the day assaulted her eyes and she quickly buried her nose in the fabric. “hH-IIIsSHh!! The sneeze was violent and much to her dismay, pulling the handkerchief away to see a spray of blood, wet. Wiping her nose it was moments like this she missed having a reflection. “Am I good?” She asked patting her nose. 


Taking the cloth he dabbed a the tip of her nose before pocketing the square. “Perfect.” 

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“Better be worth every penny!” Pidge hummed as she uncorked the bottle to sprinkle some of the imported pepper onto her breakfast of eggs. As a multitude of dark specks poured out so did a thick smoke. “Oh no! I just wanted to add some spice to my breakfast!” She moaned trying to shove the top back on, but the cloud had shifted to become viscous and refused to be contained now that it had touched air. Setting the bottle down she glared at the figure that had formed.


“Y-ou were t-trying to p-pu-hH-t me b-back a-HaAh-already?” The being asked incredulously. 


Pidge winced at the genie’s ploy at ‘pained’ feelings. “I know wh-“


“AhH— I h-have three w-w-HehH-wishes for you… D-Don’t you wan—“


She’d just poured the thing out of a pepper bottle, the distress in his breathing wasn’t lost on her, “I wish this mess was cleaned up,” Pidge supplied quickly as she looked to her disheveled table top, plates having been forced to make room for the genie’s spiraling form. She could only hope the situation wouldn’t worsen. 




Pidge leaned back in her chair bringing her cup of coffee with her as she watched a handkerchief appear for the genie to blow his nose. 


SnNNNXXT!! AhhhH…  “Better,” the genie sniffed, nose now cleaned up. “Your first wish is complete.”


“Knew it,” Pidge griped of the creature’s ‘cleverness’ over her mug before setting it down and going for the bottle again to cork. 

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 *Phantom of the Opera and Christine 


Christine winced as the Phantom brought the handkerchief to his face once again. “Are you sure you wish to perform? You appear to be unwell…” she’d just placed her hand on the turned shoulder when the myth shuddered.




Not a myth. Definitely a man. Christine lamented as the behemoth turned somewhat to face her. 


“N-No. I-I’mb quite we-EhH-well.”


“I see,” she agreed simply. “Well… since you are well,” Christine took up the phantom’s hand, the action seeming to frighten him as he stole his hand back from her petite feminine one. The wariness in his unmasked eye intensified as he placed his hand back in her waiting palm. “Since you insist on something…” guiding him back towards his chamber, “… perhaps a bercuse?”

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These drabble are all adorable! I especially adore the one with the giant! Not enough giant sneezes around in my opinion.

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This was so good ! How can you do such amazing stories all the time ? And I agree, there will never be enough giant sneezes (or dragon sneezes)

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